I have to be honest. I’ve been in a real crap mood lately. Letting negative self-talk TOTALLY ruin my vibe. And it’s gotten in the way of everything. I’ve been worrying about life instead of living life. Worrying about the future, which was making it ten times harder to have an awesome one. And I’m a coach…so I know how it goes. Negative self talk = negative happiness.

So every week, Natalie and I have been doing these free coaching/advice calls. We just put out a date and a time and see who shows up. We don’t plan a curriculum. We don’t make it a big deal. We just intend that whatever shows up on the call is whatever needs to show up on the call for each person involved.

I just got off the phone from our call this week and I’m sparked more than I have been in awhile. I think I might have been coached, inadvertently, just by being on the call with the people that were there. Usually, these calls have a theme to them and by the end of today’s, seemed to be all about WILLINGNESS.

So many times, we want something, and when find it hard to get, we want to give up. Because we’re impatient. And we want it NOW. And feel like we should have it NOW. But the thing is, every single thing we have ever done in life has been a progress…a journey. We crawl then walk. We learn ABC’s and then we start writing sentences. We can’t have the latter without the former. And so why is it that we forget that when we think of our dreams? Why is it that we are so unwilling to be in the crawling stages? In the “try it out and see how it goes” stage? We are way too hard on ourselves in this way.

The only thing we know for sure is that we know nothing about what the future holds, and that things change. The best any of us can do is continue to LIVE our lives in a way that excites and sparks us. And be willing. Willing to change. Willing to surrender to the randomness of life. Willing to play for 15 people even when you want it to be thousands. Willing to do whatever it takes. Willing to love ourselves throughout it all. And willing for it to be different and perhaps better than we could have dreamed up.

So…my advice to you, and to myself is to keep dreaming. Keep living in a way that is both exciting and scary. Be willing to be out of your comfort zone. To do what it takes. To let it go. Keep seeing what you want for yourself and then be willing to let that grow. The Universe has a way of dropping things in your lap that are so beautiful and unexpected. And you might miss it if you’re too busy being all stressed out about your plan.

Willingness is a gift. And who doesn’t like presents?

What are some things you’ve been wanting to do? In what ways do you feel like you could be more “willing” in your life? What are those hidden dreams of yours? Leave a comment below and hang with me on here.

P.s. Besides…it’s pretty selfish of you to NOT live your dreams. Read about it here.

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