This blog post is for you.  Yeah.  YOU.

For the one who has ever had a dream.  For the one who won’t take no for an answer.  For the one who would rather be scared of the unknown then stay in a job or relationship that isn’t fulfilling.  For the one who won’t settle, ever, for anything.  For the one who creates their own rules, and takes the leap, and walks up to their edge and steps off of it.  It’s for the ones who are willing to get dirty and the ones want to make a difference in this world.

This is for the girl who drops out of college to start a revolution.  The guy who lets complete strangers choose where he will live for the next four months.  The girl who has overcome crazy obstacles only to build her business and run her operation from the beach. The girl who left her high-paying job in an industry she fought to get into, so she could live out her dream.

This is for the brave.  The tough.  The kind.  The bold.  The guy or girl with a heart of gold and a will of steel.

To all of you out there.  I salute you.  YOU represent the new movement I’m starting.  YOU are who I’m talking to every week here on this blog.  And YOU are who inspire me to do better, be better, and serve the world better.  YOU….are Girls Gone Moto.

Natalie and I are starting our own movement.  Girls Gone Moto.  Where we will be traveling across the country in our RV, with our friend and videographer Kat, spreading this message that it is everyone’s right to pursue their own happiness, that everyone deserves kindness, and everyone deserves to be inspired to live the life of their dreams.

And we are bringing you with us, behind the scenes, into our hearts, behind our tear filled conversations, into a stranger’s office where we will surprise them with a bouquet of flowers because everyone deserves random acts of kindness.  We are starting a TV show.  And we need your support and your help.

Be a part of it.  Come with us.  Help us spread these words.  Help us fund the project.  Help us make it to a town near you.  And help us inspire people to live the lives of their dreams.  Dreaming isn’t enough.  We must act.  We must MOVE.

If you feel moved to donate you can click HERE for our fundraising project, or click on the link at the bottom of this post. Our website is now up at Girls Gone Moto.  AND, if you want to be a part of this movement with us (and I hope you do), “like” our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter, and share this blog with your friends.  There will be many more announcements coming up very soon.

I have no idea what I’m doing, how this will work out, what it will look like, whether or not I’ll lose everything in the process.  I just KNOW it needs to be done.  I KNOW it’s fucking important.  And I KNOW it will change lives.

Come with me.  Live free or die from boredomBe bold to the boneGO MOTO.