I’m in Bozeman, Montana, and yesterday I went to the vet. To get Coach his vaccinations and check on a couple other things. When I arrived, there was this cute blonde outside with a bunch of dogs swirling around her. She must have been in her 40’s, feather and hot-pink extensions in her hair, black eye liner. She looked up at me under a pile of dogs and gave me and Coach a huge smile. And called into the office “our new girl is here!” I instantly smile. They know about me, already. I’m the new girl.

As I walk into the office, I notice how homey it feels. And not in the Susie-Home-Maker kind of way, but more in the way that I felt right at home there, instantly. The rock radio station that was on in the front office was playing Red Hot Chili Peppers, the office dogs were off leash and full of loving energy, and the vet came out and introduced himself and told me to call him by his first name, Scott.

After spending over an hour, talking to me about whatever it was I wanted to know, I felt cared for. Safe. In good hands. And I had such a clear thought that this was all I really wanted. To be on first name basis with my vet. To actually HAVE “my vet.” To feel a sense of community somewhere. And feel cared for and safe. For the first time since I put all my stuff in storage in Oakland, CA almost a year and a half ago, I felt at home.

4 vaccinations, some medicine, a new harness and only $150 dollars later, I walk out the door and get a bit lost getting out of the parking lot. And in my state of being lost, I stumbled upon a Pole Dancing Fitness studio and I can’t believe my eyes. Pole dancing? In the middle of Montana?! How on Earth does this place exist? I think to myself. A place that has the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen, real cowboys walking on the street next to the goth college kid, a vet who demands to be called Scott, art walk Thursdays, Salsa dancing Wednesdays, a thrift store that sells antlers, clown suits, and guns, AND a pole dancing class. Around every corner, I fall more and more in love with Bozeman. And I’m realizing how grateful I am for the collection of experiences and people that have brought me to this moment and have been involved in my life up to now.

And this is all good since it’s gratitude Friday! The time in our week where we get to step back and think about all the stuff that we are grateful for. The stuff that IS going right. The things we DO have. And appreciating the people we love.

So…today I’m grateful for:

The courage to take risks and trips and do things that are terrifying. My family, who has supported such things the whole time. Natalie, for taking the first of these trips with me. John Pew for introducing me to Bozeman in the first place. Tyson and Johnny for giving me a place to stay. Dr. Scott and his office staff. You guys for reading. My clients. A house to stay in. A shower to be in. Being pleasantly surprised. My coach. And my other Coach. Jim and his art. And my froachy friends. Giving myself space and time to explore. Slowing down. Zoe. Bernardo for the love, for being love. Miss Shantastical and Colin for the connection. Lily (BFFFFFFFFs fo life). Being excited about the future. Feeling a sense of “home.”

Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment below and tell me all the things YOU are grateful for today. And share a story with me. What’s something you’ve been pleasantly surprised about lately?

Hope you all are having a wonderful day. Here are some pics from my last week of travels.

Holland Lake, Outside Potomac, MT

On The Road To Bozeman. Three Forks, MT

CLOSET!!! In the House I'm Staying.

Best Thrift Store In The Whole World. Bozeman, MT

Thanks for watching, ya’ll. Don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell me what you’re grateful for. And if you’re finding yourself wanting extra inspiration, extra help, extra support, sign up for my newsletter in which I’ll update you when new and cool things happen around here.