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Going With Da Flow. Canada. Idaho. And Gratitude.

As I write this, I’m sitting at a rest area/visitor’s center in Wallace, Idaho. I pulled off because I decided to follow sign for the “scenic route” of the highway I’m taking toward Missoula, MT. Why not? I figured. I got time. And as I get out of the van to take Coach for a walk, I see a truck and a trailer pull off the highway. A few guys are inside. One waves out the window and nods. I nod back. Throw a peace sign. A few moments later, my dog walk loops back around and the guy from the truck starts chatting me up.

“Where you from?” He says.

“Califonia.” Me.

“Me too! Where?” He says.

And so on and so on. Turns out, we’re from the same place. Traveled the same exact route. And are heading to the same spot. Three buddies on a road trip, dirt-biking, camping, exploring, shooting. Sounds like me, I thought, minus the dirt-biking, which would be one piece that would make this trip for me even more fun.

What are the odds? I think. Meeting people so randomly, so spontaneously. You can’t plan this stuff. And I’m reminded of my past week and how the whole thing has happened this way. One trail that leads to another. One lead, that leads to the next thing. And I’m reminded that if I wasn’t flowing freely, if I was making too many plans, I wouldn’t have ended up in Squamish BC visiting with three amazing coaches, or back in Seattle for some more country dancing, on a boat on lake in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, or potentially on a horse property owned by one of the truck guy’s girlfriends in Montana. I’m so grateful for the serendipity. For the growth. And since it’s Gratitude Friday up in here, I’d like to share with you all the gratitude stuffs on my mind.

I’m grateful for:

The van that has become my home along this journey. Friends who show me around town and take good care of me (that means YOU Clinton and Rebecca). Meeting people in real life for the first time after only knowing them online. Rock climbing. Sunshine. Lakes. Hikes. Support from afar. The randomness of life. Not planning, and having amazing things show up. Planning, and having it work out. Writing writing writing. Alone time. Showers. Starbucks for their free hot water for my tea in the morning. Walmart parking lots (sorry…they’re awesome for travelers). Great conversation. Boats. A slight breeze on a warm day. Sunsets that blow my mind. Presence. Dreaming. Being. Stumbling upon something that changes my life, even if in just a small way.

Now your turn. What are YOU grateful for today? Go on. Don’t be shy. Leave a comment below and let me know.

Here are some pics from my week.

CANADA! And the amazing girls I hung out with in Squamish.

Climbing Rocks

Fresh Picked Berries. Squamish.

Boat Ride. Lake Coeur d\’ Alene, Idaho

Sunset. Lake Coeur d\’Alene

Mineral Ridge Hike. Coeur d\’Alene, Idaho

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17 Responses to Going With Da Flow. Canada. Idaho. And Gratitude.

  1. Flow …. oh it is beautiful to be in flow. I am grateful for you who decided to go on your journey anyway and I are allowing me to vicariously live through you. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity at Google, the friendship and mentorship of Tara, hotel rooms so I can simply BE, walking around the streets of Chicago, support from friends, a good night’s sleep, and the list goes on.

    Love you Sally! You look happy and beautiful and glowing!

  2. Sally, stunning pictures! What an adventure you are on … and how open you are to just flowing with what is. Such great life lessons. I love reading about what you’re grateful for. It comes down to such simple things doesn’t it?

    I am grateful for: you; serendipitous connections; the radiant sunshine; the gorgeous blue water I am surrounded by in Seattle; all of the mentors I have learned from in my life–especially Don Riso–who passed away last week; my beautiful pups who got groomed this week; my clients; my health. I am sure there is lots more, but this is a start. xoxo

    • Sallyhope says:

      Oh gosh…yes. I’ve realized that more and more, that it’s the simple things that matter most. We all hear that cliche time and time again, but when it comes down to it, we all don’t need that much to be happy. I’m grateful for you, as always.

  3. Donna Schorer says:

    Grateful for Sally, who sent me an awesome email that just made my day!! Grateful for Jeannie (that’s YOU, WJC!) for turning me on to Sally’s rockstaryness!

    Especially grateful that I dumped the corporate world (with all the risks involved, it’s been worth it), and for the Alpha Pacific Institute where I am learning TV/Film production and am FINALLY doing what I LOVE! Grateful for the people there, especially Michael, the owner, who truly believes in ME (not just my tuition!)

    Additionally, my 3 sweet kitties who are my buddies and always at my side; and my “Higher Power” (if you are an aetheist, that’s cool, too – just call it fate!) who/which has given me each and every tool that I need to experience complete fulfillment in my life.

    Thank you – EVERYONE!!!

    • Sallyhope says:

      AHHHH! So grateful for YOU my dear, for reaching out and being in touch. I hope you had a good week and are preparing your gratitude list for today since it’s FRIDAY AGAIN!! :)

  4. Brandon Chavoya says:

    I’m grateful to have had a chance to re-connect with you after years of me being away. I find it funny that it took place in a little town outside of Seattle. Even if it were for 1 hr, the talks seemed like they used to be, chilling at the Gap or hanging out with you and Lily. Drive on Sally……….

    • Sallyhope says:

      No kidding! Feels like yesterday when we all met. So great to see you and I look forward to the Gap reunion in the bay. :)

  5. Delisa says:

    Wonderful trip. I’m glad you enjoyed traveling through Idaho (I live in Sandpoint). Reading this reminded me of a trip to Canada where I met a guy from Coeur d’Alene. He was selling homemade candies. It is always cool being far from home but meeting people from the same place.

  6. Grateful for YOU, and you letting me drag you up cliffs and torturous hikes (poor lil’ Coach!). Grateful for you kidnapping Tia on your way to Squamish. Grateful for vandwelling and the freedom and adventure it brings.

    Keep rockin’ it cowgirl :)

    • Sallyhope says:

      Girl it was such a highlight to be dragged around and pushed by you. I can tell you, for sure I wouldn’t have made it that far up the hike without you. I know…for folks that you guys, that was no big deal, but for Coach and I…that was major! Looking forward to seeing how all of this unfolds for us all. So much love sent your way.

  7. Tia Sparkles says:

    Hahahah Becca is in my living room commenting on your post at the same time as I’m writing this :D I am SUPAH grateful that I jumped into your van that day and went to Squamish!! I am so happy that Rebecca talked me into climbing! And Tina and her fella letting us crash their star watching romantic night hehe. Mostly, I am grateful for the magic + amazingness that happen as a result of being vulnerable and open. Stokeeeeeed we got to meet and have hug-a-thons – girl, you’re an O for Orsome hugger. Love you! Stay safe!

    • Sallyhope says:

      We are all connected! :) And twas so awesome to actually connect. I’m grateful for it all too. I’m grateful I chose BC over the rodeo, for the internet, where we all met, and the real life where it materialized. A sparkly moment in time, it was last weekend, and many more to follow. MWAH MWAH MWAH! (So I’m guessing YOU’RE the post-it queen??)

  8. Anna says:

    Love the post! Your are a great writer and an even better explorer :)
    I hope you made it to southeastern Idaho (that’s where I’m from!).

    • Sallyhope says:

      Hey lady! Thank you so much! Where in SE Idaho are you from? I’ve been to so many places that it’s likely I’ve at least passed through. I checked out your site and LOVE the colors! So lively! You better keep in touch lady!

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