It was a sunny day. Blue skies. Slight breeze. Fresh air and early morning. I had never been to the dog park at this hour. 8:15 am. And it was nice. Quiet. Different. Solitary, in an introspective way. It was a respite in my already hectic morning, a calm before the rest of the workday storm. And it was lovely.

I am a Scorpio, so by nature I’m a creature of routine. I eat the same thing for breakfast every single morning. I snooze the same amount of times every day. And so naturally, my dog park walk has a usual path. Straight, left, right, then right. Well today, I decided to go left first. Down a path I’d never been before. Reluctantly, because I didn’t know exactly how much time it would take me to get back. But I went anyway.

From this path, I saw the tall weeds sway in the breeze, their leaves, a sound of slight rustle. Pussy willows peaked out from behind a bush of yellow flowers. The Golden Gate Bridge from this angle look 100 miles long. And the rocks under my feet seemingly scurried with each step, as if to clear my path. Lovely, I thought. What a great new perspective this is. Just from going left instead of right. My mind was able to wander and think in a way I don’t usually, as I’m always walking my routine, with a pointed direction and goal to get back to the car in 37 minutes (so I can get back to work within an hour including drive time). The routine was thrown off, and so was my pointedness and this allowed for freedom and fluidity and a chance to have new experiences.

And as I was thinking about this, I thought about all the times in my life where I went right instead of left, where I did something I hadn’t done before and was perhaps reluctant to do, and amazing things happened because of it.

One in particular was going to Marie Forleo’s RHH Live in the Fall of 2010. I had never done anything like that before. A live event, all by myself, in a big city that intimidated me. But I just felt pulled to go. And so I went. And not only did I meet people that would fill my practice for almost two years straight, but I made a business partner. I didn’t know it at the time, but a year and a half from then, an amazing collaboration would happen.

And that’s what I want to share with you all today. I’m SO excited and happy about this venture and have been keeping a bit quiet about it until now. We were a bit in beta mode but we’re ready to bust out and share our idea with the world.

The skinny is: Amanda Aitken: Web designer extraordinaire. Me: Coach extraordinaire. Together: Website Therapy. You combine creating a website, with coaching to get you clear on what you actually want your website to be and VOILA! Website Therapy is born.

Now…for me…this idea is reflective of the experience I had of working with my first web designer. I was totally new, had never done a website before and had NO CLUE how to do it. I gave her all this conflicting information, had her make a million changes, and it took a couple months. I loved the final outcome but during the process I remember saying to myself that I wished she was also a coach so she knew how to pull out of me what I REALLY wanted and needed for my site.

Enter Amanda, who has all the webby techy prowess any girl could want, an extensive client questionnaire for her web clients, and yet was still feeling like her clients could use some support getting clear and excited about what they really wanted for their site. And so…our collaboration was born. Website Therapy.

Anytime you sign up to have Amanda do your website, you get a free Website Therapy/clarity session with me. Whatever it is you’re questioning about your website (“what is my brand?” “should I have a blog or a website?” “what is my message?” “what should it look like?”) we will get to the bottom of it, so when you have your session with Amanda, you will be crystal clear on what you want.

AND, for all you do-it-yourself’ers Amanda has this amazing program “Girls Guide To Web Design” that is absolutely awesome. It takes ALL the guesswork out of creating your own site and teaches you everything you need to know about how to create a beautiful site for yourself. And when you sign up for that program, you ALSO get a free Website Therapy session with me. Really…it’s win win. ☺ And she’s launching her brand new “Jetsetter” program today, which includes the training plus all kinds of personalized Facebook support, to pick up where the coaching support leaves off. Prittty Cool. Click here to check it out.

So there we have it. Our baby is born. And I’m so excited to share it with you all. For anyone who is creating a site, check us out. And if you’re ever uncertain as to whether or not you should take the road less traveled, I’m here to tell you to do it. Go right, instead of left. Do something different. See new perspectives. Meet new people. And you never know…you might find yourself with a new baby by the end of it.