Today’s question comes from reader, Dave, who has a dream, but then immediately shoots it down because he feels like it will be impossible to reach. Sound familiar? See what advice I give him. Does it also apply to you?

Hey Sally,

I had an epiphany on an airplane the other day. On the flight, I was reading a very wise man’s words on how to “do your own shit,” and I started tearing up because I was so inspired. In this moment I knew I wanted to open up a restaurant or some kind of food related thing of my own. I started writing notes on the only piece of paper I could find. I was so excited. But then immediately upon returning back to my “normal life” at home, I realized that if I ever wanted to build a business, I would have to rely on my ex to do more with the kids than she is capable of. It really deflated me and I wanted to toss my idea out the window. Any advice?

Thanks for your help,


Dear Dave,

Dreams are always going to feel scary and there will always seem like a million reasons why it won’t work out. But don’t totally shoot down your ideas based on projected stories about the future. There is ALWAYS a way to make things work, no matter how impossible it might seem. Perhaps your ex is capable of more than you think and she just hasn’t been given the chance to prove that to you. Perhaps you have someone else in your life to help with the kids. Maybe you hire a nanny. But the point is that you can make it work, and these are all just details that get in the way of your dreaming. So keep thinking about the things that inspire you, keep a journal nearby to write down all your inspired ideas, and when the time comes, GO FOR IT. The details will work themselves out.