Lately I’ve been doing Deepak Chopra’s 21 day Abundance Meditation challenge (which you should totally do because it’s here to sign up for free) and today’s post was all about how to get what you want.

He’s explained that:

“The easiest way to get you want is to help circulate the flow of abundance and help others get what they want and what they need. If love is what you seek, offer love. If you want to be blessed with all the good things in life, learn to silently bless everyone with all the good things in their life with pleasant thoughts, good wishes, appreciation, compliments or even a smile. The more you give the more you receive.”

So the challenge for this week is to offer a small gift to everyone you encounter. It doesn’t need to be expensive or a big deal. It could be a smile, a card, a heartfelt compliment, a pleasant demeanor, or an understanding glance. And then remain open to receiving the gifts that are offered to you. Notice what comes into your life. See if you feel differently. And pay attention to the gifts you’re already receiving.

And if you like mantras, here’s one you can try: Today and everyday, I give that which I want to receive.

And for a fun little reminder…listen to this ditty. My last band went on tour with these guys and every night when they would play this song, I’d fall in love. Enjoy.