Recently I talked about how annoying New Years resolutions can be because we put way too much pressure on ourselves to have the “perfect” year, and that weight just becomes too heavy. But…at the same time, I’m a huge fan of being intentional, as I totally believe the more intentional we are, the more things come to us.

By now, we’re two weeks from the turn of the new year, and the panic is probably already starting to settle in. You might be thinking to yourself…

  • What if I don’t get all the things I wanted this year?
  • What if I’m already starting out the year lazy?
  • What if all the “releasing into the universe” what I wanted for myself for the new year didn’t reach the Big Guy up in the sky and next year I’m in the same place I was last year?
  • And then “That would be THE WORST possible scenario.”

I know you’re probably already low-grade panicking because that’s how I am. Which is why I personally am doing the next meditation I chose for the next 40 Day Challenge I’m leading in February, so that I can pretty much guarantee that Im putting myself directly in line with what I want and being super intentional with Uni about what that is, in case they didn’t hear it on December 31.

I can’t give out all the details yet but they are coming soon (next week to be exact!). And I’ll give you a little hint about what’s coming up. It’s all about you become enchanting and magnetic. Enchanting…that’s right. We’re taking “enchanting” back from the Disney princesses and woodland faeries and bringing it right into our 2018s.

But because I like to give you tangible tools that’ll help your life beyond the courses I run, in the meantime I wanted to give you a super fun exercise that I use anytime I want something in my life.

I used to grab a ton of magazines and create a vision board, but now that there is the internet, I make a Pinterest board instead to inspire me. The super cute meditation nook in my house is a direct result from my “meditation nook” board (what? You don’t have one??) :)

Here’s the exercise:

  1. Create a Pinterest board called “My Best Year Ever” (or whatever other creative title you have)
  2. Pin pictures that are:
    1. How you want to feel
    2. What you want to have
    3. What you want to do
  3. In the description of every picture say “I ……” and then fill in the blank as if it has already happened. For example “I live in a sun-filled loft in Paris for one month”
  4. Look at it every day
  5. Watch everything come to you like magic (I mean…why not shoot for the stars!)

Having a clear picture of what you want is the first step to having it so use this super fun tool to get your vision going. And then look in your inbox next week for more details about how to actually BECOME the person who draws all these things to you during our next meditation.

Happy Friday and here’s to a Happy New Year.