Have you ever had a time in your life where things just worked? Where you met the people you were supposed to meet? Or turned a corner at the exact right time to see the exact right thing that led you down your exact right next path?

Close your eyes. And imagine it.

What was present for you at that time?

Who were you “being” at that time?

What did it feel like at that time?

In my last email, I told you about the next 40 Day Meditation Challenge I’m doing (“Enchanting & Magnetic Personality” Meditation)  and I used the word “enchanting,” which at the time felt like a fun and funny description of what Disney movies are made of.

But as I’ve been thinking about that word in preparation of this meditation and of this email, it meant so much more.

I thought about the times in my own life where I felt enchanting and magnetic. Where things came to me. Where I was literally attracting what I wanted (and some things I didn’t know I wanted until I got them).

From the time I got recruited to join a band in LA at the same exact time I wanted to do music in LA. Or the time I decided to go to LA for the summer to test out grad school and without knowing anyone there, within a week I had an internship in the psych department of UCLA, a house to live in, and a summer job. Or the time just last year that I decided on a whim to buy a house and then one month later I was in contract with my dream home. Or when I decided I wanted a new car and I didn’t want to pay for it and then a free Jeep landed on my lap.

In thinking about these things, I realized that there wasn’t anything exceptional or special about me at these times. My life wasn’t perfect and totally “in flow” when these came to me. I didn’t have the perfect vision board glued to my eyeballs 24/7. In fact, my life was actually kind of a mess (ok…totally a mess) and at a crossroads, feeling like I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing. I didn’t have a crystal clear image or goal of what everything needed to look like, but rather a feeling inside and a faint vision. I didn’t have opportunities falling on my lap (yet).

But what I do remember having is the courage to change it up.

The courage to take a step forward even though I didn’t know where that step would lead me.

The courage to do something different than I had done before.

And in trusting that those steps forward would lead me somewhere, I became the kind of person that drew in the things I wanted. I became “enchanting.’

When I looked up the word “enchanting” in the dictionary, this is what it said…

“Delightfully charming or attractive. Captivating, engaging, adorable, irresistible.”

And when I thought about the times in my life I’ve felt those ways, and looked at what was happening in my life, it all came together.

When we are enchanting, we are attractive.

When we are attractive, we become magnets.

When we are magnetic, we literally pull things into our lives.

And THIS is what the next 40 Day Meditation is all about. It’s about pulling in those things we’ve been wanting for ourselves, not by force, but by becoming the type of person who gets them. By becoming irresistible to them. And what better time to do that then right after the New Year, when our intentions and resolutions are still fresh.

The cart for the Early Bird price opens THIS WEDNESDAY, January 17, which is when I’ll also be giving you all the details about what this course involves (I can tell you for sure it’s going to be RAD) and how to join.

But in the meantime, I wanted to give you another little exercise you can do right now to start noticing all the good stuff coming to you. I use this ALL the time to remind myself that I’m attracting great things into my life all the time. Here it is…

  1. Open up the “notes” function on your phone (or you can use good old fashioned pen and paper too)
  2. Title the Note “Evidence Log” (as in “Evidence of all the awesome things in my life”)
  3. For the next day, write down every single good thing that happens to you. It can be as small as a warm smile from a stranger and a door being held open to getting an email landing your dream job

The idea here is that the more we are aware of the good things that are in our lives, the more good things come. Try this out and I would LOVE to hear back about how this goes for you. I’ve personally found this to be one of the most impactful exercises I do!

Happy Monday and see you again on Wednesday with more info on how to become Enchanting!


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