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Magical, Disappearing Ants With Wings.

I want to tell you a story about ants.

When Natalie and I first got to our apartment in Costa Rica, we noticed that there are giant ants in the house. One here, one there, one crawling on the counter, one of the floor. After a few times seeing them, it was no big deal. We were all able to co-exist, no one really bothering anyone.

So one night, there were a lot more ants than usual hanging around. And we looked down to a crack near the floor of a cupboard and we see a bunch of critters hanging out in one clump.

“That’s odd,” we think. “We haven’t seen that before, we should probably stop it before it gets worse.” I mean, right?

So we grab the cockroach spray that our neighbor had given us the week before and we spray the crack.

Now…I’m not a scientist, but to me, bug spray is bug spray. Like, I don’t assume that ANTS shouldn’t be killed with COCKROACH spray, but apparently this is some sort of unspoken rule among the jungle folk. As soon as we sprayed the crack, Satan descended upon us in the form of a wave of THOUSANDS of HUGE ants, pouring out the crack in record speed. They began to cover the floor in a sea of creepy crawly black and literally, we were unable to see the floor beneath. There was no sign of stopping them. They were moving, and moving fast. And the closer we looked at them, the more we realized that they had wings.

“HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! Those aren’t ants…those are BEES!!!!!!!” we scream, as we see the terror in each other’s eyes.

I felt my face go white, my stomach drop, and my mind went to the movie “My Girl” where Thomas J. got stung to death by bees, and I thought that for SURE that was my fate. That my parents would be at my funeral crying over my closed casket looking to the sky saying “Why God, WHY!! It was just cockroach spray!”

We were paralyzed in fear. Just stood there staring at the moving sea of bees. “What are we going to do?! These giant bee ants are taking over our house and there’s no stopping them.” Pretty soon the only place there will be to go will be outside, in the dark night of the jungle, where there are snakes and frogs and (someone said they saw once) a PANTHER. What’s worse? Death by bee-ant or death by panther?? These are the decisions one needs to make in these moments.

So there was yet, one thing we hadn’t tried. As we just stood there, completely paralyzed staring at the sea of the black-bee-ant army, we decided to go the neighbor’s for help. It was late, and they aren’t usually up at that time, but by the grace of God, Dorothy next door, had to go pee. I walk over to her apartment and see the light on. In a shaky, small, little girl voice, on the verge of tears, I go:

“Um…Dorothy? We have a huge, giant problem in the apartment, can you wake up Marvin?”

In her soft, completely calm voice she says “what’s the problem honey?”

“Well, um, we have bees everywhere (thinking, “and OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!”)”

She goes, “Oh? Let me come see. I can handle critters. Unless it’s snakes I’m not going to wake up Marvin.”

So she comes over barefoot, walks right in the house, looks at the sea of bee-ants and says “oh…ants. No big deal, just wait an hour and they’ll go away.”

Me: “So…ummmm…those aren’t bees? I mean, they have WINGS.”

Her giggling: “No…those are just ants.”

Apparently they don’t even bite.

She walks right into the middle of the sea, getting ants all over her feet, with a broom and starts sweeping the bee-ants outside, like it was NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER. Not acknowledging the fact that I almost just gave myself a heart attack while crying over my own funeral.

So we spent the next hour sweeping the (not bee) ants outside onto our patio, leaving a new sea of dead ants outside. Giggling about how ridiculous this whole situation was. And then we go to sleep.

In the morning, we wake up to some straggler ants dead on the floor in the kitchen. We get the broom, sweep them into a pile, and open the door to the patio to sweep them outside. When we open the door and look out onto the patio, expecting to see all the dead ants from the night before, we’re shocked when we see not ONE ant was on the patio. “HUH!?!” Less than six hours ago there were THOUSANDS of ants here. Today, ZERO!!! WTF!?

Me and Natalie, look at the empty patio, look at each other, then back to the patio, and stare at each other, confused.
“Wait…that actually DID happen last night, right?”

We checked with Dorothy and it did in fact happen. The mystery still remains however, about how those dead bee-ants disappeared.

And now…for the learning: 1) Never spray ants with cockroach spray, because all the ants will start to die, and then send of a warning scent to the other ants in the colony that there is danger and to leave the colony immediately, hence, ants pouring out all over your floor; 2) Never hesitate to ask for help, before you give yourself a heart attack about ants; 3) The fear of something is ALWAYS worse than the actual thing; 4) Stay calm and carry a big broom.

24 Responses to Magical, Disappearing Ants With Wings.

  1. Michelle says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I would have reacted exactly the same way. If not worse. YIKES.

  2. OMG girl, I got the chills (and giggles) reading your ant story!! Had the exact same thing happen at our last place in Berkeley. Swarms of ants all over the cat food – multiple times. Thousands. SO GROSS!!!!!! I totally reacted the same way. Your bits ‘o wisdom…totally on-point – especially #4. :-)

    • Sallyhope says:

      GROSS!!! RIGHT?!?!! Ugh. And these were like 100 times the size of regular ants. And they hang WINGS!!!! Giggle. It was silly

  3. Hawk Mazzotta says:

    City girls, city girls…..what to do with yall! Goofballs. I love it.

    • Sallyhope says:

      Well Hawkers…us city girls find cowboys to teach us the way of the land. And help smooth out some of this ridiculousness.

  4. Ashley says:

    Ahhhh – I LOVE that you referenced My Girl!!! I just mentioned it today in response to a juicy love poem my friend posted on FB. It reminded me of Veda Sultenfuss and how bad ass she made poetry look. Her teacher was kinda hot too! Glad your alive =)

  5. Kimberly says:

    Dead ant, dead ant… ;)

  6. Paulette says:

    You so cracked me up! I love that story!

  7. Christine says:

    Soo funny. I just moved to New Jersey and I am learning to garden (I’m originally from Chicago, a city girl as well) .. I’m having a HUGE issue with worms. I love how you ended this with “the fear of something is always worse than the actual thing.” Ill have to keep that in mind tomorrow before I take off running and screaming because I touched another worm.

    • Sallyhope says:

      HHAHAH! Oh my gosh girl I TOTALLY understand. And yeah, I guess it’s something we get used to over time. Once you touch a worm, I guess it’ll get less scary or gross, right? OR…you can get some of those fancy gardening gloves.

      • Jill says:

        Speaking of worms, they’re wiggly and kind of gross but very harmless. I was once invited to go camping with 4 guys (Sally- I think you know one of them.. Matt McCalla, aka “PhotoMatt”).. I owned my boutique at the time and when I said “Yes! Sounds fun; I’ve never camped in Yosemite before”.. they were happy, but sceptical… Everything from…”You know you won’t need to bring your Gucci high-heels, right?” .. to (okay I started my period on the way up there) “Oh No!! You’ll attract the bears!! We’ll have to give you your own tent”… Yeah. Well anyway, I’m a mid-western girl and guess who was baiting the fish-hooks with WORMS (bare-handed) AND catching the trout AND cooking it with scrambles eggs in the a.m.? Yep. ME! Those boys didn’t want to touch the worms.. actually, I didn’t either but I got over it real fast and acted like it was nothing.. and you know what? It was fine. And I earned my “cred”!
        That’s my worm story :-)
        Love and Happy Easter to you all.

        • Sallyhope says:

          AHHHH!! JILLY!!! I absolutely ADORE that story. You’re a super hottie, Santa Barbara Bunny, but you’re a tough badass too and you never turn down a challenge to show the boys whats up. That’s amazing. I think it’s all about just doing it, even if you’re afraid. Just go for it and it’ll turn out fine. And like you said…earn you cred. HAHAHAH! Amazing girl.

  8. Jill says:

    oh- my other point is: Yes. Sally is right: 3) The fear of something is ALWAYS worse than the actual thing

  9. haha, in your email that linked to this post I thought it was very funny that you suggested to do something you’ve been wanting to do & it doesn’t include cleaning out your garage!

    But, hey, if any of ya want to clear out some space, then I’m your girl ;-)

    BTW, those sticky “mouse” catchers work well for cockroaches;-)

    • Sallyhope says:

      HAHAHHAHAHHA! No disrespect girl. :-) Actually, cleaning out some space IS on my to-do list. So perhaps that will be my next challenge. :-)

  10. Grace says:

    Hi Sally,
    I did not know you have such a rocking blog. Remember Grace-Kenyan Lady. Thank you so much for the free coaching, thanks. Well I found you through Marie and I was like-did she get a total transformation. She is a Rockstar!!
    My fear is usually cockroaches, give me any other bug, but not a roach. I am from Kenya and in my home the possibility of waking up with ants all the way to your pant is real.

    • Sallyhope says:

      Hey girl! OF COURSE I remember you! Been thinking about you actually. :-) And nope…no transformation. Always a rockstar. Hahhah. Thanks for checking out the blog and I’m glad you like it!. Yeah, I’m not super into most critters, but being here in Costa Rica has made me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more mellow about it. Yessssssssss. Keep in touch girl!

  11. Dorothy says:

    OMG – I just nearly peed my pants laughing at the story

    I’m so glad I happened to be awake that night and help subdue the invasion : )

    We miss you!


    • Sallyhope says:

      Dorothy!!!! HAHHAHAHHAHAHHA! Oh man…I seriously think I would have slept outside on the grass if it weren’t for you. I was so scared…CERTAIN I was going to die from bee stings. You saved the day for sure! And as for bears…good thing you’re in costa rica. Didn’t see too many of them around those parts. We miss you too. Love,S

  12. Dorothy says:

    My Dad taught me to dig worms for bait, put them on fishhooks and clean fish when I was 4 – so maybe I had a bit of a headstart with crawlie things.

    Bears scare me to death though! And nothing is going to change that : ) EVER

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