No Road Is Long With Good Company

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship today. I had a weekend filled with it. Old friends, new friends (red friends blue friends?). And the conclusion is that friendship makes my world go ’round.


There is something so powerful about a good friend. Someone who knows you, sees you, loves you, has been with you through all the growth and changes in your life, and accepts you, tells jokes, remembers the old times, dreams with you about the future times.

And I got to thinking about all areas of life. It’s so true that the company we keep matters. Whether it’s your relationship or your business, who you’re around affects the outcome of everything. Surround yourself with peeps that support you, and your business will grow. Surround yourself with a partner that brings out the best in you, and YOU will grow.

So today…tell your friends you love and appreciate them. They probably need to hear it.

Love this quote I came across:
“No road is long with good company.” ~Turkish Proverb
Yes. Right. Things just feel easier and better when there’s cool-ass peeps around.