I’ve always been really proud of the fact that I’ve never had a 9-5 job.  That I have no clue what sitting in a cubicle feels like, or have never worn nylons (do people even call them that anymore??) or a work suit.  That I’ve never engaged in water cooler talk.

And I’ve always worn this fact like a badge of honor, like “Oh…you were in Nam?  Well I’ve never worked a REAL job…how about THAT!?”

My point of view was that I was never going to do anything I hated, and I was never going to fall into the same work traps that everyone else seemed to fall into.  And so instead, I focused on finding lots of different part-time jobs that would 1) Give me the freedom and flexibility to be in a band and do my own thing; 2) That I didn’t hate; 3) That were cool or easy; 4) That paid…eh…enough to keep me around but not enough that I’d feel bad if I left at any moment.

But as time went on I realized, that I was no different from those 9-5’ers.  Even though I didn’t have one job I hated, I had several jobs that were annoying, and at times, I hated.  So my plan wasn’t even working.  My goal wasn’t being attained.  While I was spending my time hustling a nanny job, or house-sitting, or writing crossword puzzles (ok…THIS job is really awesome and I love it and still do it) or freelancing PR, I wasn’t spending my time doing what I really wanted to be doing.  My OWN thing.

And so while I was focusing on doing something I didn’t hate, I wasn’t focusing on making money doing what I really loved. BIG difference. And so no wonder “what I loved” still felt like a very distant dream.  Always something that was out there.  Far away.

It wasn’t until fairly recently that I realized that I would NEVER have the career I wanted if I was stuck doing things that weren’t WHAT I WANTED.  And…I realized that in order to really have the business I want, I need to let go of my addiction to part time jobs that, although provide some sense of security, just get me by.  And so I did.  I quit my very last part-time job and ventured into the unknown of working for myself, depending on myself, of having to figure out a way to make it happen.  And you know what??  I’m making 4 times, on my own, what I’ve ever made shooting up with part time jobs.  How about THEM apples?

The letting go was what propelled me forward.  The “on my own” is what made me hustle to make sure I had my rent covered.  The fed up, “I HAVE to do this NOW” created a Universe shift for me, a new path.  And I’m never going back.  I’m in Part Time Jobs Anonymous, working my 12-steps.  It’s a different way of thinking.  And I like it.

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