I was a horrible bitch in high school.
One of the ring leaders of the mean girl clique.

A bully. A gossip. And just generally a nasty person to be around.

I knew at the time that this wasn’t who I really was. Wasn’t who I’d ever been before.

But with the hormones of a 15 year old, and MAJOR life changes and confusion, I hardly had a chance.

I didn’t know how to channel the devastation and anger of losing my dad suddenly to a biking accident.

Or the confusion of being broken up with by my first love.

Or being diagnosed with depression AND narcolepsy within a two-year span.

So I did the only things I knew how. I internalized it all. And then I took it out on other people.

My mom tried to get me to go to therapy and all attempts were fruitless. I didn’t like the way they talked to me.

She tried to talk to me herself, and it didn’t work.

And my friends didn’t understand and didn’t know how to help me.

It seemed that there was NO ONE I could relate to properly.

Fast forward to earlier today. I was asked “if your high school self could see you now, what would she think?”

And the answer is, she’d think “THANK GOD.”

And she’d think “SHOW ME!! Teach me. Help me.”

I think she would see me as someone like her…who could actually help her. And she’d feel grateful she wasn’t alone.

I didn’t have this in high school.

I didn’t have a role model or example of the type of person I wanted to be like.

I didn’t have anyone to call me on my bullshit and love me through my pain in the way I needed to be loved.

I didn’t have someone to tell me “there are other fish in the sea and all that, but who cares anyway because you’re rad and you just gotta keep living your life”

Or someone to really explore my feelings about death.

I didn’t have any of that back then— but later on, I was lucky enough to have a series of mentors and coaches who helped me along the way and ushered me towards my spiritual revolution.

And honestly, it was the right mentorship that completely changed my life.

Without my mentors, I don’t think I would have left my ex, traveled for two years straight, learned to truly love myself, understand myself and self-reflect, and I definitely wouldn’t be in Montana.

We don’t always know where to turn when things get tough. And the options out there don’t always seem like they’d be helpful.

Which is why I’m so passionate about creating the Wildheart Revolution.

It’s the kind of thing I would have wanted back in high school. And it’s the same thing I still want now.

A group of amazing people who all have the same goal: To live a #wildheart life.

A life of consciousness and fun and aliveness and spark. Truth, vulnerability, kick-assness, and love.

It’s not one of these things…it’s all of them.

Because you are not one thing. You are everything.

You may not be dealing with the same issues I was in high school. (Or maybe you are! It seems like the lessons never stop coming.)

But let me be YOUR mentor, your guide—through whatever and wherever you want to go.

Let me (and the other Wildhearts) be the support you may have never had—and the group that could change your life beyond belief.

Registration is currently closed but will be open again within days. Put your name in the box below to be the first to find out as soon as the doors swing open.

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It’s mentorship and community love set ablaze. And I can’t wait to get my #wildheart on with you.

The doors to the Revolution will be open very soon.

We’re working very hard over here at the Wildheart Ranch to create something worthy of your participation.

(And adding in some special touches I know you’ll love!)

You won’t want to miss out, because the first Wildhearts through the door get a VERY special place in the Wildheart Revolution.

I don’t want to sound like a tease, but I have to make you wait just a little longer to see what it’s all about!

But if you sit tight I promise to make it worth the wait. Make sure you get your name on the list to get more info as soon as it’s gosh dern ready.

So where in your life could you use some support? And how has mentorship has helped you along the way?

Did you have to get over being a high school bully—or did you need to get over BEING bullied?

Either way, I wanna hear, Wildheart!

Leave a comment below.

We’re oh so close, Wild One.

Xo, Sally