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Prancercise. Puns. And Roseanne Barr. Why this was the BEST WEEK EVER.


According to my internet feed…this was the best week ever! Here is a collection of the latest and greatest things I found while hanging out online . ENJOY!

  • Although I’m definitely a fan of talking things out, this might be the best breakup letter on the planet
  • I TOTALLY did this to my hair in college. 
  • This article explains why rejection is RAD.
  • Kinda obsessed with this Great Gatsby inspired makeup tutorial. Is it cuz she kinda looks like Gwen Stefani. (yeah…prob)
  • This program from Amanda Aitken looks AWESOME. And it’s FREE. And I totally already signed up. 
  • Say it sister. Roseanne Barr looking rad and as feisty as ever.
  • I think I need this T-Shirt. Like now. #wildhearting
  • This is what happened the last time someone called me crazy. 
  • OMG. HAHAHHAHA. Text messaging with parents is always hilarious. 
  • The high school cafeteria guide to choosing your yoga class. Are you a goth or a jock?

I’ve discovered the answer to all our exercise prayers. You’re welcome.

What has made this YOUR best week ever? Leave a comment below.

Happy Friday everyone! Wildheart the hell out of your weekend.



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10 Responses to Prancercise. Puns. And Roseanne Barr. Why this was the BEST WEEK EVER.

  1. Bernardo says:

    My dear Sally.

    Well, since you asked here is what made my week special:

    Having breakfast with my son today as we celebrate 7 years of his arrival into this world.

    An epiphany I had while driving 2 days ago that made me understand at the deepest celular level the best way to move forward in my life and business.

    A conversation I had with my wife about something she’s been wanting for a while that I’m able to offer her.

    A moment of relief at an MD Anderson Cancer Center waiting room yesterda when I found out that the scare the Dr shared about my mom was a misunderstanding rather than cancer.

    Singing full heartedly country music as I drove this morning.

    A heart to heart conversation I had with you. I can’t even begin to describe how this conversation affected me in a majorly positive way forever. In fact I don’t think I can voice out how powerful it was for me without tearing up. I’ll let you know more about why I’m saying this the next time we Skype but for now all I can tell you that when you go to sleep at night and close your eyes I need you to know that I will NEVER forget it for as long as I live.

    Thank you for being the gift you are to this world.
    Love you so much,


    • Sallyhope says:

      Wow…oh my gosh this list had me teary. With your mom, and the gift for your wife, to your words about our convo. You’re right…I don’t know how or why that impacted you so much but I look forward to learning. Thank you for being so wonderfully you and showing up all in my life.

      Much love to you my friend

  2. Arantxa says:

    Eli showed me the Prancercise video and now I’m obsessed. When in a long line, I know begin to prancercise (in place, sort of) but it totes works! I’m thinking this could be a wicked Halloween costume!

    • Sallyhope says:

      OH MY GOSH!! HAHAHHAHA Best Halloween costume ever! And yeah, I totally Prancercised today with my friend and it actually IS a decent workout. :) Watch some of the spoofs and interviews with her. Priceless.

  3. Arantxa says:

    Also, LOVE the Great Gatsby inspired tutorial. Summer time Arantxa gets just a little bit obsessed with watching youtube tutorials. I’ll be teaching the Great Gatsby next year…I’m thinking I should have a dress up day. Extra credit for kids who get all dolled up Gatsby and Daisy style! Also…if you ever want to check out vintage inspired/pin-up tutorials, check out thecherrydollface on youtube. She’s my fav!

  4. Monica says:

    Pretty solid check up with my Dad today. Bought myself a lovely rose quartz necklace to wear over my heart :)

    My grandma is here (She’s 83!). I’m very grateful for libraries and patient librarians (because I like to check out like 20 books at a time). I’m reading Pablo Neruda and a book by Cami Walker called 29 Gifts. I’m appreciating the silence and Andrea’s leftover rain outside.

    Big hugs to you Sally!

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