According to my internet feed…this was the best week ever! Here is a collection of the latest and greatest things I found while hanging out online . ENJOY!

  • Although I’m definitely a fan of talking things out, this might be the best breakup letter on the planet
  • I TOTALLY did this to my hair in college. 
  • This article explains why rejection is RAD.
  • Kinda obsessed with this Great Gatsby inspired makeup tutorial. Is it cuz she kinda looks like Gwen Stefani. (yeah…prob)
  • This program from Amanda Aitken looks AWESOME. And it’s FREE. And I totally already signed up. 
  • Say it sister. Roseanne Barr looking rad and as feisty as ever.
  • I think I need this T-Shirt. Like now. #wildhearting
  • This is what happened the last time someone called me crazy. 
  • OMG. HAHAHHAHA. Text messaging with parents is always hilarious. 
  • The high school cafeteria guide to choosing your yoga class. Are you a goth or a jock?

I’ve discovered the answer to all our exercise prayers. You’re welcome.

What has made this YOUR best week ever? Leave a comment below.

Happy Friday everyone! Wildheart the hell out of your weekend.



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