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Quitting Your Day Job. Hipsters. And Why This Was The Best Week Ever.


According to my internet feed…this was the best week ever! Here is a collection of the latest and greatest things I found while hanging out online . ENJOY!

  • Omg I LOVE spirituality jokes that bring it all down to earth. I’ve DEFINITELY felt this way…you?
  • I’ve never, in my life, seen a better jump roper
  • Love this article about how to know when to quit your day job, or when to suck it up. Troof telling.
  • Hahaha! Rad. Hipsters who dress like Jackie from Roseanne
  • This super sweet truck. That is totally #wildhearting. Sweet horns dude!
  • THIS amazing copywriter, Fels Got Swag, who is rocking my world so hard right now. Seriously. Hire her. 
  • Reading my monthly, astrological forecast. It’s creepy how right on it all is. 
  • Dear Men, We just want you to listen. (and you must think we’re absolutely insane). Best video ever. 

Maybe my favorite rap and dance moves of ALL OF THE 80’s. You’re welcome. Have a hot weekend…TOP THAT!!


What has made this YOUR best week ever? Leave a comment below.

Xo, Sally

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9 Responses to Quitting Your Day Job. Hipsters. And Why This Was The Best Week Ever.

  1. Hmm, the whole “When To Quit Your Day Job” sure resonated. Been there a few times….once or twice…ok, who am I kidding, I’ve been there a LOT!

    Yeah, it blows with the whole risk factor, and yeah, I’ve had to have a few part time gigs every now and again, but I freely admit I’m NOT the kind of personality to have a day job for long. Not sure if it’s just a personality clash thing, an issue with authority, or my own personal long-held belief that I’m superior to 90% of the people I meet. Probably a combination.

    Of course, I’d probably be better off if I hadn’t made so many mistakes in the beginning, but that’s the thing when you start from the ground up. There’s not a how-to guide, so you learn on your own, and screw up on your own, and suffer the consequences on your own. Of course, you also get the out-STANDING feeling of not having to deal with your day job, too.

    I’m so broke right now, it’s not funny…but I’ve got piles of stuff to inventory, list, etc. I know I’ll make it, so I don’t fret too much. This business has been all I’ve known since the tender age of about 14. This isn’t one of those things where you wake up one day at 30 and say, “Ahhh F*** IT!! I hate my job, my boss, my co-workers…pretty much everyone! I’m going to find something to do instead!”. Speaking of co-workers, on an unrelated sidebar, at the last part-time gig I had, I remember thinking, “There’s only one person I’m going to miss when I quit this turkey gig, because everyone else BLOWS!”, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Nope, for quite literally more than half of my life, I’ve wanted to be in this crazy business we call wrestling. Of course, along the way. it’s twisted and morphed a bit, but that’s a good thing, because that morphing has expanded what Shadow Fire Promotions does, and led to some pretty exciting and fun things. Yes, even though I’m not selling right now, I’ll still be a happy broke because I can do what I want. You cannot beat that. Bottom line.

    • Sallyhope says:

      Hey there…I hear you. And what it sounds like you’re saying is that quality of life is most important to you, and part of quality life for you is having control over your time and schedule and doing something you believe in and are proud of. Good on you!!!!!

      • Well, Sally, for me, it’s not even so much control over my schedule, although that is a part of it. For me, it’s all about (in my eyes) being someone and doing something. Something that means something to me. Being a success in my own eyes. I think a lot of what happened in my life has been a factor in how I perceive things, and I just can’t stand being the “cog in the wheel”. Even if this company dies with me, just to have the knowledge that I did something is enough for me, even if it ends up going nowhere, I’ll always know I (as Frank Sinatra says) “did it my way”.

        I am supremely competitive and have my own ideas of what constitutes success and happiness, and even if I have no money and need a part time day job, I’ll never stop working to make Shadow Fire Promotions into whatever it is that I define success by, because in my extreme arrogance, I simply refuse to “settle” for the day job (of course, the warehouse of inventory is another reason!), because I am just determined to succeed, in whatever way I can, by whatever means I determine.

        I’ve done this full-time before, and I won’t exclusively blame the current global economy for my lack of sales, but like anything else. I’m constantly evolving how I do things to make sure that my brand is recognised.

  2. Arantxa says:

    I showed the “Top That” rap to one of my freshmen classes this year. They didn’t get it. It made me sad for our future. Loving this blog post. Always puts a smile on my face!

    • Sallyhope says:

      Awwwwww…I mean who doesn’t love Teen Witch?!?!?!?! :) Glad you like these posts. They’re so fun to write!

  3. jessica says:

    this rap video just MADE MY DAY!!!
    look @ how funky he is!
    i’m hot, & you’re not!

    • Sallyhope says:

      Hahah right?! BEfore there was internet, and I reallllly wanted to learn this rap, I got a VHS and recorded this movie off the tv, listen to the rap, paused the vid, wrote down a line, and did that until I got the whole thing. Then I’d practice it. Hah

  4. Thanks for including me here along all this other awesome stuff Sally!! xoxo

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