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Purple Elephants. And. Being Radical.

Ok…don’t think we’re weird, but Natalie and I talked to an Intuitive yesterday. Things have been feeling overwhelming. We had asked the Universe for some things we thought we wanted, and the Universe was delivering. But what we realized was that what we “thought” we wanted, wasn’t exactly what we actually wanted. You still following?

I believe everything is a lesson. Getting what you “want” and then feeling very uncomfortable about it, is a lesson. It’s like, “well shoot….I asked for a purple elephant to show up in my life, so why do I feel so uneasy now that a purple elephant is in my living room…there must be something wrong with me…maybe I’m just experiencing fear surrounding the thing I’ve always wanted, this purple elephant…I probably just need to step up and accept this gift that the Universe has provided, and go with it since I asked for it and must want it…otherwise the Universe wouldn’t have delivered, right?” It messes with your mind. Because you ASKED for it. And it’s now here. And you don’t want it. So what do you do with that?

You see…the Universe is simple. You intend for something enough, and with enough conviction and visioning, and it’ll show up. The Universe doesn’t decipher whether you actually want or need the thing. It just hears your messages, loud and clear, and delivers. So it’s up to you to do the research and development ahead of time. Or be open to the lessons that come with what shows up out of your intentions. You still following?

I’m realizing right now that I don’t care how much I SAID I wanted a purple elephant, now that it’s in my living room, taking up space, changing my entire day and life because now I need to care for this elephant, make sure I have enough money to feed it, and time to take it outside to get what it needs, and clean up after it, and make sure it doesn’t die, and make sure it has other little elephant friends to play with, I now am realizing I don’t think I want a purple elephant at all. I didn’t really think through the ramifications of what a purple elephant would bring. I just saw something I wanted (purple elephant), and asked for it. Without thinking about WHY I wanted it. And now that it’s here, taking up my time and energy, and I’m resenting it for doing those thing, all I know is that my intuition is telling me that maybe I didn’t actually want a purple elephant after all. Maybe that’s just a made up story about what I thought I wanted. Oopsie. My bad.

I think it’s beautiful to ask for what you want. And imagine having and being exactly what you desire. It’s what I spend a lot of my time doing. But when you’re thinking about designing your life, you must ask yourself, “what is the cost of the thing I’m wanting?” What is the expense of having a purple elephant? How is it going to affect my life? If the cost is worth it, then go for it. But if having a purple elephant costs you your happiness and freedom, then it’s time to dream up something else to ask for.

So the next time you think you want a purple elephant, ask yourself why. If the answer doesn’t resonate with you somewhere deep inside yourself, go back to the drawing board.

Our Intuitive told us that it is FAR BETTER to walk into a slum, vibrating on a high frequency and being a person who is happy in their life, than it is to come into a slum with food and water but coming from a place of “should.” Being a person who is happy in their life affects more people in a bigger way than a sandwich that is going to be gone after eating it. This is a radical idea. I know. And you might not believe me or agree, and that’s ok. But just consider that it might be a possibility. All you need to do is live your life the way that YOU want to live it. Be happy. Be fulfilled. Learn the lessons you came here to learn. You don’t necessarily have to cure cancer, or change the world in order to fulfill your purpose. Perhaps your purpose is simply to live a simple life. And that’s enough. And when you run out of things to ask for, bypass the purple elephant and go straight for the thing that feeds your heart.

Like a pink crocodile. ☺

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10 Responses to Purple Elephants. And. Being Radical.

  1. Kerry Brundage says:

    I so love that you’re doing this. Living life and making a difference. yay Sally!

    • Sallyhope says:

      Miss Kerry…thank you so much. It’s really such a joy for me to have this blog and be doing what I’m doing. Thank you so much for your continuous support. Who woulda known Poets would lead to this?!?! Life is silly.

  2. Dana says:

    Love your honesty, Sally. That has been my favorite part of reading your blog, how honest you are about the process. Again, this entry hit home for me and reminded me of this quote,

    “But he did not understand the price. Mortals never do. They only see the prize. Their hearts desire, their dream….But the price of getting what you want is getting what you once wanted.” Neil Gaiman

    It’s one thing I’ve had to keep in mind with the whole concept of keeping my “eye on the prize” is to keep in mind that I am always changing, the world simply doesn’t leave you alone, so you have to be open to the idea that what that prize may be may change just like you.

    • Sallyhope says:

      Hey lady…I absolutely LOVE that quote you posted. It’s so true. We are always changing as we grow and continue on our own journeys. What we once wanted might not be what we want now. So I think it’s important to constantly edit our desires. Hahhaa. Think of it as an ongoing process. And just because we get what we once wanted, doesn’t mean we have to accept it. Great quote. Very thought provoking. I love it and thank you, again, for all your continued support.


  3. Greg Dennis says:

    “You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. This is not logical, but it is often true.” — Spock

  4. Sarita says:

    I’m dying to know what your purple elephant is… !

    another great blog xoxo

  5. Jaclyn Dunn says:

    Sally, my god, I swear your blog always hits so close to home. I too finally got what I had been asing the universe for (today, actually) but it did come with major added stress and a big sleepless night, but yes the universe answered loud and clear. Thank you for sharing the truth always, soo many people would/are too affraid to show the world their face without a mask. I think your words encourage us and remind us to just be us and be proud of that. You are making the world a better place, you already have succeeded at that! WAy to go Sally!!!! I love you.

  6. Tessa says:

    I’ve always wanted a magenta cat.
    Come on universe!

    (<3 this post. Your writing style and insights just get better + better, Sally.)

  7. Yes Yes Yes!
    Enjoyed this post. The universe does deliver. I’ve been putting things out there for a long while and I’ve been impatient but good point and perspective of thinking about the WHY!

  8. Jen Vertanen says:

    So…I really do want the unicorn pooping rainbows cake for my 45th birthday but yeah…I totally get what you mean.

    I’m learning more and more to be careful what I ask for ;).


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