(L to R): Some girl. Sally Hope-tastic. Molly-licious. Some other girl.

Surprise! I’m not Sally.

Well, we share some DNA, and if I straighten my hair and look at you sideways in the dark, you might mistake me for her.

But no, I’m Molly. Sister of Ms. Hope. Writing a guest blog. It’s Guest-itude Friday!

I got to Bozeman last night and I am so excited to be here. This state is frikkin’ beautiful. This town is cute and interesting. My sister’s apartment is huge and perfectly situated. And at the bar across the street from her house, the stranger who ribbed me for being on my computer turned out to be friends with Sally. I feel so blessed to be living this life, with the support of my friends and family. It’s positively gratitude-iness.

Other things I’m grateful for today: the “Hair” station on Pandora.com. Old friends. People who challenge me. Solo road trips. Bon Jovi. Socks. Sleeping naked in clean sheets. Christmas trees. Also, Christmas trees. And Christmas trees.

Oh, and  notalgic cuteness (see picture above):

So how ’bout you? What’s warming your gratitudinous maximus today? Tell us in comments below.