Ok…so I’ve been into astrology ever since my grandma read me the Scorpio chapter out of Linda Goodman’s, “Sun Signs” book when I was in kindergarten. It’s fascinating. How on Earth can this stuff be real? How is it that every person born within a certain window of dates has similar characteristics? The skeptic in me wants to call bullshit. But the mystic, seeker, and magician in me knows there’s something to it. A lot to it. Heck, every single Scorpio I know is like me in some key, fundamental ways.

Anywho…so I have a couple books and websites I LOVE, that I reference every time I meet someone new, or am looking for some explanations. Every time, I get what I’m looking for.

1) Astrology Zone

Ok, so first of all, this website is hecka janky looking. It might as well have been designed in the 90’s for all I’m concerned. HOWEVER, the writer and astrologist of this site, Susan Miller, must have sold her soul to the astrology gods because she does a monthly forecast for each sign that is SO DARN ACCURATE that it’s scary. Sometimes she even predicts the exact dates that thing happen in your life (and they’ve proven true for me). Go to the homepage and click on “Your Monthly Forecast”. She also does a “love match” breakdown where you can see if you and your partner are a good fit. She’s brutally honest though, so don’t read it if you don’t really want to know.

2) Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs

This book is so good, it’s kind of like crack. The one copy in my family (which my grandma told me was the last printed copy ever) is written all over, has dogeared pages, and has gotten LOTS of love. Kind of like a family heirloom, it’s been passed down, generation to generation. Printed in 1968, this book is touted as the one that changed the way people think about astrology, the one that started the “astrology column” in magazines and newspapers. Linda Goodman’s writing style is very casual and easy to understand. She describes your sign in different aspects: as a man, woman, child, boss, employee, and as a lover. So there are many ways to understand either yourself or someone in your life. This book is great for both beginners and experts. If you want to know more about your sign, go straight to the girl who started it all.

3) This Awesome Article From Robin Clark

Apparently Saturn is in Scorpio (this is kinda Greek to me too, but bear with me). Which is a big deal because it’ll stay here for about two years, and during that time, there are some central themes that might come up in our lives because of it (things like facing our shadows, intimacy, fears, etc). Miss Robin tells us the 7 considerations for how to work with the lessons of Saturn in Scorpio. It’s awesome. Read it.

That’s it my lovelies! I hope you’re gonna get your Astrology on. What is your opinion of it right now? What’s your sign and are you a textbook case? Leave a comment below.