It’s so easy to be in our heads and think about how much things ARE NOT going the way we want, or focusing on things we DON’T have. So…I’ve decided, that at least once a week, on Fridays, we should all take a minute to focus on things that ARE going well. Things we’re grateful for. I’ll be putting together a list of things that I love. Things that inspire me. That I’m grateful for. Or happy about. All from this week. I’ll go, then YOU go. Leave a comment on the blog with all the things you’re grateful for RIGHT NOW. Here goes…

I’m grateful for:

The Internet! And all the amazing people I’ve met here. A warm bed to sleep in. My morning tea and peanut butter and apple routine. My parents and all their loving support. Doing something scary. The ability to love. My clients. My grandma. Target. Being seen. Seeing others. Night hikes. The chirping of birds. Netflix. People who read my blog (thank you!!!!!!). My bestie. Love. Friendship. Coaching. B-School! Weekend plans. Seeing old friends. Birthdays.

Here are some pics from my week. Hope you had a great one. Don’t forget to leave a comment with some things YOU are grateful for.

Me And My 90's Wave Bangs Want To Say Hello To You

Find Something Great, In All That You Do.

When Life Gives You Lemons...

I Would Totally Drive That.

It's True.

Happy 88th Grandma Pat. You Don't Look A Day Over 40.

I'm Packin' Heat.

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