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Tuesday Tips (for living awesomely): The Best Way To Get Rid Of Worry

Worry BE GONE! Via “The Morning Pages”

Best way to eliminate the worry you wake up with in the morning...The Morning Pages.

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a ton on your mind? Or with a panicked, anxious, or worried feeling? Where everything in your life is swirling around in your head, and it’s stressing you out?

Here’s a super simple solution to handle that worry, so it doesn’t affect you for the rest of your day. This technique will help you…I swear.

It’s called the Morning Pages from Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way.” The idea is that the first thing in the morning you write 3 pages in a journal (and I suggest buying a really cool one). You just write whatever is on your mind…stream of consciousness, no editing, so that you can get all of these things out of your mind, and onto paper, so they’re no longer swirling around and unconsciously affecting you. She explains it great in a three minute video. Click here to watch.

Take Charge Challenge:

So here is the challenge for Take Charge Tuesday of this week. Do the Morning Pages everyday for this entire week and see if you notice a difference in your day or in your life. Make sure you leave a comment on the Facebook page or blog to share your discoveries. I’ll be doing it along with you all. And get your friends involved…share this post with them! There’s nothing better than doing something fun (and beneficial for your life) with your girls. Leave a comment below if you’re IN.

5 Responses to Tuesday Tips (for living awesomely): The Best Way To Get Rid Of Worry

  1. Hmm…interesting…I used to write a long time ago in a journal. I typically wake up with a lot on my mind. I find it helps me get right in the mood to work. My business partner joked with me about my lack of sleeping when he saw an email at 8AM that had a time stamp four hours earlier. My alarm sounds “reveille” when I go to sleep now!

    As far as “Step 2”, I tell myself I’m awesome pretty much every second I’m awake. Did I mention I need a separate room to contain my ego?

  2. Sally, I’ve been using a website for that for over a year now and really like it. The site is I don’t always use it for just “morning pages”; the writing I do there is a mixture of fiction rough drafts and ideas, blog post drafts, and journaling…and I use it at all hours of the day. The writing is totally private and the site gives these fun little badge icons for writing a certain number of days in a row, or the amount you write. It not only is good to clear out the jumble of thought in one’s head, but it also is good to reinforce the “write every day” routine for writers. I’m a pretty good self-motivator, yet I’m writing both more and better since I started using (with its quirky whimsical badges) for both “morning pages” and other pages. :-)

  3. Eddy Azar says:

    I’m in. Stumbled acorss 750 words about a year ago, immediately fell in love with the beauty of letting your mind run free across the pages, and slowed down when I began to worry.

    So I’m going back in, with you xD

    Where’d you learn about it?

    • Sallyhope says:

      I haven’t done it but I’ve heard GREAT things about 750 words. And GREAT! How’s it going? Notice a difference in anything? I learned about The Artist’s Way from a friend. I can’t remember who now since it’s been so long, but it’s sort of one of those staples! Enjoy!

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