The stupidest thing has been happening to me lately.  I’m working with this AMAZING organization called Bay Area Girls Rock Camp.  It’s a camp and after school program where they teach middle school and high school girls confidence, self-esteem, and expression through playing instruments and writing music, and rocking the fuck out.

This is perfect for me.  It’s exactly in line with my values…inspiring people to live their dreams.  It’s been my mission statement ever since I was in a band.  It was the reason I stayed in a band so long, to be able to reach girls just like this.  It became my most favorite part of being in a band.  And I actively pursued this organization.  So why the fuck do I feel sick to my stomach every time the program rolls around on Tuesdays and Wednesdays?  I stress about it.  I worry about it.  I feel inadequate.  Like what could I possibly teach these girls?  I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’ve never taught bass before.  I think about it all, all week long.  And I stress myself out.

My friend put it in perspective for me…he said something like “Dude…you’re ridiculous.  You’ve played tons of shows in front of thousands of people with no problem, and here you are afraid of a few 8 year olds??”  I giggled.  Oh yeah.  Right.  I’ve done way scarier things.  And as I was thinking about this today, it occurred to me that the reason it makes me sick, the reason it feels so scary is because I care SO much about it.  It’s important to me.  The message matters.  The quality of what I’m providing matters.  What I want for these girls is so big and so amazing that I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to provide that for them.  I care so much, I’m sick.  And that tells me I’m in exactly the right place

So if you’re not feeling sick to your stomach when thinking about and moving forward in your business, your job, your cause, it might be time for a change.  Nausea seems to be a good compass of the things that truly matter to us.  When in doubt, ask yourself “does this option make me want to vomit?” If not, choose the one that does.

Leave me a comment and tell me about what makes YOU want to vomit.  (Never knew throwing up could be so much fun…eh?).  Don’t keep the fun to yourself…share with your friends.

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