Pic courtesy of Stephanie St. Claire's website, www.blissbombed.com

The other day I was browsing around my girl Stephanie St. Claire’s website and she wrote this AWESOME article about how to tell if the guy you’re with is a “HELL YES!” or a “HELL NO!” I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you.

Some of the “Hell No” gems are:

“No to the man who is ambivalent about you after 3 months of dating. Or 3 years of living together.”


“No to the man who will put up with your bullshit without an apology from you.”

Some of the “Hell Yes!” gems are:

“Yes to the man whose own self-respect is the top of his priority list.”


“Yes to the man who really tries to see it from your point of view no matter how much sense you’re not making.”

But you must read the entire article. Stephanie rules and so does this list. Click HERE to go to her website.

Stephanie is a friend and fellow coach/colleague, a writer, intuitive life coach, and the creator of BLISSBOMBED.com. She specializes in life reinvention and spiritual alignment  using law of attraction principles. She splits her time between New York and Los Angeles writing, speaking, and coaching private clients. She’s the mother of 3 children, an avid reader, photographer, and a wine enthusiast.

Plus…she looks like this. Sizzzzzzzzzlin’.