So it’s that time of year where we get to take a look at and evaluate the year behind, and think about what we want to remember in going forward. I’ve never really done an “official” year-end review but this year TWO fell on my lap and I loved both of them so I wanted to share them with you. And don’t worry…the word “resolution” doesn’t show up in either of them.

1) Year In Review via my friend Rebecca Tracy at The Uncaged Life
Rebecca is a friend and a fellow colleague who came up with this really cool year in review PDF. It asks specific questions to have you review 2012, and then questions about how you want 2013 to go. It’s awesome. You can find it by clicking HERE.
You can find Rebecca on her really cool website or Facebooking around the interwebs.

2) Year-End Review Via My Coach, Helen House

Helen’s review is really cool too. It’s similar to Rebecca’s in that it has you evaluating your year, but it’s different in that the questions are a bit more open ended. I liked doing both because one felt focused and one felt spacious. A great compliment to one another.

Here is her message:

“One reason I do an end of the year completion ritual each year is because time does have a way of just moving by so quickly and this time of year it seems to pick up speed.  If we’re not careful, we’ll just go skidding into the new year without taking stock and making the most of this particular passage of time.  Since coaching is primarily about awareness and responsibility, I believe this is a great way to wake up our awareness and then take more responsibility for what we create going forward.

So here’s what you do:
Make 3 lists on 3 separate (or separate-able) pages.  You can get as detailed with these as you like.  If you’re the ‘get to the essence’ type, then just put a few juicy things on each list.  If you’re the ‘dig in and get in all the corners’ type, then feel free to have loooooong lists.  Whatever works for YOU is key here.
#1) List all of your Accomplishments, Wins, Celebrations, and Breakthroughs
#2) List all of your Disappointments, Failures, Losses, and Breakdowns
#3) List what you learned about LIFE and YOURSELF in 2012
Have them printed out and have a way to destroy them in the end, for releasing whatever needs to be released to create a fresh, clean canvas to create 2013 on. I prefer FIRE.
Please give yourself the gift of some time to dig into this.  I’ve done this with clients for 16 years now and it has always been a worthwhile and meaningful experience.  Have FUN!”
My coach Helen is amazing. I would send you to her coaching site, but she doesn’t have one! Her anti-marketing (no business card in over 13 years of practicing) is working for her since she’s had a full practice her entire career. If you’re interested in knowing more or booking a session, you can check out her personal blog here or email her at
Happy Thursday all! I hope that you are smiling and enjoying yourself. And I hope you have fun with these reviews. I have a really good feeling about 2013.