I have to admit…I was (pleasantly) surprised at the outpouring of support on my hunting post last week. I feel very fortunate to have such thoughtful and smart friends, who engage and spark such interesting conversation. I know for sure that my questioning and curiosity about hunting (and my food sources) is not over, and if anyone would like to continue this conversation, please feel free to email me at sally@sallyhope.com.

So I’ve officially been on the road for 55 days. And when I left, all I knew was that I was called to go on this trip alone. To learn and grow and stretch and find out some things about myself. To cry in the van by myself at night when I was scared and lonely, and giggle in absolute ecstatic delight when I stumbled upon the most beautiful sunset in a place I wasn’t intending to go.

Lake Coeur d'Alene

Before I left, I was on the phone with my coach and she reminded me of the movie Runaway Bride, in which every husband-to-be was asked how Julia Robert’s character liked her eggs. And in each instance, they answered that she likes her eggs how THEY like their eggs. And Julia realized she had no idea how she actually liked her eggs. Metaphorically speaking, she didn’t know who she was, what she liked, or what she wanted. And so she went off on her own and tried every single kind of egg, until she found out what she liked.

I feel a bit like I’ve been on an egg hunt myself. I realized that every single time I moved somewhere, it was for something or someone else. Whether it be to Santa Barbara for college, Los Angeles for a band, Oakland for a relationship, and into an RV for a fun adventure with a friend of mine. I never had to be on my own to decide where I wanted to be, FOR me. And throughout this trip, I’ve been testing different eggs (if you will). And I’ve landed on one I like. Bozeman, Montana. A place where I want to be, for me.

And so I’ve decided to move here. And this will be the first time I’ve had an apartment since June, 2011. The first time I’ve moved somewhere purely because I like it there. The first time I’ve moved out of state. The first time I’ll be living in a proper winter. I found an apartment on Main street, right above a cool little coffee shop, with big beautiful windows that look out over the street. And even though I’m scared, afraid I won’t like the cold, or that I’ll be lonely here, or that I’ll hate it and have no friends, I’m excited. And proud. That I’m making a choice for me. Deciding what kind of eggs I want to eat. And letting my wonder lead the way.

And as I’m writing this, I’m so grateful for each and every person and thing that has led me here. Which is cool since it’s Gratitude Friday! A time to reflect on all the things we’re grateful for in our lives. I’ll go, then you go.

I’m grateful for:

My supportive, loving, smart, engaging, family who allows me this freedom to explore. Exploring, in general. My friends who have been my foundation this whole time, encouraging me to keep going. Everyone who reads these posts, and has been following alongside my journey. All the people who have taken me in along my travels, shown me love and support, and taught me something new. A sense of curiosity and wonder. My mentors. The first snowflake of the season. Warm blankets. Sushi. The perfect apartment. Following my own lead. Going with the flow. Fall colors. Not having a plan. My clients. Writing. Being excited. My sweet puppy. Seasons. Following my instincts. Support. Love. Smiles. New beginnings. Old friends.

Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment below with the things you are grateful for. And in the meantime, enjoy these pics from this past week.

Fall. Wilsall, MT.

Coach, trailing behind the four-wheeler

Dinner, in the Walmart Parking lot. Cody, WY

Same Road, one day later. I-90 W heading towards Bozeman.

And I will leave you with this…what kind of eggs do YOU like? If you don’t know, you better find out.