My family is pretty amazing. My mom wrote this post on her blog and I loved it so much I asked her if I could repost it on mine. So here it is. She fuggin rocks.

“Ever since I started this journey in December 2009 the Universe has been sending me surprises and presents – fun ones, like tutus, puppies, and this awesome red tool chest – as well as some things that are just plain good for me, like more self-esteem, trust and optimism.

Whoever is in charge of positive reinforcement up there is doing a really, really good job. And God knows I’m grateful.

But how does this happen and why now, and not all of those years before when I really needed it? What cosmic magic is in play that I couldn’t access in the past? Are angels really floating around dropping little gifts on my doorstep because of something I’m doing, or is it as coincidental as Gary thinks it is?

Although my rational mind is putting up a fuss, I have to believe that it is not random. At the same time, though, I don’t think it’s intentional. The Universe is not like Santa’s workshop, a store house of goodies for anyone who is good enough. If that were the case, we’d all have coal in our socks. I’m thinking the Universe is more like a computer, a beautifully designed and well organized machine that works with the right input.

When I lock in on who I am, and THEN ask, the Universe responds – big time. It seems that it isn’t a process of asking at all. It’s a status of being. Perhaps when you start owning up to who you are -really, joyfully, completely – the Universe jumps to action. “Oh, you want to put on a skit?…here’s a bunch of tutus.” “You want to do some work with your tools? You’ll need a toolbox. How about this cute one in your favorite color? I’ll leave it at the thrift store. Is 20 bucks ok? Just go pick it up.”

It’s not just “ask and you shall receive.” It’s a status of being, acting from a deeper reality of yourself – the happy, fulfilled, excited, glorious, alive you. In a sense, you aren’t asking at all. You are jumping up on stage and shouting “HERE I AM!” “THIS IS ME!”. And suddenly you find the perfect couch, or someone calls to offer the help you need, or you have a chance meeting with the person you need to further your career.

Although I couldn’t come close to a rational or even faith-based explanation for all of this, I do know that this is how it has been lately.

It all makes sense, really. You don’t give kids candy just because they ask for it. But if you (and they) see that they have talent in music, wouldn’t you put everything in their path to encourage that ability? The Universe works the same way.

So I think we can all stop asking and just put our efforts into clearly knowing what gives us the most joy, what we’ve always secretly hoped for, who we are underneath who we pretend to be.

The Universe will do the rest.”