I’m not going to lie. Things have felt really tough lately. Like I’m walking through mud, at almost all points of my day. Where I literally have to force myself to wake up and get out of bed. And there are moments where the mud clears and I’m all like “phew…glad that’s over” until it comes back later that day. Or early the next morning. And it starts all over again.

I suffer from the introspection virus (which in reality, in my opinion, is the greatest gift a lifetime can give us) which means that I’m always wondering and aware what’s going on with me. Am I not eating enough leafy greens? Is there something chemically wrong with me? Do I need more vitamins? Am I not getting enough sleep? Or does that glass of whiskey now again need to be eliminated? Do I need to get another Akashic reading? Do I need to talk to someone?

And no matter how many questions I ask, the answer is always the same. I’m moving. I’m climbing the mountain, and at the next peak is a new chapter for myself.

 The Wildheart Revolution.

I’m uncomfortable in the climb. I feel tired. And beaten down. And not sure that I can make it to the top. I’m not even sure of what’s at the top. I’m running low on water. My sleeping bag has holes. The sun is too bright and then the wind is too cold. The dust gets in my eyes and I can’t see clearly. But at the end of the day’s hike, I know I must remember two things: 1) to surrender. And 2) to keep walking.

No matter how hard it seems. No matter how scared I get that I might fall off the mountain, or never make it to the peak, no matter how much I don’t even really know the name of the hike I’m on, there’s a quiet knowing inside that it’s time to let go. Surrendering to the knowing that THIS is what I’m supposed to be doing. That Wildheart Revolution is the thing I’m supposed to lead. And that it’s already happening.

To not try to figure it all out. But rather to let it unfold. And trust that it’ll all work out.

People have been asking me a lot lately what the Wildheart Revolution is. And I don’t have an elevator pitch to answer that question, yet. But I know it’s everything I just mentioned above. It’s living on your own edge. It’s permission to be exactly who you are and feel exactly how you feel. It’s dangerous. And safe. And scary and brave. It’s pushing yourself to the limits of what you thought possible, all because you know you HAVE to.

That you can’t possibly live any other way. That you weren’t put on this earth to do it like everyone else. To settle. It’s the full spectrum of emotions. It’s adventure and travel. And staying at home, cozy under the covers. It’s admitting that thing that you’ve been hiding. It’s trying something different. And it’s learning to live in love.

I don’t know where this path is leading me. All I know is that I’m going. And I will continue to go until this lifetime is over.

I’m a Wild Heart.

Aren’t you?

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