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Apparently I’m Dead.


F all ya'll

So, I know you’ve been hearing from me a ton lately about the opening of Wildheart. And really…it’s just because it’s the best party on the internet and I don’t want you to miss out on it.(Psssst…the doors are closing TOMORROW)

But instead of hammering you with more details, since I know you’re a #wildheart and super smart and can find all the info on my page by clicking here, I wanted to share with you something that totally blew my mind.

The other day I got some feedback on my Facebook page from a reader who was unhappy with something I posted.

I was asking all my people what mascara they like, since I was in the market for a new brand (I know…this wasn’t news worthy to me either).

To me…I was just asking a simple question, reaching out to people I respect and think are awesome, and engaging in fun conversation with my girls. Like a slumber party.

And over 33 people commented. With excitement. About their favorite brand. Some posted pictures. Some wanted their brand to win out. Some started talking to each other.

And it was a grand old time until I came across one comment that shocked me out of my cowgirl boots.

The comment was this:

“Um…okay…you are now dead to me. REALLY? You are a “life coach”? You are just as, if not MORE, insecure than most people. You really need to review your life trajectory, “Sally.” I am done with you.”

My first reaction was shock and confusion. Like…I couldn’t wrap my head around why asking a question about mascara could warrant such a response.

I mean… me writing about hunting or shooting guns…I can understand.

But MASCARA?? I’m dead to you over mascara?? REALLY?

And as the confusion wore away, the anger flooded in.

My understanding of this comment was that because I’m a “life coach” that I’m not allowed to be into anything that is seen as “superficial,” such as makeup.

That because I teach about self-awareness and self-love and spiritual concepts, that I don’t get to like things like hair and makeup and clothes.

And it brings up a bigger issue…the judgement of what someone else thinks I need to be, in order for me to like the things that I like.

I think it’s bullshit to assume that a person who likes helping others can’t ALSO care about their appearance. Or that a girl who likes shooting guns can’t ALSO like wearing high heels out to dinner.

It’s these dichotomies that make us all so unique and dynamic. That make us who we are. That make us beautiful.

You have the girl that likes green juice AND whiskey.

Boxing AND yoga.

Shooting AND makeup.

These things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. And as I sat thinking about this, I realized this comment was a gift.

And like so many gifts, they come in the form of a lesson.

Her saying this, and me getting upset about it for a second solidified to me EVEN MORE what the Wildheart Revolution is ALL about.

It is for people who want to be who THEY are.

And each person gets to define that for themselves.

Not every wildheart wants to shoot guns and do yoga and drink green juice in the morning and whisky at night, like me, but that’s the beauty of it.

The Wildheart Revolution welcomes anyone who is brave enough to be themselves.

Who says “fuck it! I am who I am and I’m not apologizing for it!”

For people that know that they get to like what they like and be who they are and that’s what makes them beautiful.

Do I like mascara? Hell yeah! Sometimes. And sometimes I don’t. But that’s my choice.

Just like it is your choice to do whatever you want in your life.

And that’s where the Wildheart Revolution comes in.

If you want to be a stay at home mom…awesome. The Rev supports that.

If you want to be an astronaut or an entrepreneur, or a secretary…cool.

The only thing that ties us ALL together in the Revolution is that we want to be unabashedly ourselves.

And for me, that means liking mascara. And if someone doesn’t like that about me, then that’s fine.

Tomorrow is the very last day of enrollment for the Wildheart Revolution for this year. I’m not sure when it’ll be open again.

But I do know for sure there is magic happening in there RIGHT THIS SECOND.

Are you ready to say “fuck it!?” Are you ready to be a part of a group who is boldly and bravely doing what needs to be done? Are you ready to let your heart hang out and stand up to what you know is right for you in your life?

If you said yes to any of these…join us.

Only one day left to get on board.

Can’t wait to see you in there.

Howl at the moon,

P.s. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt like you have to fit into a box that was created by someone else? What did you do in that situation?

I love hearing from you so reply to this message if you’d had a similar experience.

7 Responses to Apparently I’m Dead.

  1. Gigi says:

    Right on, Sally!

    I recently did an interview with the New York Times about traveling with my Emotional Support Animal. It was a scary thing to do, because it meant admitting to the world that I have been diagnosed with a disability. And, as I expected, the angry people flooded in.

    Lots of them simply didn’t believe that I could have an amazing life, own my own business, and travel the world (which I do) and still have struggled with depression and anxiety.

    One guy called my a hypocrite, asking me how I could possibly call myself a fear-facer and need a “comfort dog” (his word, not the correct term).

    At first I was just confused: The whole point of facing fears is that we have fears to face, right? Then I was angry that he was trying to box me in. And then I simply answered and told him I believed that we should face our fears, even if they’re big ones like mine. Which chilled him out.

    Anyway, I know I just wrote a novel…but what I was trying to say is that this was soooo timely for me. I’ve been pondering the same thing this week because I’m being accused of things from many quarters. But at the end of the day, I’m a fear-facer and an Emotional Support Dog owner. I’m a hiker and a style lover. I’ve had low lows and high highs. And, hey, that’s what makes me interesting.

  2. Shannon says:

    what a silly thing to get upset about, would you not ask your best girlfriends for recommendations? Isn’t this exactly what the WHR is about? Having a group of best friends who support you through big events and small, who DON’T JUDGE you for being you. This person seems to not want those same things so it’s probably for the best that they leave. They could have just been a troll anyways. Some people get their rocks off by tearing strong people down.

  3. Dr. Samantha says:

    Sing it, sister.

    And for anyone considering joining the Wildheart Revolution, do it. Sally simply rocks. xo

  4. Let her come leave a comment like that on my website. Sally, you know me and all the girls at TMF support you. AND your mascara. By the way? My new favorite is by FAR Benefit’s “They’re Real.” To going big ( with your mascara…) Or going HOME!

  5. Magda says:

    Hi honey. You know what? it’s ur blog, ur www and dont even bother about people they cannot stand ur point of view. x

  6. Kate says:

    Oh man. I hear you on this one. I’m a yoga teacher who happens to love crossfit and kickboxing. I drink a green smoothie every morning and you bet your ass I love me some whiskey. Also, I really enjoy profanity and inappropriate jokes. Once I had a student stop coming to my classes because she saw me out drinking at a bar one night and told me that was unacceptable. Yoga teachers, life coaches, teachers– most of them that I know have never been asked to be put on a pedestal. The fact that she held you to such a ridiculous standard says more about her than it does about you. You are a rockstar! And human :)

    • Sally Hope says:

      Oh girl…you are a total #wildhert and I can imagine that it’s even more annoying as a yoga instructor. I think the bottom line is that people forget that we are HUMAN BEINGS first and then whatever our professions are after that. No one is perfect, and each person gets to decide how they run their life. That’s what Wildheart is all about.

      You’re a rockstar too and I hope you keep in touch. Keep on rockin with your smoothie/whiskey self. XOXO

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