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Dear Wildheart,

I know I’ve been a bit quiet around here lately. And honestly, that’s because…things have been shifting for this me (as well as the entire Wildheart brand) BIG TIME.

I feel like the past six months have been a whirlwind…and not necessarily in the super fun, light, airy way. More in the way of everything that has been happening, has made me evaluate what I truly want in my life (personally) and what I want for Wildheart. Which can feel…sluggish.

It’s been an interesting time. I’ve cried a lot. Struggled. Felt stuck. Felt lost. Felt heartbroken. Felt like I got my butt kicked (you too?). And at the same time, now, at the end of it, I feel re-inspired. More myself. Softer. And also more determined than ever to make Wildheart the coolest f-in place to hang out on the internet.

There’s been some things brewing behind the scenes here. Lots of things. Ideas flying out of my head. Changes and additions and many many magical things being brewed behind the scenes while each day passes.

I can’t share the details right now, but I promise that it will be FUN, dynamic, irreverent (in true Wildheart fashion) and you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON ANY OF IT. I get chills just thinking of what we have up our sleeves here at Wildheart HQ.

Part of that is more Wildheart products that you can rock out into the real world. And as a little teaser, I wanted to offer you the newest addition to the Wildheart family. The “Copper Stamped Wildheart Bracelet.”

Copper Stamped Wildheart Bracelet

These are all handmade by a Montanan, living in California (which is the opposite of me!). Copper plating. Rope cord. And blue woven clasp. $32 including shipping and tax (if you’re in the US). They aren’t officially being offered in my store yet, which is why there’s just a pic of my arm with the bracelet on it and not some super dope photo campaign around it.

But that’s Wildheart. We do the best we can with what we got and we SHARE SHARE SHARE the cool things we’re up to.

And that’s what I’m here to do. Share this AWESOME bracelet for you. So you can WEAR WILDHEART everyday. So you can be reminded and inspired to make the choices that feel most aligned with your heart and soul.

And you can remember to carpe the HELL outta your diem.

There are only ten of these…total. So hop aboard and grab yours now by clicking the “buy now” button right here:

Shipping is included if you’re in the US. If you’re International, email me at and we’ll get you a new “buy” button.

Can’t wait to see how you Wear your Wild HEART.

Much love,


P.s. These are copper! Which means 1) They look super dope; and 2) If you get them wet they might turn your skin green (depends on the skin…doesn’t do it to me but does do it to my friend) so don’t go dunking these puppies in the river)



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Up up and away dear Wildheart,