Last week I went to a baseball game on a whim, with my best friend.


We hopped on the BART train (bay area public transportation) like a couple of teenagers who just snuck out of the house.

With whiskey in our water bottles, extra eyeliner, and sassy attitudes, we giggled and laughed the whole way to the park.


And when it came time to “sneak in” our water bottle to the game, it brought me right back to being 16 years old when i had to “sneak in” beers through my bedroom window. Or try to get the older kids at the liquor store to buy us beer for the weekend.

Or the rush I used to get when I just decided that I was to be backstage at whatever concert I was at. Or be best friends with whatever celebrity I saw at the bar that night.

It reminded me of Reckless abandon. Freedom. Deciding what you want and then making it happen. Even if it seems impossible or ridiculous.

In my career of doing this…crazy amazing things have happened. Because I went for it. I asked for the dance. But had I not gone for it, nothing would have happened.

And this reminded me of everything in life and in business.

If you don’t say yes to the opportunities, or don’t create your own….nothing happens. (click to tweet!)

If you don’t put yourself out there, no one knows about you.

If you don’t get in the van, you’ll stay exactly where you’re at.

So much of the time we feel like we don’t have what we want, but yet aren’t willing to do anything to truly change that. Or feel like we don’t know HOW to change that.

So I wanted to come up with a fun list of things to keep in mind if you’re feeling stuck. If life is feeling a little bit lackluster. I hope you enjoy it. XOXO

When the opportunity shows up, take it

When the opportunity isn’t there, create it

Don’t try to do it alone (two whiskey water bottles are better than one)

Follow your instincts

Ask for the dance

Say yes when asked to dance

Get in the van

Try something different (do the opposite of what you usually do)

Be rebellious

Question your own thoughts

Have fun

When you need help, ask for it

Be around loved ones as much as possible

Be clear on what it is you want

Ask for guidance on how to get it

I wrote an email to my newsletter list this weekend. And one of the people who responded is psychic Licia Morelli. And she wrote:

“I get the image of you steering a ship and the course is in the midst of being righted. Your first mate (I believe your partner or someone who is with you and around you appears from behind out of nowhere and is back at your side) he’s coming and standing next to you guiding your course.

But you are the Captain and you choose how you ultimately get there- the stars are your map- keep following your instincts.”

And this all feels very on par for the adventure I’m currently on.

I just had the feeling I needed to leave town. Grab the van. Start driving. And figure it out along the way.

Same thing with the baseball game. And getting backstage. And everything.

Our hearts and instincts know what’s best. But we ignore the messages all the time.

What I wish for you is this…Follow your arrow, wherever it points.

And if you want help doing that, I hope you check out the Wildheart Revolution because none of us can do it alone. Because knowing the right move or the direction of your arrow isn’t always super clear.

Because two whiskeys are better than one. (click to tweet!)

Because you need all the support you can get to live the exciting life you’re imagining for yourself.

I want that for you. And I see it happen every single day inside the Wildheart Revolution. My members are doing things they never thought they could. Are sharing in ways they’ve never been able to anywhere else. It’s so hard to describe what it’s like in there…I just know that CHANGE IS HAPPENING. We’re a peacefully rebellious army whose goal is to fight for the very best lives possible.

That is the Wildheart Revolution.

And we want YOU.

Doors for Wildheart are currently open, but only until tomorrow. And if you hop in now, price of membership is $100 off. So don’t miss it. Don’t forget to say YES to the dance. YES to the adventure.

See you backstage,