act accordingly...

It was Thursday afternoon around 2 pm. I had packed my bags earlier in the day so as soon as work got done, I could head out of town. Generally, when I have an 8.5 hour drive ahead of me, I leave in the morning so I don’t have to drive at night, but this time, after work on Thursday was my only option.

Previously, I had been feeling like I needed to get out of town. You know those times when your town just seems to get smaller and smaller. Same faces. Same things. Same feeling. Stagnate.

Living in a small town, I’ve come to realize that is a part of life here. Cabin fever. Every few months you have to get out of town, see new things, and re-set.

October marked 4 months since I’d left town for an extended amount of time, and man, was I feeling it.

So I called up Therese Schwenkler and asked if I could come for a visit in Boise. And although she said yes, and although I DID need to get out of town, I hemmed and hawed if I should actually go.

“I mean…I barely know the girl, what if it’s weird?”


“I should probably stay here…ET is playing at the old theater across the street from my house.”


“It’s supposed to snow tonight and I don’t really like driving in the snow, maybe I should cancel.”

But I decided to get on the road anyway.

About 30 minutes into my drive I hit major road construction on this tiny two lane mountain highway. 10 minutes went by. 15. Then 30 minutes went by as I sat parked waiting for the go-ahead to continue driving. During that wait, I thought “I should just turn around. If I do that now, I’ll have only wasted an hour.”

But I stayed right there. I had DECIDED I needed to get out of town and gosh darnit I was going to do it.

Eventually the construction let up and I was on my way. About 30 minutes after that, a huge snow storm rolled in. The kind where I could barely see 10 feet in front of me. Sky white, snowing coming down hard. I thought to myself “I should probably turn around…I don’t have my snow tires on.” But I decided to keep going.

It was a conscious thought. To continue on in the face of things not quite going according to plan. And in those moments I remember thinking that I only had two choices…to give up, or keep going.

And as I thought of this, I realized that these are ALWAYS the only two choices we ever have.

We can either give up, or keep going. And whichever one we choose changes the course of our lives. Literally. Figuratively.

About 7 hours later, I pulled up at Therese’s house. A big beautiful house on a hill, overlooking the entirety (it seemed) of Boise. I was warmly welcomed by her cute dogs, and given a huge hug as I walked in the door. I felt at home right away. We talked and laughed and went out and had an absolutely amazing time. I’m pretty certain that Therese and I will be friends for the long haul.

Wildheart and Unlost

I’m so glad I went. I’m so glad I kept going. And as I was thinking about this on my (roadblock-free) drive home, I realized that this whole experience is what Wildheart is all about.

It’s been a bit hard to explain what exactly the Wildheart Revolution IS (without talking about the features and benefits, which you can read about here) because what it IS hasn’t really been done before in this way. It’s not an online e-course. It’s more than just an online community. It’s not quite a online coaching program.

It’s a lifestyle. A new way of life.

Where you leave your old self at the door, and get ready for your new skin to emerge.

It’s the place to learn how to “keep going” in the face of snow storms and (literal) roadblocks.

Where you say no to mediocrity and settling for just an “alright” kind of life, and yes to that part of yourself that wants to adventure and love and creation and play and to change the world.

And we don’t do this by a step by step process, because frankly…life isn’t that way. When, ever, has a formula worked every single time? When ever have all your problems been solved by one course or one book or one program?

Probably never. Because it doesn’t work that way.

Change is about constantly choosing change. Constantly learning and asking questions. Constantly being around people are also wanting change, and supporting you in your journey to get it.

That’s community. That’s love. That’s the Wildheart Revolution.

Things are changing here at Wildheart Headquarters. As Wildheart grows and changes, so does the way it’s being rolled out. I now have Wildheart Coaches who come in and teach you their expertise (so far we’ve had two business “classes” about how to get more clients and make more money and how to build biz structures that work, we’ve had a love “class” about all the things we never learned about love growing up, I have weekly free Tarot readings, interviews with inspiring folk at the top of their game here to teach Wildhearts, exclusively, all their secrets, and interviews with Wildheart Celebrities…you guys!)

Up to now…enrollment for The Wildheart Revolution has been open for anyone at anytime. But since I’m loving the close connections being formed in Wildheart right now, I’ve decided to close enrollment for the Wildheart Revolution. Not because it’s over, by any means, but because there is something magical that is happening by you all being in this together. At the same time.

I’m not exactly sure the date it will be open for enrollment, but it’s going to be really soon. I will only open it to 25 new members. And I have no idea when I will open it again.

So if you’re ready to throw caution to the wind, ready to be a part of a movement full of dynamic, (peaceful) rebels, and say YES to the kind of life you’ve always imagined for yourself as you daydream of that cross-country road trip or that business that will change lives, make sure you pencil your sweet name onto this list right here.

I will make sure to let you know when enrollment for the next round of Wildheart is open.

As always…rock out with your #wildheart out.

See you in the Rev.