Just GO

It was late night, Fall of 2008.

I found myself sobbing uncontrollably, all alone in my studio apartment.

I had spent the past five years in the music industry being “Sally Hope, Fender sponsored artist and bass player for the LA Rock N Roll band, Poets & Pornstars.”

I had rockstar friends. I went to fun parties– and even funner after parties.

Everyone who had known me before the band thought I was so cool for being in a band.

Everyone who met me from being in the band thought I was even cooler.

I ate, drank, lived and breathed that band.

It was everything.

But what had happened over the years was that it had become ME. And I had become it.

Which meant that without it, I didn’t know who I was, or why I mattered.

I knew about halfway through my time in the band that there was something bigger out there for me.

That I was meant to impact a lot of people, and that slugging it away night after night (especially since I’m not a night person…at all…hello “in bed by 10 pm”), on tour, wasn’t the kind of impact I wanted to have.

I knew eventually I would leave and do something else. But that something else was still so far away. It was unknown.

It made no sense to me at the time, this desire to quit the band, as I couldn’t imagine what particular “J.O.B.” I would or could do.

(Not to mention that, after being a rock n roller, most other “J.O.B.’s” pale in comparison.)

So when the time came, that late night in 2008, where I KNEW it was time to go…

I felt…empty.



“If I’m not Sally Hope, the bass player from the LA rock n roll band, Poets & Pornstars,” I thought…

“Then who am I?”

If I didn’t have any real reason to buy fringy leather skirts and sparkly booty shorts and leather holsters…

And if I didn’t need to get up stage for a job…

Then what would I do with my time?

What would I wear?

And again…


This fear of losing my identity kept me in the band much longer than I wanted to be there.

I simply didn’t know what there was for me on the other side. And I was afraid of the unknown.

But that late night, sobbing alone in my apartment, I realized that my lack of fulfillment had finally eclipsed my fear.

I couldn’t hide from the unknown any longer.

I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps (literally, since I owned plenty of boots) and cross over the threshold of my old life and into a new one.

I quit the band shortly thereafter and began to pursue my REAL work in the world.

Which, after a few twists and turns in the road, eventually led me here. Writing to you, Now.

And this reminds me…

Anything important I’ve EVER done has always been preceded by fear of the unknown.

When I moved to Costa Rica I didn’t even know if the guy I paid (over the internet) for the apartment (that didn’t have an actual address) actually existed.

I didn’t know when I got into an RV (never having been in an RV before let alone having driven one 10,000 miles) if I’d like it or if I’d survive.

I didn’t know when I left my ex if I would ever find happiness or love again, or if it was the right decision.

I didn’t know when getting into a van by myself to travel the country, with only a map, if I’d lose my way.

And I didn’t know if moving to Montana would be the right choice. I mean…it snows here. A lot. And I’m from California.

But in every example above, I felt an irresistible pull toward the thing I was supposed to do.

Something inside me just said, “GO.”

And so I went.

And you know what I realized?

(And why this is relevant to YOU?)

I realized that every single little step we take, as a result of listening to that “GO” voice, leads us to fulfillment.

To the place we’re really supposed to be.

People say life is too short. But I think life is too long to be spending it ignoring that voice.

The one that WANTS you to have what your HEART wants.

The one that knows this is your one shot at life.

(As far as we know for sure, anyway!)

The one that knows it all works out in the end.

When you’re standing on the threshold between where you are and the unknown future…

It won’t always make sense.

It will likely feel scary and uncertain.

You will likely find yourself trying to apply logic to something where logic won’t apply.

But that whisper, that nudge, that GO, knows something.

And it wants you to be free.

Free from the wondering. The back and forth. The unhappiness.

Free from the pain of your recurring thoughts or your mediocre relationship.

It wants the absolute best for you.

And so do I.

And so does Wildheart!

That’s what the Wildheart Revolution is all about, in fact.

To not just let that voice be a soft, quiet “go” in the back of your mind that you hear faintly and then continue about your life…

But to give that voice permission (and space, and support) to say a big roaring “HELL YES!” to the life you know you’re meant to live.

It’s been 6 years since I made the decision to stop being “Sally Hope, Fender sponsored artist and bass player for the LA Rock N Roll band, Poets & Pornstars.”

I couldn’t be happier about (or more in awe of!) where I am today.

I’m not just “Sally Hope, Renegade Coach & Leader Of The Wildheart Revolution”…

I’m Sally Hope.


Carpeing the HELL out of her diem.

(Diem after diem. )

And I want that you for YOU, if you want it too.

So if you’re looking “the unknown” smack dab in the face right now, please know that others have stood just where you are, and have taken the steps to cross the threshold.

Take the step.

Because you know what? It’s all unknown anyway.

And if you’re craving support as you step into your new life (or even just to help you TAKE that first step), then come join the wildest group of (peaceful) rebels around.

The Wildheart Revolution is waiting for YOU to add your voice, your personality, your dreams, hopes, and goals.

(And right now, it’s waiting at over 40% off!)

We’d love to be trusted partners in your journey—and let you in on OUR journey too.

All you gotta do is take that step.

And whether you join the Rev or not— know that, just by reading this, you ARE a Wildheart.

So take the step, Wildheart.

Find the support you need.

Walk into the unknown.

Because remember… life is long. There’ll never be a better time than now to seize the hell out of it. (TWEET THIS)



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