Let it go

Well hello there reader. :) I know it’s weird to write to you like this on a blog, but it’s how I felt inspired to do it, so that’s what’s a-happening.

So…sometimes, when I’m “supposed” to write a blog post every week, the inspiration just doesn’t come. This week I had something alllll written out for you and I just wasn’t feeling it.

So I decided not to publish it. I’m kind of a stickler like that. If it’s not resonating, then I can’t do it (#wildheart).

Anywho…something that HAS been inspiring me has been the impact that a particular #heartwork (Wildheart version of “homework”) had inside the Wildheart Revolution, so I wanted to share it with you and see if it sparks anything for you.

Here goes:


There must be something in the air.

It seems that everywhere I turn, there is a theme of “letting go” that keeps popping up.

Could it be the new energy of spring with birth and rejuvenation? Could it be the planets? Or could it just be our collective consciousness trying to move us along into our next growth period?

Either way…things seem to be coming to the surface for folks and we are unable to look away.

It’s interesting though, because usually when we think of “letting go” or “release” we think of people, or things.

But it occurred to me recently that there are many many more things we can release in service of our greater good.

Like…old stories we’re telling ourselves (“I’m just not meant to make a lot of money”) or (“I’ll never have THAT kind of love”) or even (“I’m no good at decorating”), or old patterns, old hurts, old cycles, old behavior.

Sometimes I find that it’s these more energetic releases that are the most important.

Regardless, one thing I know is true is that something new and vibrant and brilliant can come into our lives when we’re still hanging on to something (or someone) that doesn’t serve us.

It’s #heartwork time

Here are some thing you can try…

1) Think about: Where in my life am I feeling stuck?

2) And then: What might be something related to that that I need to let go of?

Think about a recurring thought you’re having, an old belief, a person (maybe partner, friend, co-worker, etc). Maybe there is someone in your life or space that is really getting in the way of your growth. Maybe you’ve outgrown a friend. Or you know your partner isn’t right for you but yet you stay.

3) And then: What might be possible for me if I were able to let this person/thing/thought/go?

4) Share: Once you know where you’re stuck, and what might need to be let go of, post your discoveries in the comments below. Answer these specific questions:

a) What was the most surprising thing to me about this exercise?

 b) What is the most important aha or take-away I got from it?

Go through this exercise. Really try it. Don’t gloss over it. No matter what, we’re ALL hanging on to SOMETHING.

Happy releasing, Dear #Wildheart,


P.s. Did you find this exercise helpful?? Want more where this came from? This type of thing happens every Monday inside the Wildheart Revolution. Doors to enrollment are opening NEXT WEEK (AHHHH!!! SO excited!). Make sure you’re on the list to get first dibs.