This past weekend I was at the World Domination Summit, which is basically a conference for awesome people doing awesome things.

It brought in 3,000 bloggers, coaches, authors, travelers and all around cool people from 33 (and counting) different countries, and posed the question: How does one remain remarkable in a conventional world?

And as you can imagine, from a conference put on by the guy who wrote the book “The Art of Non-Conformity,” there were in attendance a ton of creatives, rebels, and people just doing it their own damn way.

In fact, everyone there was like this. Which made us all…not all that rebellious in that setting.

(Ironic and giggle worthy, eh?)

And this got me thinking about rebellion.

And doing it differently.

And following the rules.

These thoughts came to a head on the very last day of the conference.

The weekend was winding down. We all had danced, talked, chatted, networked, ate good food, met good people, learned lots of things.

There was a speaker on stage who was great. Had a very inspiring story and wisdom that we all could learn from.

He was good, but for me, not my favorite speaker of the bunch (that’s fair…right?).

And when it came time to clap for him, the room erupted in a standing ovation.

I was a bit surprised, mostly because there were many other people who moved me more that didn’t get a standing ovation.

As I was observing this, I was put into that awkward situation where you either join the group and give a standing o, or you sit there among most other standing people and look like a jerk.

There had been times that weekend where I stood even when I wasn’t moved to do so. I felt the pressure to not be the one sitting when everyone was standing (and consequently what that might say about me).

But this time, I decided to stay seated.

And although I did feel weird being like totally the minority with this, I also felt kinda proud.

Proud that I was evaluating why I do things.

Am I standing because that is what my heart is calling me to do because I’m so moved? Or because I’ll look like a bitch if I don’t?

Proud that I recognized that my behavior is a CHOICE I have rather than a following along with whatever the majority of people are doing.

If they’re all standing, it must be GREAT right?


But I have the choice on whether to stand or not.

Ride a motorcycle or not.

Or choose an unconventional life or not.

Sometimes the most rebellious or remarkable thing we can do is stand by our beliefs.

Live in integrity with our own values.

I don’t want to JUST give an arbitrary standing ovation ONLY because everyone else is.

I want to do it because I’m so moved that I literally need to jump out of my seat (which absolutely happened during the weekend).

And similarly, I don’t want to just give someone a crap birthday present that they don’t need or want just because I might look like a jerk if I don’t.

I want to give them something amazing and meaningful and heartfelt because I love them…on their birthday or not.

It’s these little rules in life we forget to evaluate. The why do we do the things we do.

I believe it’s these little moments that really set us apart.

Anyone with enough courage and perseverance can travel the world or start a business, but it takes a real rebel to make an unpopular and not (necessarily) accepted choice that challenges the rules we ALL live by without even realizing it.

So the question remains…how does one remain remarkable in a conventional world?

My answer: Self-reflect. Know your values. Question why you do things. Make choices to do things that fit within your set of values.

And when you’re moved to do so…by all means…get your buns off that seat and clap louder than you’ve ever clapped before.

This is a Wildheart Life.

It’s the choices we make, the questions we ask ourselves, the reflection we’re willing to engage in. Living from the heart. And maybe…perhaps…being a little bit rebellious.

I think this is you. Reading this. Right now.

And the good news is that I have something exciting to share with you that will create a badass space for you to pursue your own personal (peaceful) rebellion.

A space to engage in self-reflection. Clarify your values. And develop even more courage to live ‘em. Every day. All while being human (failings and flailings and all).

I can’t divulge all the details, YET, but my elves and I have been working overtime behind the scenes to create the Wildheart Revolution .. Just for you.

I want to send out the Wildheart bat signal, like now, but the details will have to wait.

Keep your eyes peeled on the site as I’ll be revealing more information very, VERY soon.

Or better yet, pencil your sweet name (virtually of course) into my personal Wildheart Revolution address book. You’ll be the first to know when the rockin’ revolution is revealed.

For now . . .