Confidence is silent
Dear Online Business Owner,

I just wanted to write and say congrats on the killer/amazeballs/financially lucrative/ridic-out-of-this world 2013 you had.

How do I know you had a killer/amazeballs/financially lucrative/ridic-out-of-this world 2013?

Because you keep telling me.

And as an online business owner myself, I know why you’re doing this.

You want to communicate to me the types of changes I might be able to see in my life if I hired you/bought your program/joined your mastermind/read your book/subscribed to your podcast/watched your videos.

You’re creating trust by being “transparent.” You’re giving me a case study with the subject being yourself.

From a marketing point of view, it’s smart.

But from a human point of view, it’s a bit disheartening.

Because the truth of the matter is that I don’t care how much money you make. Not really.

I mean maybe part of me does, but that’s the part that is a glutton for punishment. The insecure part of me that is going to compare my success to the success you’ve decided to share with me so that I can compare myself to it and feel bad.

But that part isn’t my true self.

And what my true self wants is to see YOU. Not your bank account.

I want to know how you treat your girlfriend when you get in a fight. Or how often you call your mom.

I want to know what you did this year when your program failed. Or when your book sold only 15 copies (and ten of them were to your mom). Or when the hundredth publishing house slammed the door in your face.

I want to know the handful of clients that DIDN’T hire you. Or how often you cried yourself to sleep at night wondering if this dream you have is EVER going to allow you to live the life you truly want.

 Because that is REAL.

I want to know the changes your clients have seen. I want to see (and feel) the difference you are making in the world.

I don’t care how much money you make. I care how much difference you make. (Tweet This) 

Because I know that ultimately, that’s the reason you’re in business. To make a difference.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think it’s really amazing that you’ve increased your revenue by 5,000%

Growth like that IS something to be super proud of, and I might even be inclined to hire you. So please keep celebrating that.

But do that with your boyfriend and your mom and your mastermind group. Not me.

You might ask…”well, how do I communicate what I’m trying to communicate with you then?”

And the answer is easy. Be real. Be true. Be truly authentic.

Show me your heart. Or your Wildheart, if you’ve got one. Your tears. Be present and amazing with your clients and let THEM tell me.

Do it through your creations. Your talent. Your skills. Your vulnerability and stories. Do it through your confidence.

And true confidence doesn’t need to tell you it’s confident. You know by looking at it. (tweet this)

The world will not be changed by you having more money in your account. The world will be changed by your ability to affect another human being. So tell me about that.

That’s what Oprah does. Or Marie Forleo. Or Will Smith. I have no idea how much money they make. And I like it that way. I don’t care.

I know I’m probably the minority here. I bet a lot of people are super inspired by your transparency.

But me…I know better. That’s not true transparency.

And when you show me yours…I’ll show you mine (money that is).

I don’t want to be a subject of smart marketing. I want to be so inspired by your vision and who you truly are that I can’t help but throw my hard earned 55% increased 2013 dollars at you.

So, Online Business Owner, cheers to 2014. I’m sure it’ll be financially off the hook for you, again. But unless you show me some skin, I won’t be showing you the money.

Love and $$$$$$,


What do you guys think? Do you like it when business owners tell you how much money they make? Does it inspire you? Or make you feel bad? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

P.s. In my book, vulnerability is the name of the game. It might be the hardest thing to do on the planet. But it’s also the thing that is the closest you’ll ever be to truth. And THAT’S what my Wildheart Revolution is all about. Living your most exciting, truthful, vulnerable, and full life.

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