It was 2011. And I had just broken up with the guy I thought I was going to marry. I had just graduated from coaching school, had no clue how I was going to start a coaching business, and had basically just lost my house, dog, partner, and security in one fell swoop.

And as I found my self sobbing on the bathroom floor in my new studio apartment, all by myself, lost, scared, sad, worried, I decided that this was an opportunity.

A chance to live the life that I had felt was stifled by being in my last relationship, even though I didn’t know what that life was supposed to look like. It was a chance to do something wild and different.

I had nothing left to lose.

So…I decided to move to Costa Rica. Enlisted a girl I barely knew to go with me. And promptly entered into a series of doubts, fears, and debilitating thoughts.

But I went. And it changed my entire life. I became a different person. I know lived by a different code. Possibilities were endless.

The day I bought the ticket to Costa Rica was the moment I officially became a Wildheart.

Where I took risks that moved me forward in my life. Where I did something that was unusual and out of the ordinary because I felt like I needed to. Where I didn’t do life like everyone else and decided to live by my own code.

Lucky for me…I video’d pretty much the whole process.

I hope you enjoy it. After coaching hundreds of people throughout the years, the process of what happened in this video is pretty much the process that happens to everyone who has a big dream, who wants to live life a bit differently, who wants to do it their own way. This is the life of a #wildheart.


This is the moment that changed my life forever.

And at the time I didn’t have a community of people supporting me and helping me through this process. So I cried and cried and made myself sick.

And that’s why I created the Wildheart Revolution. So you aren’t alone in making these decisions. So you around a group of people that also wants to live life on their edges.

To learn skills to help cope with the varying emotions that will inevitably show up when you are leaping into the unknown world of business, love and life in general.

You are not alone.

The Wildheart Revolution is currently closed for enrollment because I am revamping the entire thing to add in the best and coolest features of any online space ever created.

It’s my goal in life to help you create YOUR OWN ideal life.

And I don’t believe you do that by one program here and there, or one coach. I believe it’s a combination of everything. It’s ongoing love and support from a community that is invested in your growth. With a leader that sees for you, what you see for you.

It’s learning and growing in ALL aspects of your life.

The Wildheart Revolution will be opening enrollment this month, but will only be open for a few days and I have only 25 spots available. Make sure you are on the Wildheart master list to find out the moment it opens.

Is there a choice that needs to be made in your life right now? Does it feel big and scary? What do you do in those moments?

As always I love to hear your thoughts, so make sure you leave a comment below the blog.

Let’s go on an adventure,