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I’m supposed to write a super slick and sexy blog post to you today, because I’m in the middle of a launch for my membership community, Wildheart Revolution. Marketers tell me that I need to speak to your pain points. Massage the message. Be strategic.

But I’m a Wildheart, and that means that I honestly can’t do anything that doesn’t feel resonant or real for me, no matter how many statistics say I should do it.

The truth is…I strongly dislike launches. And I hate all that I’m supposed to do during them. I hate the way I feel like I’m never doing a good enough job, or I don’t ever quite have the right formula.

Being in business is weird. It’s like you start out because you believe in something. You want to make a difference in the world. And you want to paint your life with exactly the colors you want to use.

And then somewhere along the line you learn that your box of crayons isn’t what gets people to look at your painting. And so you spend tons of cash learning how to use the industry standard’s box of crayons. And no one buys your things still.

Why? Because everyone can tell the difference between a painting that was commissioned for a generic hotel, and a painting that is a raw and utter expression of the artist’s soul.

For me, today, my soul is tired. A bit road weary. But while being a bit under the weather, I can tell you I love WIldheart with all my heart and soul…and THAT feeling is what I want to relay to you.

I believe in it. I know it works. I see it every single day with my members who are doing things they never thought possible or sharing parts of themselves they’ve never been able to show.

I’m not trying to sell you an “e-course” or a solution to all your problems. I’m not trying to tell you that my way is the only or best way to go.

But what I am doing is inviting you to discover for yourself what might be possible when you truly say YES to yourself. To making real changes in your life that actually make a real difference. I’m inviting you to see yourself…even more. And love that person…even more.

To join me on the bathroom floor, crying. To give each other a knowing glance of understanding when sh*t gets real in your life and you feel stuck. To partake in your own humanness and enter into a human experience with people who are willing to jump into the fire with you.

It IS a Revolution after all.

And I’m here for the long haul.

Now…Wildheart probably won’t solve your life in 5 easy steps. It probably won’t fix whatever is broken in your life (mostly because one of the tenants of Wildheart is that you’re not broken…there is nothing wrong with you…you’re just a human having a human experience).

But what it WILL do is give you the opportunity to really f*cking try to have all those things you say you’ve been wanting. To be a part of something bigger than just an online business group. To experience something more dynamic than just a 1:1 coaching relationship.

To be at the ground level of a Revolution that is just beginning to take shape. To help carry the torch.

To BE the Revolution. BE the change. BE Wildheart.

That’s what this is all about.

A Revolution where people are deciding for themselves how they want their lives to be. People who are buying their very first minivan and expanding their families. To people who have just opened up their marriages for the very first time. To people who have gotten into an RV and embarked on their very first road trip. Or people who are entertaining the idea for the first time ever that maybe (just maybe) there is a bit more to life than clocking in to that job you’ve been going to for the past 20 years.

Wildheart knows no age. No gender. No “path.”

Wildheart is the Revolution for the people who know that living from their hearts is the only way to go. (TWEET THIS)

Who are a bit wild, in all their own ways. Who don’t resonate with all the other stuff that’s out there.

Wildhearts FEEL it. There is something that bubbles up in your belly or your heart when you imagine yourself on your own open road. Steering your own ship. You KNOW you’re meant for a beautiful journey. And you’re (scared/excited) to set sail. And the beautiful thing about the Revolution is that we are all here to be your net. To support you if you feel like you’re falling.

Wildheart is not for everyone. I know that. And you might not be ready yet to sign up just yet (or ever). But you’re reading this because something I’ve said somewhere along the line sparked something in you. Maybe even if it was just a tiny ember.

And so all I ask right now is that you check it out. Wildheart. See if it’s the right fit for you. See if it makes that ember grow ever brighter. And if it doesn’t…no problem.

I don’t know where Wildheart will end up but it has wings and it’s in flight. I imagine that you are too. I feel it so strongly in my bones. It’s a new way of living. And I want to take you along for the ride, if that’s the kind of adventure you want to be on.

What do you have to lose?

All My Wildhearted Love,

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