25 cool holidays gifts under $40

It’s that time of year again…when it’s time to break out the ugly Christmas sweater and start going to parties.

And with parties comes gift giving. Which, in and of itself is AWESOME, but sometimes I feel like I never know what to bring.

I don’t want to just get something to get it.

I want to get something that people might actually want. Or giggle at. Or be like “ohmigosh I never knew I wanted this but now that I have it I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it!”

So I decided to put together a list of the coolest, most fun, unexpected, gifts under $25 that you never knew you wanted.

And I swear…just putting this list together extended my own Christmas list by 50 items!! (Psssst…Santa…if you’re listening I’ll take ANY one of these things.)

I hope you enjoy this and in the comments below, let me know which of these items you’d SWOOOOON over this Christmas.

25 Of The Coolest Gifts EVER under $40

  1. Any of these three awesome iPhone cases: Magical Agate, Mermaid’s Secret, Gold And Turquoise Marble $35
  2. Subscription to Unbox Love, monthly “Dates In A Box” $39
  3. Badass Deer Printed stockings $23
  4. N.W.A Record on vinyl $27
  5. DIY Mason Jar Herb Gardening kit $22.98
  6. The Dirt Trace Mineral Tooth Powder $12
  7. Air Plant and Crystal (my FAV gift to give) $18
  8. Whiskey Ball (giant ice cube mold) $18.98
  9. The Five Minute Journal $22.95
  10. Wood Paneled iPad Mini cover $39
  11. Thelma & Louise engraved wine glass set $34
  12. Lambskin leather gloves with cashmere lining $24
  13. Cord Taco (to travel with your cords and cables in style) $35
  14. Scratch map (you scratch out all the places you’ve gone…sure beats a push pin!) $28.95
  15. Part Wolf tank top $28
  16. Anthropologie monogrammed mug in gold $10
  17. Archipelago Oat Milk lotion (my personal FAV) $22
  18. Wild Unknown Tarot Deck $40
  19. “Carpe The Hell Outta This Diem” throw pillow $30
  20. “Big Magic” Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book $13
  21. Year’s subscription to Mindful Magazine $29
  22. Rose quartz, pyrite and airplant terrarium $23.99
  23. American flag coaster set $38
  24. Joy and Happiness henna mason jars from MK Connection $35
  25. Bullet crystal necklace $35

And now I want to hear from you! Which one of these items is going on your personal Christmas list? Are there any awesome gifts I totally missed? If so I want to seem them in the comments below.

And if you like this list…share it with your peeps! Wouldn’t want us to be the only ones getting this ridiculously awesome gifts.



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