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Turn Your Hobby Into A Life-Changing Business (with a mission), with Gal Matic

From Hobby To Life Changing Biz

When I first found this girl…I was in love.

Super adorable girl mechanic (I mean…need I go on??) with a mission to empower women through learning about cars. How cool is that?

Imagine Grease Lightning, but with girls, and you have Eleni and her team from GalMatic.

But what I didn’t realize when I first found Eleni, was that she has MAD business skills and a huge mission to make the world a better place, one female driver at a time.

I’m blown away by her, her mission, and her perfect red lipstick that she rocks while working on cars. How could you NOT love a girl like that.

Press play below to watch the super fun Eleni talk cars, business, love, and how to take your dream from a hobby, to a full fledged, world changing business.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Eleni’s super creative ways to take your dream from hobby to successful business
  • What relationships and cars have in common (super surprising and fun perspective!)
  • How to get people to take you seriously when you’re first starting out (and it’s not what you think!)
  • Why she thinks the “If you believe in it, it will happen” idea is crap
  • And her BRILLIANT method for finding the secret formula to creating a successful business (I totally started implementing this immediately after this interview and it’s AHHHMAZING)
  • The top three things you can do for your car that will have it (and you) purring for years to come
  • The true essence of what it means to be a Wildheart

Words of wisdom from this interview!

“Don’t try to be a size you’re not. Be the size you are and don’t apologize for it.” – Gal Matic via @sallyhopesays  (TWEET THIS!)

I want to hear from YOU!

A key thing that stands out for me in this video is how connected Eleni is to her bigger vision of WHY she does GalMatic. And it reminds me that the passion and the “why” is what keeps us going and keeps us resilient in our businesses and with our dreams.

So in the comments below, I’d love to hear YOUR why.

What motivates you and keeps you going when you feel like giving up?

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5 Responses to Turn Your Hobby Into A Life-Changing Business (with a mission), with Gal Matic

  1. Nicola says:

    I really enjoyed this video and Eleni has some great business advice!

    • Sally Hope says:

      Hey lady! Ahhh I’m so glad. I felt the same way. She BLEW ME AWAY with amazing advice after amazing advice. What was your favorite bit of advice she gave?

  2. Jill says:

    OHHHHH!!! ALL smiles from this girl! The interview is so incredibly CUTE! And I almost hate to say “cute” because it is sooooooo much more that…but from Sally’s infectious, non-stop smile to Eleni’s one-hundred-percent exuberance about her message and her business.. this was such a feel-good post!
    Girls-THIS is how people get inspired!!!!! Just so you know, I had the busiest morning ever and I watched the entire interview even though I DON’T OWN A CAR. The interview was that good! So much more than cars.
    My Dad would be really happy about GalMatic. I miss my ’64 Buick Wildcat Convertible..I had that car for most of my adult life and I was pretty intimate with the way she worked.. proud of that. This is a great post. I will pass it on! xoxo

    • Sally Hope says:

      Thank you so damn much Jill!!! I’m so glad you liked it. And I totally agree…Eleni is so easy to watch. It was even more fun to talk to her!! Thank you for your comment and for sharing. MUCH LOVE LADY!!!

  3. Ellen says:

    I LOVED this interview, because you could tell she was SO on fire and doing what she is freaking meant to do.

    Also the bit about pretending to be bigger than you are, and how open she was about the past of her business, that this is her 7th? website and that EVERYTHING is changeable – which is something I have to remind my clients of ALL THE TIME. It’s great to hear that from this powerhouse as well.

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