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I Turned Over My Life To A Guy With A Backpack (My Wildheart Adventure)



Generally speaking, anytime I’m in an airplane, my main goal is to stay INSIDE the plane.

Meaning, my goal is to remain in my safe little tin-can cocoon that is flying through the sky.

I don’t desire to open the doors and experience what 30,000 feet in the air feels like. In fact, that’s the last thing I want when I’m flying.


Which is why it was so weird when I decided to go skydiving a few months ago.

Well, actually, I should say that my friend decided it was time for me to go skydiving.

He had just been diagnosed with cancer and had skydiving on his bucket list, and therefore decided that I had it on mine too.

(Which I actually did, although I was moving at a snail’s pace towards this “dream.”)

To be REALLY honest…

When I created my bucket list, I didn’t really think too much about what I put on there.

Skydiving was one of those things that felt like, “Yeah I should totally do that!” but not because I had the deep desire to fling myself out of a moving plane… More like because a lot of people do it and it seems cool and must be an experience worth having.

So when it came time for me to actually put my money where my bucket list was, I WAS SCARED.

So scared that I literally prayed (TO GOD…no less) that it would rain that day so we couldn’t jump.

I prayed to get sick.

Or that my friend would get a cold or something.

(Bad…I know. But anything so we wouldn’t have to jump!)

Alas, I woke up that Saturday morning to a perfect warm, bluebird-friendly Montana day.

Dammit. I thought.

The whole drive to the drop zone, I was quiet.

Trying not to show my friend that I was scared.

Trying not to shake the entire car with my nervous foot twitch.

And when we got to the jump site, my stomach dropped. There was no turning back. They had already checked us in.

We filled out the paperwork. Me…still as silent as can be.

The guys who worked there were all cracking jokes. I’m sure they get this all the time. People being scared. For them, it’s just another day at work.

I watched one of the guys pack up the parachute. Just like that. Laying it on the ground and folding it up and putting it back in the backpack-looking thing, like it was no big deal.

I thought,

“What if he just broke up with his girlfriend and is so distracted and misses a step?”


“What if he’s hungover and forgets an important part?”

Essentially this guy had my life in his hands and was folding it up into a little backpack as we spoke.

SO bizarre.

And then they strapped me in and put me into a tiny little plane.

blog 11.11 top

And when I say tiny, I mean TINY.

Like there is only room for four people in it…total.

We took off and my heart was pounding and I was trying to act normal, but inside, I was terrified. And still in a bit of disbelief that in a few short moments I would be jumping out of an airplane.

The ground beneath us got further and further away so that pretty soon, all we could see was colors. And land formations. And segmented plots of land. And sky.

Granted, it was Montana so it was beautiful, but as we got higher and higher, I got more and more scared.

Until suddenly, I remembered something that my friend told me before I left the house.

He said:

“Enjoy every last second of the experience. Have your eyes open the whole time. Be calm. And be happy knowing that you’re about to see a view that only birds get to see. You will be flying, so don’t you DARE close your eyes.”

And so in those last moments in the plane, I repeated that over and over again. I meditated.

I told myself I was going to be just fine.

And a few minutes later, it was GO time.

It was my job to open the airplane door, which entailed rolling up a plastic covering that went over the door.

My tandem partner, Willie, then told me to scoot out over the edge of the plane and hold on to him. He would be sitting on the edge of the plane while my feet and bum dangled over.

The air was colder than I expected. The view was just as scary (and just as beautiful) as I imagined it would be.

And as I scooted to the edge of that plane, I knew there was no turning back.

This was happening whether I liked it or not.

And so I took a deep breath, feeling both scared and a bit calm.

Willie counted to three. And then rolled us out of the plane.

blog 11.11 first image

We did three spins.

And then… the strangest thing happened.

It was calm. Almost meditative.

And as I watched the plane get further and further away from us, all I could feel was pure presence.

I was THERE, right then. And nowhere else.

blog 11.11 second image

And here’s the thing I realized.

I didn’t have that “stomach dropping” feeling, like if I’d been on a roller coaster. Rather, it was more like… floating.

And I did that for awhile.

And then…

I was just… FLYING.

blog 11.11 third image

And you know what?

I had the BIGGEST smile on my face.

Because I knew I had done something that scared the shit out of me. That I had done something I never thought I could.

And because… FLYING!

And I kept my eyes open so I wouldn’t miss one second of the experience. And I took it all in.

And then when I landed I had an exhilarating mix of emotions.

Pride, excitement, adrenaline, accomplishment, anticipation of doing it again.

And I realized that something bigger had happened that would eclipse all those other emotions.

It’s a bit hard to articulate, but the best way I know to describe my mindset about this experience is…

If I can literally throw myself out of an airplane…I can do anything.


Think about it.

Most people fear getting into an airplane accident. At least once on every flight I take, I think of crashing, or the fact it’s so bizarre I’m in a tin can in the sky.

If I can throw myself OUT OF one of those flying tin cans, on purpose—and not spontaneously combust…

And more than that—if I can enjoy it and find it meditative…

Then I can get through anything.

Skydiving was possibly the scariest (physical) thing I had done up to that point.

And I got through it with relative ease and grace.

I was scared beyond belief, but I did it. And because I did it, my life is richer and more beautiful than before.

The scary part was everything leading up to the jump. The anticipation of “all that could possibly go wrong”. The assumption that it was going to be scary and dangerous.

But the jump itself? And after the jump?

It was pure presence and freedom and beauty.

And you know what? That’s what life is like.

We live most of our days in our heads, going over and over all the things that could possibly go wrong.

The perceived (and totally made up) conclusions about what it’s all going to be like.

We imagine ourselves in pain, or hurting, and so we let that stop us from even getting to the airport.

(That’s what I was doing when I was praying for bad weather, or cold and flu season, or ANY excuse not to go through with my plans, on the way to my skydiving adventure.)

But if we don’t take the leap, we won’t learn the most important lesson of all.

Which is?

If you don’t jump, you can’t fly. (Tweet this!)

And even more important–if you don’t fly, you don’t experience all that your life has to offer.

And if you don’t experience all that your life has to offer, then you’re just going through the motions. Filling the minutes, unconsciously, until you die.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend my entire life not really LIVING.

And speaking of living life to its fullest, that’s exactly why I created the Wildheart Revolution.

Skydiving may not be on your bucket list, but what IS? And what steps are you taking to cross items off that list, one by one?

If it’s taking a long time to make your dreams happen (or you just REALLY want to kick those dreams into high gear) then I’d love for you to consider taking a “leap” into the Wildheart Revolution.

I know it can sometimes actually seem scary to join a new community or program, or make ANY sort of decision (coaching, therapy, bodywork, you name it) that will support you in being the best you can be.

I also know that it’s a million percent worth it.

Because when are you going to start living full out, if not right NOW? (Tweet this!)

If you’re already moving towards all the exciting things you want for your life, that’s awesome, and I’d still love to see you inside the Revolution! Because we all run into snags here and there and need a strong and supportive community to help us get through those rough spots.

And if you’re already a Wildheart, or you just want to add a comment below, I’d LOVE to hear from you.

What big “leap” have you taken lately that scared you senseless, but you did it anyway? Or what leap do you WANT to take, but just feel too scared to do it?

Share baby, share!

Oh, and speaking of sharing… here is a video of my skydiving experience, to inspire YOU to take a big leap of your own today. :)

Hope to see you on the inside of the Revolution, Wildheart.



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How To Manifest Like a Mutha In Four Easy Steps



The other day, something so unbelievable happened, that I still don’t really know what to think about it.

I was given a free, 1983 Honda Nighthawk motorcycle, in mint condition from a complete stranger, essentially just for walking down the street at exactly the right moment.


This also happened to be pretty much the exact motorcycle I had been googling and wanting for months prior. And it happened two days after I said to myself “I really wish I had another bike so my friends could ride with me and I don’t have to ride alone all the time.”

The story on how it happened is a bit long (watch the video below for the full recap) but here’s the gist…

I was walking down the street with my helmet in hand, going towards my bike. An older gentlemen was walking the opposite direction with a helmet in his hand. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other (in the “you’re in the club nod” kinda way).

We struck up a conversation. He showed me his bike and told me the story of the 70 year old woman who gave it to him because she already had too many bikes and asked him to find a good home for her baby. She had ridden over 77,000 on the bike and was the original owner.

He asked me if I wanted to take it for a spin. I did. Came back after doing so and gave him the keys back and said “thanks! That was awesome!”

About two hours later he called me and asked if I wanted to have the bike. About an hour after that, I was riding home on my brand new bike.

Here’s the full story.

He texted me later and told me to: “become aware of what you did or thought that created today for you, and do more of that.”

 And that’s what I spent the rest of the day doing.

Now…this, in and of itself is pretty incredible. But what happened before and after are the most notable things about it.

 To me, this situation was a divine message. It was way too magical to just be a coincidence.

And as I was thinking of this, so many things popped into my mind as to what might have created this. And I’d love to share it all with you.

Here’s my “How-To” Guide on Getting Free Stuff

 1) Know that you are worthy of great things

After a very tough six months, including an even more tough summer, I was starting to feel like I would never get out of the hole I was in. I felt scared, alone, undeserving, unlovable. I felt hopeless. And I worried that I’d stay in that place forever.

 Through a ton of reflection and meditation, I realized that a lot of these emotions stemmed from the general feeling of unworthiness. That I didn’t think I deserved to have the kind of relationship and life I truly wanted. That I wasn’t worth being loved in the way I imagined for myself.

So, about a month prior to receiving the bike, I had been repeating the mantra “I am worthy” to myself anytime I felt my thoughts wander to the other, more harmful places. I didn’t know if it was “working” or not (and I wasn’t even focusing on what “working” meant), I just knew that that thought felt much better to me than “I am unlovable and will be alone forever.”

2. Work on your ability to RECEIVE

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to be out of control, and who doesn’t love reaching out for help. I’m also the type of person that feels like I always need to “even the score.” That if someone does something nice for me, I must make sure I do something equally nice for them to “repay” the nice deed they did. And it comes from a place of “pay back” instead of pure joy of giving.

AND…if I don’t think I can’t repay them, I end up feeling horribly guilty.

You might be thinking… “yeah, that makes sense, you totally SHOULD do nice things for people if they do nice things for you” but if you look closer, it’s another form of not feeling worthy, and it’s not entirely true.

If someone wants to do something nice for me it is OK FOR ME TO RECEIVE IT, and say thank you, and leave it at that. (Click to tweet that)

It doesn’t always have to have the energy around it that I must “pay it back,” or even “pay it forward,” as if the nice things I do on a daily basis aren’t enough to deserve beautiful things in my life. This is how some girls get in trouble doing things they don’t want to do. Like “well he paid for my dinner so I should go home with him to pay him back” or any other variation of that concept.

 It’s a problem. And it is a worthiness problem.

If we felt worthy, we’d be able to receive gifts, knowing that we deserve the beauty that is coming our way. We would do nice things for people because it feels good and not because we feel like we have to.

3. Be grateful for what you already have

Ok this one tends to be tricky for people to understand. And it was for me the first time I heard it. But the idea is that in order to get things you want, you need to be grateful of the things you already have.

This is all about the idea that what you put out there, is what you get back. If you’re constantly putting out there that you DON’T HAVE all this stuff that you want, then you’re going to keep finding instances where this is true.

But if you change the conversation to “I am so grateful for all this amazing stuff in my life” you are putting it out there that you HAVE. And that brings in more havingness.

About one to two months before I got this bike, I included a gratitude practice into my daily journaling. AND, I resurrected something I used to do, which was put a weekly gratitude post out to my community. I would say anything from “I’m grateful for my good hair today” to “I’m grateful to have such a loving and supportive family.” Literally anything I could think of.

One month later, I received this bike.

4. Surrender and trust that the universe has your back

This concept is not an easy one for me but it’s one I had been working on all summer. We humans tend to think we have a ton of control in our lives. And so we try to exercise that control on the regular. We micromanage every little detail of our lives, and that often comes in the form of worrying.

Worrying that we don’t have enough money, or enough love, or enough everything. And so we think those types of thoughts all day long. “I’ll never have what I want,” “I’ll always be alone,” etc. And then we go into panic mode.

And try to “fix” or control whatever thing we feel like we’re lacking. But simply trying to “fix” it is denying the fact that we’re exactly where we need to be and it’s simply a shift in perspective and thoughts that can make the change we’re hoping to see.

About two months before I got the bike, I began to say to myself “my best life is already selected for me and I’m being guided in the exact right direction to receive it.”

I did the very best I could to LET GO of what I was hanging onto. A relationship that wasn’t working and a person that didn’t want it to. And the idea that there was something I could do to change that.

I literally said out loud “Ok Uni…I surrender to you. GUIDE ME.”

It was like I had hit rock bottom. Literally on the floor. Having nowhere else to go and nothing else to do other than let it all go.

And I really needed a sign that things were good in the world. And that I was going to be ok. And I asked for it. And less than a month later I received this amazing act of kindness from a stranger. And rode of into the sunset rainbow.



So here’s the thing. I’m not saying that there is some kind of formula that will bring free and amazing gifts into your life.

But I AM saying that it is absolutely possible to create what you want. And it’s an inside job. (click to tweet this)

I tell my Wildheart’s all the time that what I’ve found to be the way to change is by trying a million different things (throw spaghetti at the wall, if you know that reference), and see what sticks.

I’m not sure exactly which thing brought this good fortune into my life, but I believe it was a combination of all of them. And mostly, the shift of energy in my life.

We talk about this stuff on the regular in the Wildheart Private Community. It’s what we do. Help each other to make more magic. Check it out. Join us. I dare you.

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Have you had similar experiences to this one? Have you made magic in your life simply by having different thoughts? I would love to hear about it. Please share your story in the comments below.

Let Go Or Be Dragged (what God has to do with my forced vacation)

blog 8.20(1)Not last week, but the week before (“24 robbers came knocking at my door” just kidding but extra points for anyone who knows what that’s from…anywho…moving on) I took a vacation.

I know this doesn’t seem like news. And it isn’t really. But in my own personal life, it was of very significant importance.

The Sunday before my vacation started, I lost my shit. Again. Couldn’t keep all my emotions inside.

For anyone who has been around for the past six months, you’ve seen a lot of tears happen. You’ve witnessed me sob on the floor. Grasp, search, and feel oh so lost.

And it all came to a head (again) a couple Sundays ago.

I was in that place that we all get to, when you finally feel like you’re “done” with whatever challenge you’re facing. Like “yep…I’m good. Handled that and it’s over with. YAY! Wash my hands of it and I’m moving on. Sweet! I”M FREEEEEEE!”



Because then you KNOW what happens.

It creeps back in unexpectedly when you see 25 license plates in one day (no joke) of the state where your ex lives even though the state is a billion miles away. Or you hear a song that reminds you of them. Or you’re struggling and forget that you can’t call the person that used to help with that particular type of struggle. Or you stumble upon a FB tagged post with them and another girl.

(I know you know what I’m talking about).

And then you cry and cry while you’re in yoga class and go home and read through all your emails from that person, basically torturing yourself while wondering, “is it time to reconnect and reach out?”

But then, you decide to sleep on it. Ride the wave. Be WITH the pain of whatever you’re feeling, knowing that whatever “solution” you were imagining (reaching out, getting on an airplane, becoming a nun) isn’t going to solve the “problem” because the answer doesn’t live outside yourself. AND there is another person involved who has their own agenda.

And this is where I was when I woke up on the Monday morning that my Team basically ordered me to take a no emails, no internet, no work-vacation (first in five years…CRAZY).

Needless to say, this has been a time of growth for me. Everything has changed in one short year. I built Wildheart out of thin air and got it to the place I wanted it to be.

Where it is a beautiful and loving family of souls on fire. And sometimes when you actually get what you want, you feel lost.

Even in terms of this said “breakup” mentioned above.

To be absolutely truthful, the relationship as we did it at the time, didn’t work. Ever. There was always distance (literal and figurative) and drama and struggle. We never appeared to be on the same page, minus a few blissful moments. When he was fully into it, I resisted. When I was fully into it, he resisted. And that’s not the type of dynamic I want in my “true love” scenario.

But yet, when you’re dealing with emotions and ego and fear of “will I be alone forever? And that man was absolutely incredible and whyyyyyyyyyy can’t it workkkkkkk??” and in the memory of all the absolutely ridiculously amazing times you had together, things get messy. And hard. And sad. And you forget about all the things that didn’t work and all the pain that happened at the end. And then you find yourself sobbing during your shavasana.

I’ve been reading a book lately that I’m really working with, Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver. And it reminds me of something psychic Licia Morelli said on a guest coaching call inside the Wildheart Revolution this week.

blog 8.20(2)

Which is…the answers all come in the space BETWEEN thought and action. (Click to Tweet that!)

In rest. In being quiet. In the calm place. Not in the thinking, worrying, or fear place.

That all the answers are both within us and also we have no control over anything other than the way we go through life. And that there is an inner wisdom that will guide us if we let it.

That week, my guides led me to a vacation, which was the absolute best thing ever. And in that space between, I found a glimmer of faith. The understanding that things somehow always just work out for the greater good. That the Universe/God/Goddess/Higher Power will not let us miss an opportunity that is right for us, and will not let us be in a situation that is wrong for us.

I literally have to have faith in this. Or else I’ll fall apart. Again. And probably will. In which case you’ll be hearing about it. :) But that’s life. I seriously have come to the understanding that life is a big bunch of swings of the pendulum. We feel great then we feel horrible then somewhere in between then great again. It’s the swinging and changing that makes it life. And that’s ok.

So all we can do is sink into the space between our thoughts and  actions, and trust that in letting go and surrendering to what the Universe has in store for us in our best, brightest life, that things just work out. (Click to Tweet that!)

It’s a calming thought. And one that I literally have to practice every single day because it sure as hell doesn’t come naturally to this Scorpio control freak who wants to weave the web of my life into a perfect beautiful scenario.

But in these spaces between, it feels like heaven.

It feels good to hand it all over to “someone else” saying “you take care of it! I’ll just be here open to receiving whatever messages you have for me.”

My best friend and I have been giggling lately about this concept. It reminded me of the phrase “let go and let God,” which didn’t mean diddly to me until now. Or that Carrie Underwood song “Jesus Take The Wheel.”

Regardless of religious preferences, this is the place I’m at. Laying down the sword. Bowing on the ground, forehead on the Earth. Literally saying out loud…”please guide me, please help me, I can’t do it alone” while clutching whatever crystals I have in my hands and sleeping with them under the pillow. Because, hey, why not throw everything at it.

I don’t know where this space between will lead me, but I feel like I’m on a new path. And at the very least, I’m letting go and letting god. In the best way I know how.

blog 8.20(3)

The future is always 100% unknown, and yet, we all forget that. Up to now, I was worrying myself sick with the idea that there was actually something I could DO to change how I was feeling and the situation I was in. And in those quiet moments, I realized that the only action was necessary was to let go. Freefall.

And so here I am…falling. In that place of utter unknown. About love. About the future. And walking this path knowing that there has got to be some inner light that is guiding me (right?) Does this sound utterly ridiculous? Probably. But whatev. That’s where I’m at.

How about you? Where are you at? Are you feeling lost, worried, scared about the future? Do you feel like time is slipping away? Do you have a broken heart too? Are you feeling like you might lose your shit too? Are you better than me at “letting go”?

If so, let’s support each other. I would love to know where you’re at in the comments below.

In it together,


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I had a whole other blog planned out for you today. But such as life goes…blogs go to.

In that…from moment to moment, everything changes.

If you’ve been reading my blogs lately, you’ve probably noticed that life has felt a bit…tough. Emotional. Sobbing on the floor kind of pain.

And somewhere in all that mess I decided I needed an adventure. (click to tweet)

Everything felt stuck. Same old same old. I’d wake up to the same view with virtually the same nightmares the night before.

Work on the same spot on the same couch. Or the same table at the same coffee shop. Day after day.

I got into business for myself because I wanted to create the kind of life I truly wanted to live, but what happened along the way was that I became an employee of my own business, with a boss that was tough on me. And expected a lot. And gave me no days off.

Self-inflicted wounds.

And don’t get me wrong…I love what I do with all my heart and soul, which is how it’s possible for me to work at it as much as I do.

I BELIEVE in Wildheart. I BELIEVE it makes a difference. I BELIEVE it’s important. And I BELIEVE it needs to be in the world. It’s much much more than work.

It’s a mission. A piece of my heart. It’s important. And I love it.

But if I, myself, am not “wildhearting” in my own life, then what good is it that I run the Wildheart Revolution?

So on a whim last week, I got on a plane. Packed whatever would fit in a small black backpack and headed out to California. Where I picked up my family’s camper van.

If you’ve been around these parts for awhile, you’ll know that I spent LOTS of time traveling in this exact van. On a solo road mission to find out what I was made of (as well as the most ideal place for me to live). That time, with just a map and my big great dane.

This time. It’s just me. No map. No dog. Which is apropos to where I’m at in my life right now. A whole new chapter that is literally being written as each word slides off my fingers onto this keyboard.

Nothing is the same as it’s been before. And what’s ahead? Who knows. Seriously. (click to tweet)

So much is unknown. Including where the van will be going later today. And it reminds me that ALL of life is unknown.

Technically, this is not a good time for me to be on the road. I am launching another enrollment for the Wildheart Revolution, which requires a ton of internet time and undivided attention.

And in the spirit of walking my talk, I don’t care.

I surrender and trust that I will have the opportunity to be here as much as I need to be, while at the same time letting the wind flow through my hair, listening to the ocean waves crash as I drift off to sleep. Letting whatever local radio station there is fill the soundtrack of my drive. Watching the pinks and yellows of the sunset peer through my window.

I don’t know where the wind will take me, but really, none of us do.

We just have to trust that we know what’s best for us in any given moment, and BELIEVE that it all works out for the best. (click to tweet)

Yesterday I woke up on the shore of a beach on the coast of California. I slept in til near 10, which I haven’t done in ages. Took a leisurely breakfast with an important person in my life.

Stopped by the winery of my college roommate. And ended up crying (happy and sad tears) over a glass of wine from said winery with my very best friend in the whole world later that night.

We got dressed up all fancy (hello high heels…haven’t seen you since I moved to Montana) and I took her out to dinner at a totally hipster fancy restaurant. We talked about life. Love. Change. Age. The fact that we ruled the town back in our 20’s. We reminisced about all the men in our past (plenty of which we couldn’t remember their names). And we wondered how on earth to go back in time.

And then realized that we don’t actually want to. And that’s not the point. That this moment is the only one that matters and in this moment we are laughing and hugging and eating olives out of a fancy bowl. And what else in life is there, really?

It’s THIS moment. The one that matters.

That there is a blue sky. Or a hug from your best friend’s daughter.

I’m not sure where I’ll be next time I write you but I’ll undoubtedly take you along for the ride.

Because THIS is a Wildheart Life.

The metaphoric (or literal) wind in your hair. The hug with your best friend. The decision to get on that plane or only pack as much as will fit in a backpack. The decision to live in the now. To make decisions based on your heart in this moment. And to keep living and loving even when you’re balled up on the floor. Crying.

Life goes on. So let your Wildheart run free in the meantime. (click to tweet)

And this is exactly what the Wildheart Revolution is all about. Making conscious choices. Being awake. Getting on that plane (whatever YOUR version of that plane is). Letting your heart hang out and your tears flow through. Being the absolute best YOU possible by taking yourself on these adventures.

Wanna come along for the ride?

I am opening the doors again to the Wildheart Revolution (in case you don’t know it’s a private lifestyle/coaching community for unconventional people who want to live life on their own terms) next week. And it’s different this time.

Yes, there will be a sale, but I’m also limiting the number of total members as to keep the group intimate and close. Which means that if you want to become a member you’re going to want to jump in now. Once the spots are filled, the only way to get in will be if someone leaves the group. I’m not messing around here. :)

Sign up on this list to be the first to know when doors open.

Be the FIRST to know about all things Wildheart
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I’ll be the one waving to you from the highway,


You can’t have what you want, unless you do this first.

Let it go

Well hello there reader. :) I know it’s weird to write to you like this on a blog, but it’s how I felt inspired to do it, so that’s what’s a-happening.

So…sometimes, when I’m “supposed” to write a blog post every week, the inspiration just doesn’t come. This week I had something alllll written out for you and I just wasn’t feeling it.

So I decided not to publish it. I’m kind of a stickler like that. If it’s not resonating, then I can’t do it (#wildheart).

Anywho…something that HAS been inspiring me has been the impact that a particular #heartwork (Wildheart version of “homework”) had inside the Wildheart Revolution, so I wanted to share it with you and see if it sparks anything for you.

Here goes:


There must be something in the air.

It seems that everywhere I turn, there is a theme of “letting go” that keeps popping up.

Could it be the new energy of spring with birth and rejuvenation? Could it be the planets? Or could it just be our collective consciousness trying to move us along into our next growth period?

Either way…things seem to be coming to the surface for folks and we are unable to look away.

It’s interesting though, because usually when we think of “letting go” or “release” we think of people, or things.

But it occurred to me recently that there are many many more things we can release in service of our greater good.

Like…old stories we’re telling ourselves (“I’m just not meant to make a lot of money”) or (“I’ll never have THAT kind of love”) or even (“I’m no good at decorating”), or old patterns, old hurts, old cycles, old behavior.

Sometimes I find that it’s these more energetic releases that are the most important.

Regardless, one thing I know is true is that something new and vibrant and brilliant can come into our lives when we’re still hanging on to something (or someone) that doesn’t serve us.

It’s #heartwork time

Here are some thing you can try…

1) Think about: Where in my life am I feeling stuck?

2) And then: What might be something related to that that I need to let go of?

Think about a recurring thought you’re having, an old belief, a person (maybe partner, friend, co-worker, etc). Maybe there is someone in your life or space that is really getting in the way of your growth. Maybe you’ve outgrown a friend. Or you know your partner isn’t right for you but yet you stay.

3) And then: What might be possible for me if I were able to let this person/thing/thought/go?

4) Share: Once you know where you’re stuck, and what might need to be let go of, post your discoveries in the comments below. Answer these specific questions:

a) What was the most surprising thing to me about this exercise?

 b) What is the most important aha or take-away I got from it?

Go through this exercise. Really try it. Don’t gloss over it. No matter what, we’re ALL hanging on to SOMETHING.

Happy releasing, Dear #Wildheart,


P.s. Did you find this exercise helpful?? Want more where this came from? This type of thing happens every Monday inside the Wildheart Revolution. Doors to enrollment are opening NEXT WEEK (AHHHH!!! SO excited!). Make sure you’re on the list to get first dibs.


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