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Facing The Unknown. A Tale of Poets & Pornstars. (Or What Happens When You Seize The Day)

Just GO

It was late night, Fall of 2008.

I found myself sobbing uncontrollably, all alone in my studio apartment.

I had spent the past five years in the music industry being “Sally Hope, Fender sponsored artist and bass player for the LA Rock N Roll band, Poets & Pornstars.”

I had rockstar friends. I went to fun parties– and even funner after parties.

Everyone who had known me before the band thought I was so cool for being in a band.

Everyone who met me from being in the band thought I was even cooler.

I ate, drank, lived and breathed that band.

It was everything.

But what had happened over the years was that it had become ME. And I had become it.

Which meant that without it, I didn’t know who I was, or why I mattered.

I knew about halfway through my time in the band that there was something bigger out there for me.

That I was meant to impact a lot of people, and that slugging it away night after night (especially since I’m not a night person…at all…hello “in bed by 10 pm”), on tour, wasn’t the kind of impact I wanted to have.

I knew eventually I would leave and do something else. But that something else was still so far away. It was unknown.

It made no sense to me at the time, this desire to quit the band, as I couldn’t imagine what particular “J.O.B.” I would or could do.

(Not to mention that, after being a rock n roller, most other “J.O.B.’s” pale in comparison.)

So when the time came, that late night in 2008, where I KNEW it was time to go…

I felt…empty.



“If I’m not Sally Hope, the bass player from the LA rock n roll band, Poets & Pornstars,” I thought…

“Then who am I?”

If I didn’t have any real reason to buy fringy leather skirts and sparkly booty shorts and leather holsters…

And if I didn’t need to get up stage for a job…

Then what would I do with my time?

What would I wear?

And again…


This fear of losing my identity kept me in the band much longer than I wanted to be there.

I simply didn’t know what there was for me on the other side. And I was afraid of the unknown.

But that late night, sobbing alone in my apartment, I realized that my lack of fulfillment had finally eclipsed my fear.

I couldn’t hide from the unknown any longer.

I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps (literally, since I owned plenty of boots) and cross over the threshold of my old life and into a new one.

I quit the band shortly thereafter and began to pursue my REAL work in the world.

Which, after a few twists and turns in the road, eventually led me here. Writing to you, Now.

And this reminds me…

Anything important I’ve EVER done has always been preceded by fear of the unknown.

When I moved to Costa Rica I didn’t even know if the guy I paid (over the internet) for the apartment (that didn’t have an actual address) actually existed.

I didn’t know when I got into an RV (never having been in an RV before let alone having driven one 10,000 miles) if I’d like it or if I’d survive.

I didn’t know when I left my ex if I would ever find happiness or love again, or if it was the right decision.

I didn’t know when getting into a van by myself to travel the country, with only a map, if I’d lose my way.

And I didn’t know if moving to Montana would be the right choice. I mean…it snows here. A lot. And I’m from California.

But in every example above, I felt an irresistible pull toward the thing I was supposed to do.

Something inside me just said, “GO.”

And so I went.

And you know what I realized?

(And why this is relevant to YOU?)

I realized that every single little step we take, as a result of listening to that “GO” voice, leads us to fulfillment.

To the place we’re really supposed to be.

People say life is too short. But I think life is too long to be spending it ignoring that voice.

The one that WANTS you to have what your HEART wants.

The one that knows this is your one shot at life.

(As far as we know for sure, anyway!)

The one that knows it all works out in the end.

When you’re standing on the threshold between where you are and the unknown future…

It won’t always make sense.

It will likely feel scary and uncertain.

You will likely find yourself trying to apply logic to something where logic won’t apply.

But that whisper, that nudge, that GO, knows something.

And it wants you to be free.

Free from the wondering. The back and forth. The unhappiness.

Free from the pain of your recurring thoughts or your mediocre relationship.

It wants the absolute best for you.

And so do I.

And so does Wildheart!

That’s what the Wildheart Revolution is all about, in fact.

To not just let that voice be a soft, quiet “go” in the back of your mind that you hear faintly and then continue about your life…

But to give that voice permission (and space, and support) to say a big roaring “HELL YES!” to the life you know you’re meant to live.

It’s been 6 years since I made the decision to stop being “Sally Hope, Fender sponsored artist and bass player for the LA Rock N Roll band, Poets & Pornstars.”

I couldn’t be happier about (or more in awe of!) where I am today.

I’m not just “Sally Hope, Renegade Coach & Leader Of The Wildheart Revolution”…

I’m Sally Hope.


Carpeing the HELL out of her diem.

(Diem after diem. )

And I want that you for YOU, if you want it too.

So if you’re looking “the unknown” smack dab in the face right now, please know that others have stood just where you are, and have taken the steps to cross the threshold.

Take the step.

Because you know what? It’s all unknown anyway.

And if you’re craving support as you step into your new life (or even just to help you TAKE that first step), then come join the wildest group of (peaceful) rebels around.

The Wildheart Revolution is waiting for YOU to add your voice, your personality, your dreams, hopes, and goals.

(And right now, it’s waiting at over 40% off!)

We’d love to be trusted partners in your journey—and let you in on OUR journey too.

All you gotta do is take that step.

And whether you join the Rev or not— know that, just by reading this, you ARE a Wildheart.

So take the step, Wildheart.

Find the support you need.

Walk into the unknown.

Because remember… life is long. There’ll never be a better time than now to seize the hell out of it. (TWEET THIS)



P.S. If you find yourself thinking, “This just feels like where I belong,” then don’t hesitate to join us in the Wildheart Revolution right NOW while your membership fee is so low.

I can’t guarantee it’ll ever go this low again, but I can guarantee that you’ll love it or I’ll give you your money back.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and your life has everything to gain. Check it out now.

A Battle Cry For Peaches Everywhere. (How To Do Your Own Thing. No Matter Who Approves Of It.)

blog 3.24

Have you every felt like no matter what you do…it isn’t the right thing?

Maybe you leave your job to travel the world, which fulfills YOU, but then your family thinks you’re being irresponsible.

Or maybe you break up with you “perfectly-good-on-paper” boyfriend to pursue passion and fire, which excites YOU, but all your friends think you made the wrong choice.

Or perhaps you want to go to your sister’s house to watch Nashville but if you do, your husband is upset that you’re not spending time at home.

And to make matters worse, if you stay home with your husband, then your sister is mad for not spending enough time with her.

It seems that on any given day, no matter what you do, someone isn’t going to be happy about it. (Tweet this!)

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as I’m working on several different projects involving a number of people.

All of them, including my own Wildheart Revolution, are groups where the leader is HELL BENT on making a positive difference in the world.

In each of these groups, we teach how to have the businesses and lives that you’ve always dreamed of.

How to bust through the blocks that are preventing you from getting there.

We provide a loving and amazing community that will support you when you’re scared or when you fall.

We are available, present, and WE CARE.

And the funniest thing happens.

People aren’t happy.

Someone doesn’t like the new policy. Someone else is upset that they can’t find the email that explains the new policy, etc etc.

And as the days go by, it’s easy to feel discouraged.

To wonder, “Why the hell am I caring so much? Why am I spending my Saturday evening at 10pm putting out a fire because someone is upset about something in a program that they signed up to be a part of?”

The truth is, though, I can only control MY actions.

And because I care so much, I spend my Saturday evenings putting out those fires.

It matters to me that I give the people in these programs a great experience (to the best of my ability).

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a mentor of mine, Marie Forleo, where she quoted Joel Osteen:

“25 percent of the people you meet won´t like you and never will; 25 percent won´t like you but could be persuaded to; 25 percent will like you but could be persuaded not to; and 25 percent will like you and stand by you no matter what.”

Or, as Dita Von Teese once said, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there is still going to be someone who hates peaches.”

This hits home for me.

(Does it for you, too?)

And I think the problem is that most of the time, we cater to the 25% that won’t ever like us.

We try to convince the peach haters to love peaches. (Tweet this!)

But the truth is that some people won’t be happy no matter what you do.

Someone won’t like the business you want to start.

Someone won’t like that you want to travel the world.

Someone won’t like that you don’t want to have kids.

Someone won’t like that you want to be a stay at home mom.

But the beauty is that it really doesn’t matter what “someone” thinks. The only person living your life is YOU.

And at the end of the day, “someone” probably will have forgotten about you, and you’re the one who has to live with your decisions. (Tweet this!)

You’re the one who gets to either be proud of the life that you’ve carved out for yourself, or die knowing that you kept trying to get that last 25% to like you.

When I get down about this stuff I keep in mind WHY I do what I do.

I believe in freedom. In connection. In support and community.

I believe in creating spaces and opportunities where people can flourish. Where people have the resources needed to make real, actual changes in their lives.

And most importantly, I believe that change can happen from a spark inside ONE person. (Tweet this!)

And if something I’m a part of helps create that spark, my job is done and I don’t have to worry about the remaining 25% who will never be peach lovers.

And THIS is the Wildheart Revolution.

Where you get to be the perfect peach that you are.

Where you’re free to pursue what’s important to you, no matter who approves of it.

Where you come to be 100% YOU. (Tweet this!)

To either find out who that person is. Or to start acting like her.

So tell me, what have you been avoiding because you’re afraid someone won’t like it?

Share it in the comments below if you like, and then DO IT.

And because I know that “DO IT” can be easy to say and harder to implement…

If you need a little support, please know that there’s a whole cool tribe of Wildhearts waiting to help you out.

And that I’m personally committed to providing all the resources I can to help you inside the Wildheart Revolution!

Whether you join us inside the Revolution or not, don’t wait for everyone to approve of you before you do what you really want to do.

Approve of yourself first. (Tweet this!)

And let the apple lovers get what they want at the next orchard over.



P.S. The doors to the Wildheart Revolution (at this RIDIC sale price!) will be open SO DAMN SOON, so scoot on over and check it out if you want to get the kind of coaching, support, and community that will allow you to blossom into the 100% YOU that you really came here to be. I’d love to see you there!

P.p.s If you have something even MORE serious to deal with, we’re here for that too. :)

In fact, this week (Friday, March 28th from 5-6pm Pacific) I’m holding a special call with my friend (and Wildheart) Helen Hunter Mackenzie.

We’re going to talk about how to pave your own path in life instead of listening to all the guru wisdom (Helen and I are both pretty passionate about this topic!).

And because the call isn’t us sharing our own “guru wisdom”, we’re not naming it something market-y or snazzy.

It’s just… a rad, fun phone call. Where we’ll provide:

  • Inspiration to go after what you REALLY want instead of what you think you “should” want
  • Wisdom from our own experiences WIldhearting our way through life
  • Awesome actions you can take right away to start stepping into the life YOU want to live

So, be there Wildheart! Put your name right here to get all of the call details.

Don’t Hide Your Brown Toothbrush! A Manifesto For Wildhearting. (Plus, Self-Care Rocks.)

blog 3.18

The other day, I did something absolutely ridiculous.

I was brushing my teeth with this new amazing toothpaste (well, tooth powder).

I know this doesn’t sound newsworthy yet, but stay with me because there’s a story in here that relates to you, I promise!

So this particular tooth powder is different and unique. 100% natural, and super good for my teeth.

And every time I brush, I feel like I’m doing something really good for my body.

Kind of like yoga for my teeth.

The only thing is that the powder itself literally looks like dirt (and is appropriately named “The Dirt”.

Which would be fine except it also makes my toothbrush look like I swirled it around in mud.

Brown flakes fly everywhere, including my bathroom walls. My sink, after brushing, looks like I washed muddy boots in it.

And the other day, as I finished brushing I looked at my toothbrush, in all its nasty brown glory and I thought to myself…

“I should probably hide my toothbrush and put it in the cabinet in case anyone comes over, goes to the bathroom, looks (closely) at my toothbrush, sees it all brown, and thinks I have nasty brown teeth.”

And immediately after I had that thought, I realized how utterly ridiculous it was.

The truth is:

1) I live alone. And I almost NEVER have people over.

2) I’m proud of being a tooth-brushing yogini!

3) Who cares if these imaginary bathroom-inspecting people DO come over and happen to see my brown toothbrush?

And I wondered…

Why was I so worried about being judged for something I’m really proud of?

(And for something that is very likely not even going to ever happen?)

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we ALL do this in so many areas of our lives.

I mean, haven’t you experienced this in your own life?

You decide to do something for yourself. Something that makes you feel good. Something you’re proud of.

It might be starting your own business, or embarking on a year-long travel journey. Or it might be something simple, like leaving little post-it notes around the house to remind you to look at the positive side of life.

For me, it was brushing my teeth with this awesome toothpaste that made me feel all healthy.

And once we start doing these things, we want to back down. We imagine that people won’t approve. Or that they’ll think we’re weird (or have nasty ass brown teeth), or that we’re frivolous or silly for wanting what we want.

And the more we think of things like this, the more likely we are to change our behavior to do what we “should” be doing instead.

For me… it was hiding. Hiding my toothbrush. Not giving anyone the opportunity to judge me.

But what am I doing really by hiding my truth (or truthbrush)?

I was not standing behind my decision. I was turning my back on something I was proud of. I was too afraid to be judged that I wanted it all to just go away.

And this made wonder…

How many times do we stuff down our opinions because we’re afraid people won’t like us if we share them? (Click to tweet that!)

Or we don’t tell people about our dreams because we’re afraid they’ll think we’re silly?

Or we hide who we really are to try to avoid getting rotten tomatoes thrown at us?

But the more time goes by, the more I realize that this isn’t living.

That if we are so afraid to be who we are that we hide, then we’re not doing what we came here to do.


We came to make a difference. We came to create beautiful things. We came to have a voice. To say something. (Click to tweet!)

To be the full expressions of ourselves. To do it differently. To listen to our heart and not be bothered if someone else doesn’t like what we have to say.

We didn’t come here to hide.

And with that, I’m proud to say that my ugly brown toothbrush is proudly displayed on my sink.

There are flakes of brown tooth powder all over my bathroom walls. My sink looks like I washed my feet in it.

And I’m damn proud of it.

After all, this is the Wildheart Revolution.

Where you ponder questions like whether to leave a brown toothbrush out… or when it’s time to end a relationship… or how to leave your mark on the world.

Where you decide FOR YOURSELF how you want your life and your toothbrush to be.

And where we support you, no matter what.

We are the Wildhearts. The peacefully rebellious warriors. And we’re here to help you through your biggest toothbrush issues.

Or hey, if you have something even MORE serious to deal with, we’re here for that too. :)

In fact, this week I’m holding a special call with my friend (and Wildheart) Helen Hunter Mackenzie.

We’re going to talk about how to pave your own path in life instead of listening to all the guru wisdom (Helen and I are both pretty passionate about this topic!).

And because the call isn’t us sharing our own “guru wisdom”, we’re not naming it something market-y or snazzy.

It’s just… a rad, fun phone call. Where we’ll provide:

  • Inspiration to go after what you REALLY want instead of what you think you “should” want
  • Wisdom from our own experiences WIldhearting our way through life
  • Awesome actions you can take right away to start stepping into the life YOU want to live

So, be there Wildheart!

And if you can’t be there, make sure you’re on the list to get notified when the recording is available. (If you already get emails from me, you’re already on the list!)

AND, if you know you want some support pondering your own questions about toothbrushes and careers and love and life…

Stay tuned, because the doors to the Wildheart Revolution (which are currently closed) are about to swing wide open soon!

And I’d love to see you in there. Brown toothbrush and all.


Big ol’ brown toothy grin,


P.S. Here are the details of my rad phone call with Helen Hunter Mackenzie:

When: Friday, March 21 from 5-6 pm PST

Call-in: 712-432-3100

Passcode: 309631

P.s. Be the first to know when the doors to the Wildheart Revolution swing open. Put your name in the pretty lil box below. XO.

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What Happens When I’m In My PJs. (A Guide To Community-Building. From Inside Your Closet.)

blog 3.11

It happened one night back in 2010.

Sitting alone in my PJ’s, in my “office” that doubled as a closet, I made a decision that changed the course of not just my own life, but the lives of (as of today) more than 8,000 other people.

That single decision (and the action I took because of it) has been partly responsible for helping thousands of people grow their businesses, pursue their artistic dreams, make connections with people they might never have met, and more.

Before I tell you about it (and why it matters to you), let me rewind to a day several weeks earlier.

I was a baby coach, having just received my coaching certification. I didn’t have a website. I didn’t have business know-how. And in fact, I didn’t even realize that being a coach meant that I was going to have to also learn to be a business owner. Yikes.

No one I knew was doing anything even remotely similar. And no one in my life understood what I was trying to create.

All I had was a tool belt full of new tools, and a dream and a vision to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

And that day, a few weeks prior to my Big Important Decision, I made a different one. I decided to enroll as one of the very first students in a brand-new marketing training program called “Rich, Happy & Hot B-School”.

I’d enrolled in B-School primarily to learn how to market my new business, but as the program came to an end on this fateful night in 2010…

I was sad.

Because for the first time, I had found my people.

People who were ambitious. And interesting. Who had a mission in the world. Who believed in something bigger than themselves. Who knew they were meant to do big things.

I met photographers from Toronto. Web designers from Quebec. Filmmakers from Los Angeles. Coaches from all over the world.

And I was not ready to let them go.

So that night in 2010, I thought, “What if I started a Facebook group so we could all keep in touch?”

And within minutes, sitting there in my little “cloffice” (because, you know… “closet/office”), I’d created a Facebook group called “B-School Babes.”

Next, I invited anyone in B-School to join the group if they wanted to connect with other B-School “babes” and keep in touch.

One member turned into 50, which turned into 200. Which within a year had turned into over 1,000. And today, the group sits at 8,175 smart, engaged, interesting members.

Many have said that this Facebook group is one of their favorite parts of the whole program.

People have sold out programs, grown their email lists, hired people, been hired, and even built their businesses solely from connections they made within this group.

And these past four years, I’ve watched it evolve. Watched it grow. Watched all of us change.

I’ve watched many people start from nothing and go on to build beautiful things (books, websites, products, entire businesses).

And over the course of it all, I learned a lot about community.

Why it’s important. How to nurture it so that it will feed you, fill you, and last. How to manage it so that serves the purpose you intended for it to serve.

In an age where we are simultaneously so connected to each other (constantly checking email and social media) and also often devoid of real live connection… I find community to be a kind of lifeblood.

And honestly?

I think community is the lifeblood of anyone who wants to do great things in the world.

As we all know…life is FULL of unpredictable situations. Of ups and downs.

And finding your people, your tribe (even if they’re mostly online), can help catch you when you fall and push you along when you doubt yourself.

Because, even though we like to think of the “lone ranger” type who makes it on their own with sheer grit and determination, I believe Thomas Merton said it best:

“No person is an island.”

(Oh, did he say “man”? I’m sure he would have said person in 2014.)

So today, I want to share with you 3 ways to find your own community, in case you’re feeling a bit lonely out there creating your dreams, or like the people around you don’t understand you.

If that’s you, let’s rock n roll.

1) Create your own tribe

Start paying attention to who you resonate with, who have similar interests, who are interesting to you, and then gather them together in a consistent manner.

This can be in the form of a Facebook group, a meetup in real life, a book club, a retreat, you name it.

The point here is to find the PEOPLE you want to be around first, and gather them together in an organized and consistent way (“consistent” being 24/7 on Facebook, every Tuesday at the local coffee shop, once a year in Bali, or whatever floats your tribal boat).

Tribes thrive on regularity (and no, I’m not talking about the fiber-assisted kind… unless that’s your perfect tribe!).

What I mean is, they need to know where to go and when, which events are coming up, and what to expect.

If you know that your Facebook group will ALWAYS be there, for instance, you’re likely to ask a question when you have it, rather than try to struggle through on your own. If you know you’re meeting your peeps at 7PM on Thursdays, you might handle things differently.

Either way, structure and consistency are key.

2) Find people you resonate with and join their tribe

Google is your friend.

(And what better way to find a community than through a friend?)

If you’re into something, it’s likely that a lot more people are too, and that there are probably people already talking about it.

Let’s say you’re a health coach who lives in Australia and you’re looking for people to connect with.

Google “health coaches in Australia” and keep clicking until you find one (or more) that resonates with you.

Then, stalk them relentlessly.

(Just kidding!)

I mean… do the modern version of (safe, non-creepy) stalking.

Join their newsletters. Connect with them on Facebook. Join groups they lead or belong to. Buy their books. Say hi to them on Twitter.

The possibilities are endless with the kind of global access we have to each other.

NOTE: I was REALLY kidding about the stalking part. Remember to be cool about it when you’re approaching new people. They don’t know you yet, so be casual and let the relationship develop on its own time, just like in real life.

But I didn’t need to tell you that, did I? ;)

3) Rally around an idea

If you are looking to create your own tribe, a shared idea or passion is a great starting point.

Let’s say you’re a female hunter and wanting to find other females who are interested in hunting with you.

(Yeaaahh, you!!!)

One easy way to find these people is to get vocal about the fact that you are a female hunter.

Talk about it. Write about it. Start your own blog where you discuss the issues involved with being a female hunter.

(Hint: Those who are interested are likely to do #2 and Google the topic. And BAM! You just made a new like-hearted friend.)

The point is, the more you are SHOWING UP to do, talk about, or even teach your idea or passion, the more people will notice.

That’s how I created the WIldheart Revolution.

It started out as a personal mission for me to take risks, jump out of my comfort zone and do things that were fulfilling, inspiring, and scary to me.

The more I did that—the more I #wildhearted in my own life—the more people were inspired to bring that quality into their own life.

What started out as me fumbling through life, creating adventures and sharing my experiences…

Is now an engaged, dynamic tribe of ambitious, edgy, vulnerable, and incredibly interesting Wildhearts who are bravely venturing out onto the skinny branches of life.

And in doing so, they’re shaping their lives and their businesses into what THEY want them to be (whatever that looks like for each one of them).

So, if you’re doing something in your life that takes bravery or maybe even a liiiitle bit of Wildheart-endorsed insanity…

Take a page from my (humble) book and get out there and find your people!

(The ones who will help support you, cheerlead you, cry with you when things are tough and jump up and down in joy with you when things are great.)

And if you’re pickin up what I’m layin down and you like the idea of joining a tribe that’s already rockin it… you just might be a Wildheart.

In which case I and the rest of the Wildheart tribe would welcome you with open arms!

No matter what, though, I encourage you to find the support and community you need to pursue your heart’s desire.

Because life is way too long to spend it going after anyone’s dream but your own.

Your Wildhearted Partner In crime,


P.S. I almost forgot… there’s a sweeeet Wildheart deal coming up! So if you ARE interested in joining our tight-knit group, make sure your put you name in the box below to get on the list, so you’re the first to hear all about it.

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Why People Who Go “Looking” For Their Purpose Never Find It. (Also. Knitted Hats.)

blog 3.4

As a life coach, I so frequently hear the question “what am I supposed to do with my life?”

A close relative to that is “what is my PURPOSE?”

And so many times when we seek and search and LOOK for these answers, they’re nowhere to be found.

We take “find your passion!” courses, or we download worksheets. We read “Strength’s Finder” books. We ask our friends what they think. Some of us hire coaches like me.

But often times…after the money has been spent, and the worksheets have been filled out, the online quizzes have been taken, we’re still left with that empty feeling. That confusion. The question of “what the hell am I supposed to do with my life” still remains.

Why is that?

I have a theory on this (which I’ll get to in a sec), and my interview with Robyn Devine, of “She Makes Hats” speaks beautifully to this theory.

Robyn, in my mind, is the epitome of the “heart centered entrepreneur.”

Her mission of knitting 10,000 hats (she’s on hat # 653 right now) and giving them away FOR FREE goes against a lot of marketing and online messages that will tell you that you need to make your primary focus on making money in order to have a successful business.

She challenges the idea that you need PR people, marketing people, and a “team” in order to get the word out there about your mission and make a difference in the world (and get a book deal).

And she inspires us to know that small changes in someone’s day can make a huge difference in the world.

Take a listen to Robyn’s interview here. It is chock full of heart, advice, and inspiration. She takes us through really important questions like “how do you figure out what you’re supposed to do in the world,” and “how do you know when you’ve found your “thing.”

If you’re one of us who’s been wondering “what the hell am I supposed to do with my life” and you’re someone who knows deep inside you’re meant to make a difference in the world, you won’t want to miss this interview.

 Check out the interview here!

I hope you enjoy the recording. And I’d love to know…what was your favorite bit of learning? What was your biggest takeaway?

For me (and this is my theory on why people who go “looking” for their purpose will never find it)…it’s the idea that we don’t ever FIND our purpose by looking. (tweet this)

But rather our purpose lies within us, and as long as we continue to follow things that are in alignment with our values, what we’re supposed to do will find US. (tweet this)

As long as we continue to pursue those things that have always been there, that are natural, and exciting, that everything will fall into place.

That no matter how small you FEEL your mission is, that it is inevitably making a big difference in the world. And might even get you a book deal.

I would love to hear from you guys. What are your takeaways from this interview? How did you “find your purpose?” Or are you still looking? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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she-makes-hats-cover-282x340She Makes Hats is one woman’s story of finding meaning, purpose, and passion by way of an old-fashioned yet rediscovered craft. With a push from a friend, Robyn Devine, a thirty-something wife and mother, moved past her apprehension and began expressing herself through texture, color, and design, turning knitting into her hobby, her meditation, and a functional product that helps people all around the world.

Now, in an effort to knit 10,000 hats for people all around the world, Robyn contributes to a number of programs, aiding sick children, traveling artists, and newborns in other countries. Knitting remains a steadfast companion and leaves her blessed with worldwide friends, support, and the encouragement to continue her mission: to bring comfort, warmth, and the “sweet spot” fit of a knit hat to everyone. Find her at her website or Instagram and contact her if you know someone who needs a free knitted hat (no…really).

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