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When your whole life changes from one decision you made

In my last post I mentioned that I manifested a free Jeep, and although I’m going to tell you the whole story soon, today I wanted to share a story about a girl who took my last 40 Day Meditation Challenge. It’s easy for me, the person selling this program, to say how it affected me, but the beauty is in the changes I’ve seen from everyone else.

It’s a bit long (but SO worth the read) so, if you don’t want to read the whole thing know this: 1) She went from an abusive relationship in a town and job she hated, to living in her dream beach town, opening up her own extremely successful and sought after business, and dating an amazing man. All within 6 months of doing this meditation. Early bird ends tomorrow so if you want to skip the story and join us, click here.

Now…onto Julie’s story…

“Almost a year ago, I participated in Sally’s Kundalini meditation program. At the time, I had recently left a long-term (7+ years) domestic relationship that was very abusive, moved to another state with hardly any of my belongings, no where to live, and no car. I was able to transfer with my job, but it was a new location, new people and everything was different.

I was renting a small, furnished guest cottage (for 3x the rent I was paying in Utah and making less money). The few things I had (mostly clothes) were spread out between a friend’s storage unit, my brother’s’ garage and a tiny closet. I was stressed about money, about where I was going to live, about the new job, about my break-up. I was extremely heartbroken and anxiety-ridden.

I bought a used car and within a couple weeks it completely stopped working and I just had to cut my financial losses. Everyday was hard just to get myself to work and have food in the fridge. I had to Uber or walk everywhere… and it was the rainy season. I think the hardest part was that I craved any sort of comfort but there was NO familiarity. Every thing in my life was changing and it was hard. At times I just wanted to sleep in my own bed or curl up in my ex-boyfriend’s arms or just eat soup out of my favorite bowl but I couldn’t have any comfort. I was drinking too much too… that’s pretty much all I could do to get out of my head.

When Sally first told me about the course, I thought there was no way I was up for any kind of challenge or extra time obligation. I was was consistently late for work already and the hours were long and sporadic. After work (and this was a pushy, stressful sales-job where I didn’t exactly fit in) I just wanted to go “home” and drink wine so I could get through the rest of the evening and sleep and do it all over again. My mornings were hectic and I couldn’t imagine having the time to sit and meditate (or even wash my hair for that matter).

I don’t remember exactly what it was that made me join, but WOW!! This mediation SAVED ME!

Let me just skip forward real quick here, so you know what I mean and then I can explain more about why I loved Sally’s program and why I think it worked for me, and will for you. Now, less than one year later, I live in my dream little cottage in Santa Barbara, I quit my job in April and opened my own awesome clothing boutique in the hottest district in town (near the beach). I’m making way more money and have been featured in 6 publications (without even doing any marketing yet). I am creating every day. I am dating an awesome man and have been traveling a little when I can. My health is excellent. I run almost everyday and do pilates and workout with a personal trainer. I have reconnected with so many friends and I feel happy and dynamic and supported and loved.

The changes I have gone through this year have been incredible. I truly think Sally’s program was the catalyst. I had never really meditated before, but here is what I found: I looked forward to it everyday. It cleared my crazy head. I was able to relax and see things more calmly and clearly and it was exciting to me to visualize the way I wanted my life to be, instead of focusing on the stress that it was.

One of my favorite parts was “taking out the trash” of my mind. I was no longer frazzled when I was getting ready for work. I was actually able to show up on time, looking and feeling good and prepared for my day. I felt a calm confidence that I just had to do what I had to do and worrying about everything else was a waste of time. It became clear to me that if I lived in the present moment and did the best I could right now, it would pave the way for the life that I know is mine. And things started to shift. It’s easy to get caught up in fear and also to be paralyzed by past events. From my experience, if you can get that stuff out of your head, you can focus on the present and do good things. Meditation is key. Meditation, to me, is getting that crap out of your head and making room for all the good stuff.

I know this is a long testimonial, but I am beyond grateful for Sally’s assistance and direction with this and I obviously think it would help anyone in any situation. It’s a great tool to learn. Another thing that’s very cool, is now, when I get stressed or overwhelmed or unsure, I know that I can choose to quiet my mind and re-direct my focus through mediation.

If you, like me, are concerned about time, I promise you’ll end up having more time to get things done because you won’t be running around all frazzled and disorganized.

I have also read so many articles about very successful people (and believe me, they are way busier than you and I) and one thing many of them have in common is they get up early and meditate.

I love you Sally!!!!! <3 <3 <3”

Reading Julie’s testimonial made me cry. Her story is so beautiful and her story is ALL of our stories. None of us have the time. All of us are going through something hard. Most of us don’t know how to get out of the hole we’re in that seems way too deep.

And what I’ve found for myself and hundreds of others who have gone through meditations with me, is sometimes, just committing to yourself that you want change to happen, changes everything.

Early bird pricing for this 40 Day Meditation Challenge (where we will be closing out 2017 by letting go of anything in the way of our best life, and intentionally creating our 2018) ends tomorrow so make sure you get on in today by clicking here and scrolling down to the “HELL YES I’M IN” button. Send me an email if you have any questions at all and I can’t wait to read your success story. :)



On not doing what all the internet marketers tell you to do

It’s 2:46 pm. Which is about 6 hours later than I intended to post this. My original intention was that I’d wake up super early. Meditate. Eat breakfast slowly. And then write to you.

I know all email marketers will tell you you to 1) Keep your posts short!; and 2) Write them ahead of time so you can bulk them and schedule them. Neither of these things I do or have ever done, partially because that’s just not my style, and mostly because I like being in the moment when I share with you.

What I felt yesterday is almost always not what I feel today. What I felt this morning at 6 am is not what I’m feeling right now at 2:39. So it doesn’t make sense to me to write you a week ahead of time.

The reason I was supposed to send this email early was because I’m here to tell you that the cart to my 40 Day Meditation challenge is OPEN AS OF RIGHT NOW!!! I was supposed to tell you to make sure to jump in on the EARLY BIRD PRICE HAPPENING ONLY FOR ONE WEEK.

And I was supposed to tell you that first thing in the morning so you get it since everyone checks their emails from bed. By 2:39 Mountain time, you’re probably annoyed with work, at lunch, not opening your emails, or going home for the day to completely unplug. None of these statistics are good for you opening my email.

So…I was going to wait until tomorrow. When the email marketers tell me it’s more fresh. When it’s more likely that you’ll see it.

But what I’ve decided is that I want to share all the moments with you. Even the ones where I skipped out on the email I was supposed to write because frankly, there was something more important going on. FAMILY. My cousin and his father in law (who I had never met and who is completely delightful) came in for a surprise visit and I wanted to spend time with them getting my new (FREE!) Jeep up and running (story about that coming soon).

And so even though at times my mind wandered to feeling frustrated my email hadn’t gone out and I hadn’t told you yet about the 40 Day Meditation Challenge, mostly I was really focused on being present with these two, amazing humans.

I asked questions about Arnold’s life. I joked around with my cousin Cody. I took them for a drive through historic Bozeman and told them my favorite stories about the oldest buildings in town, including where the brothels used to be. We joked about the weather. We had an incredible breakfast at my favorite place in town. We went to Auto Zone, twice. Cody taught me how to re-program the keyless entry so that when I press the button my seat will be in the perfect position for me. We shivered in subzero temperatures, and gave each other nice long hugs before they drove away.

It was moments like these that made me realize that this is EXACTLY the email I’m supposed to send to you. Because these are the moments of life that are really important. And we only know that when we are intentional with our lives and our time. And one way to do that is through meditating.

Last year when I did this same meditation that I’m going to be doing with you starting in a couple weeks, I intended that I would have more meaningful relationships in my life. That I would be the type of person to attract quality people into my life. That “family” would come into my life.

Things don’t always look the exact way you picture, but in looking back on the last time I did this 40 day meditation, I can see that everything I hoped for myself showed up in the exact way it needed to to get me where I needed to go in life.

Since doing it my life has completely changed for the better. And I’m not the only one. I will be sharing some incredible stories with you really soon but in the meantime I’m here to tell you that the CART IS NOW OPEN FOR EARLY BIRD PRICING for my 40 Day Meditation.

Here are the details:

  • 40 Days of “Beaming & Creating The Future” meditation where we will clear out all we need to release and let go from 2017 and envision and literally “beam” into the Universe what we want for ourselves for 2018 (seriously…awesome)
  • Access to this course from a membership, login site (available year round so you can take it time and time again)
  • Online Facebook community for daily inspiration, check-ins, and journal prompts (and daily emails in case you don’t like using FB)
  • Weekly Live Q & A’s with me
  • Tons of support for these last 40 days of the year

Get the full list of details by clicking right here.

2018 is coming whether we like it or not. Let’s get SUPER clear what we want for ourselves and let’s let go of anything that is holding us back from that. And let’s all do that together.

The EARLY BIRD price is up for only one week. It’s only $87 (which the marketers also tell me I’m not supposed to tell you, but you know what? I DO WHAT I WANT!). Which means it’s only $2.18 per day. $2.18 to have a better life. To not go into 2018 letting life just sweep you up in the chaos. $2.18 to say “I’m ready to be who I want and have the life I deserve.”

I’d say in the grand scheme of things, that’s pretty affordable. So, my darling, are you in??

I, of course, want you to sign up today so I can start welcoming you in now and you can start in on my FAVORITE part of this meditation (it involves Pinterest but that’s all I’m telling you until you join us), but technically you have a little over a week to join us (marketers are yelling at me right now). BUT, the early bird goes away soon.

So…if you have ANY questions, reply to this email. Otherwise, jump on in and join the 20 people we already have joining us (repeat meditators get first dibs! That can be you next year!) and let’s get started creating our ideal futures together.



THIS is the moment I wanted to share with you

I had a completely different post ready to go for you today. But as I sit here at my kitchen table, with my green tea steaming in my favorite mug to my left, my new green sharpie in my hand writing in my journal to my right, and looking up to my backyard completely blanketed with snow right in front of me, this moment is the one I want to share with you.

The sun hasn’t come up yet, but it’s not dark. It’s in that in between place of not quite morning yet and definitely not night. Every moment I look outside, it’s a little bit brighter, but the sky is gray and cold.

Yesterday was our first big snow of the year. The kind of snow where you know it’s here to stay. Not the kind of snow we get in October where it could all melt away within hours and I could be on my motorcycle by the afternoon.

No. This is the kind of snow where you know it’s time to bring the shovels out from storage, and start looking for new winter boots.

I’ve been in Montana for five winters, so I’m not new to how it all goes, but this year feels really different. Colder. More snowy already. I don’t feel ready for it.

And it might be this feeling of resistance or it might be where my mind is at but I was awaken in the middle of the night last night by bad nightmares that sent me to sleep paralysis, which kind of like the time of day right now, is an in between time between being awake and being asleep.

Your eyes are open, but your brain isn’t awake. You’re not sure if you’re still dreaming, but you can’t speak or think clearly. This used to happen to me in my old apartment on Main Street that was confirmed to be haunted by an energy clearer I hired once.

Needless to say, when I wake up from a night like this, I’m a bit shaken up. I wake up with that feeling of anxiety or dread in my chest, for no good apparent reason, since things in my life aren’t all that different than any other day.

I ask myself “Is it because I just had to pay my quarterly taxes and my property taxes are due and I had to deal with health insurance yesterday and being an adult homeowner doing it on my own feels hard?”

And then “when it feels hard I get frustrated that I don’t have a partner and have to do it all on my own…”

And then “I’ll ALWAYS have to do it on my own…”

And then down the rabbit hole I go of all my biggest fears until the anxiety builds up in my chest.

And so I do the only thing I know how to do now…meditate. I begin long deep belly breathing. I go back to a meditation that I taught in class this week about “removing haunting thoughts” by recognizing what they are, forgiving yourself and anyone else involved, and then handing to trouble over to a higher source. And then I listen to one of my favorite mantras that is about removing the blocks to abundance. And I go back to long deep breathing, shining more light on the feelings that are happening, not making them wrong, but loving them and myself the whole time.

I begin to calm down. Feel better even. And not in that fake way where you just tell yourself you’re ok to “fake it til you make it” but in that way where you know that it’s ok to feel exactly what you’re feeling, and it’s also ok to get up and decide to face it all.

So I throw the blankets off and get out of bed, but as I’m doing that, I see the abandoned book on my nightstand and something tells me to pick it up. It’s Byron Katie’s book “I Need Your Love, Is That True?” and I read the chapter I left off on and it has an exercise where you write down all the things that you wouldn’t want anyone to know about you.

And I do that. From my kitchen table, with my green tea steaming to my left, and the view of the snow-filled back yard right in front of me. And I discover that there is a lot in there that I didn’t realize. And that it feels good to just become aware and write it down, because I know that the more light you shine on something, the easier it is for the darkness to subside. Even if at first what you see in the light is painful.

And I realize that I want to share THIS moment with you. The one that feels a little dark and alone, but also emerging light. It’s inevitable. No matter what I do or what happens in my life, day is going to come.

And I wonder what in your life feels like this. What place you’re at. What darkness you’re feeling. Or what lightness you want to feel more of. And I imagine that no matter what your particular situation is, you might recognize some of my story in your own life.

And, like me, you find solace in knowing that there is something you can DO to examine your life and move through it and be intentional about creating what you want. To me, this is the value of meditating.

It doesn’t make us have a perfect life. But it does let us look at the life we have through fresh eyes and it helps us to be really real about our emotions so that we can decide, and be intentional with how we want to proceed.

And as a goal oriented person, this works for me. I imagine it probably would for you too.

In my last email I mentioned something exciting that was coming up and I’m happy to say that what is coming up is very much in line with this.

It’s all about being intentional with the life we want to have, especially going into the New Year, and about clearing the things we want to let go of from this year. And it’s all wrapped up in a really potent 40 day meditation that has proven results, some of which I’ll share with you very soon.

I’m not quite ready to open the cart yet, but I will have more info very soon. In the meantime, mark your calendars for November 22, which is when we’ll start creating our futures, together.

Make sure you sign up for my list and look for an email next week that will give you all the details. And in the meantime, I hope you enjoy today, snowy gray sky or sunny blue sky.

And as always, I love hearing from you. So please reply to this message and let me know what resonates with you from this email, and definitely let me know if you’re interested in what’s coming up so I can put you on the VIP list. Cuz…who doesn’t want to feel all special? :)

Send me warm and cozy vibes!

I Turned 38 Yesterday (and it’s the first time I said my age on the internet)

It feels so good to be writing to you. Like we have this little corner of the world to connect. I’m sitting here on my couch with a gray (but beautiful) Montana sky, reflecting on…so much.

I’ve never said this out loud before on the internet until now, but I turned 38 yesterday. And with that came a slew of intense feelings.

I’ve never really talked about my age. I always felt like people thought I was younger than I was and I liked that because it made me feel mysterious and desirable.

But as this year has progressed and so many damn things have changed in my life (from my skin, to my body, to my understanding about myself and life, to so many more life lessons) I find myself thinking it’s important to show more of what it’s like to be in THESE phases of life.

Of course it’s easy to share when everything is awesome and you’re on adventures and traveling the world and running a successful business and you feel young and hot, but it’s far more difficult to share when you feel like you’ve lost your footing and don’t know where to go in life and you all of a sudden have wrinkles where you didn’t before.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot these past few years as I had struggled with intense feelings of sadness, feeling lost, and feeling behind in my life.

I started dreading my birthday four months ago anticipating feeling crappy and I decided then that I was going to be in the best shape of my life. What I thought I meant by that was my body. But what I didn’t realize back then was that you don’t get in “shape” by beating yourself or giving yourself impossible goals. You become strong by learning how to truly love yourself and examining those darker places inside that just need a bit more light.

This year, I feel stronger than ever. I’m not the thinnest I’ve ever been. I don’t feel as “attractive” I’ve ever felt in some ways. But I feel the most grounded, real, and emotionally, spiritually, and physically strong than I’ve ever felt. And that feels damn good.

Age is weird. There are so many expectations we feel from different phases of life and not a lot of people talking about the emotional experiences that happen from these phases, and that’s something I’m vowing to do this year.

I’m done hiding parts of myself I don’t think are “perfect” or “attractive.” I’m done feeling like there aren’t a lot of role models for these phases we all go through. I’m done feeling bad comparing myself and my life to the curated ones I see on the internet. And I’m done letting any of this stuff take me out.

I’ve been using a mantra lately that has really helped me, especially as my birthday was coming up which is “I’m not going down like that.”

Whenever I’m stuck or feeling bad or sorry for myself for whatever reason I say out loud “don’t go down like that girl.”

This helps me to pick myself up, be grateful for what I have, and feel strong and at “cause” over my life instead of “effect.” It’s the motivating motto that allowed me to have a perfect birthday and ask for the love and support I needed and allowed me to actually receive that love and support.

So all of this is to say that I’m vowing to make this year incredible and perhaps be a voice of inspiration for you too if you’re feeling like you’re in a difficult phase of life. You don’t have to go down like that either.

Problems will always arise in our lives. We’ll likely always feel somewhat unsatisfied with where we’re at. People leave us. We have tragedy and illness and so many things that are beyond our control. But for the things we can control…let’s not go down like that, shall we?

You are strong and brave and you don’t have to go down like that.

So as a birthday gift, I’d love to hear from you. Does any of this resonate with you? Have you needed the reminder to “not go down like that?” Comment below this post and let me know. Connection is what makes life so sweet. Looking forward to connecting with you more.



P.s. Something exciting is in the works but I can’t tell you what yet. I can say that it’s a tangible way to “not go down like that” and it’ll come in perfect time for New Years! Keep an eye out. And make sure you’re on the list to be the fist to know about it. 

“Why you gotta be so mean?”


Last night I was watching a live stream from a well known blogger. She’s smart. She’s gorgeous. She works hard. And she’s accomplished. Ever the fan of “makeover” stories where people show commitment and determination to get from “Undesirable Point A” to “Desirable Point B,” I was getting sucked into her story: depressed goth girl who cuts herself and has an eating disorder turned radical self-love pioneer who finds personal success, happiness, and loves her life. #awesome

My reactions were pretty typical in this setting, from “You go girl!” to “Well done for working hard!” to feeling inspired by her capacity to turn it all around, but as I was reading the live comments under the post, I noticed how mean they were. They criticized her accent, her outfit, saying that her words don’t even matter and as I was thinking about this, I said out loud…

“Why do people have to be so mean?”

And it was a legitimate question in my mind, as though I honestly didn’t know the answer.

But then it occurred to me that I DID know the answer.

And I knew it really well. Because that used to be me. In high school I used to be a “mean girl.” Critical, judgmental, and cruel. I’d make fun of people for anything and everything. I’d always point out the negative. My motto was “life sucks and then you die.” I manipulated and controlled situations and probably made people’s lives a living hell. All of this saddens me.

It’s strange how much I’ve forgotten this side of myself as almost 20 years have passed and my ultra sensitive, gentle self has come out from hiding, where she went 20 years ago when life got really dark, hard, confusing, painful and traumatic. And all I knew how to do was harden, avoid, distract and spew the sadness in my heart onto other people.

And so when I was thinking about this, I knew how to answer the question, “Why do people have to be so mean?”

People are mean because they are hurting.

They are critical and judgmental of themselves and so they will be judgmental and critical of you. They expect perfection from themselves so they expect perfection from you. They are unhappy. Or feel stuck. Or have emotions they don’t know how to handle and so they take it out on you and the world and make shitty comments on the internet for no good reason.

They do it because it makes them feel powerful and better than you because they don’t inherently feel valuable, worthy and good. They do it to feel like they have some kind of control in their lives or something to prove. They do it because they don’t realize the impact they’re having and they don’t think it’s a big deal. And they do it because deep down they don’t love themselves so they can’t love you. And instead, have to be mean. I know this because I WAS this.

I recently had a situation where I was reminded of this. I was feeling criticized and belittled and small. And it was really easy for me, in those moments, to feel bad about myself and go into a spiral of negative self talk. Feeling unworthy of love, but grasping for it like an addict trying to cover up the pain.

But then I remembered something important…that most of time, when people treat you badly, it isn’t about you. But rather it’s a reflection of something inside themselves they aren’t addressing.

Our behaviors come from somewhere. They aren’t arbitrary. And often they come from our past traumatic experiences and our own suffering and pain. It reminds me of a lyric from my old band that says, “I never met a madman who didn’t have a cause, and I never met a pervert who didn’t have a broken heart.” Check out the song right here:

But even given that the way people treat us comes from somewhere, and we can be empathetic, we also still have a choice. We can either let it keep happening, or we can stop it. We can engage it, or we can ignore it. We can internalize it, or we can remove ourselves from it.

We can stay in “Undesirable Point A,” or we can try to get to “Desirable Point B” by pointing all our decisions towards B. Like the well-known blogger from the live stream who made a choice that NO MORE was she going to live how she previously lived. Like I did by standing up for myself to say that I won’t tolerate that kind of treatment. And like so many other decisions (big and small) we make constantly that help us be where we want to be in life.

And choice is everything.

Whether you’re being the “mean girl” right now, or you’re the victim of cruelty, you have a choice to turn it all around.

It only takes one decision and a desire to be different.

If you’re currently the mean girl, ask yourself, “what am I feeling about myself and my life right now that could be contributing to this?”

If you’re currently the victim of cruelty, ask yourself, “In what ways can I love myself and stand up for myself right now?”

Today, I’m choosing to love myself and love others to the best of my ability. And to know in myself when I’m being cruel. And to be aware of when my own pain is being used to hurt others. How about you?

None of us are perfect, and we will make mistakes. Sometimes we’ll be mean and cruel and sometimes we’ll be loving and kind.

But the best thing we can do is see the places of darkness inside ourselves and strive to bring in more light.

And we can prevent our own light from being dampened by outside negative forces. And to me, that’s what it means to live wildheart.

As you know, discussion is my favorite part of this blog, so I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below let me know:  

  1. Have you ever been on either side of this coin? Have you been the “mean girl/guy”? Have you been the victim of cruelty?
  2. What is one thing in your life right now you want to turn around?

And if you liked this article, please feel free to “like” and share it by hitting the share buttons at the top of this page. And if you want to be on the inside of Wildheart, being the first to know when new and exciting things happen (plus getting my free meditation about creating your ideal future) make sure you’re on the list.



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