Get Awesome Wavy Hair Without Heat or Tools

Ok so I LOVE wavy hair. The kind that looks like you just walked off a beach. Kind of tousled. Kind of bedhead. But still really feminine, natural and pretty. But Since I travel a lot, and don’t always have access to a curling iron or blow dryer or mirror, I’m always looking for simple ways to still be a bit girly and look pretty, without having to have any tools or put in much effort. This week, I’ve been trying different ways to get easy and awesome wavy hair, and have found three great techniques. Scroll down to find out which one is the winner!

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Number #1: The Head Band Technique

Get curls from sleeping with your hair wrapped in a headband. Genius!

Number #2: The Twisty Buns Technique

Twist your wet hair into little buns, and sleep on it. Wake up in the morning to fancy wavy hair.

Number #3: The Twisty Swirl Technique

Just twist some sections of your hair when it's wet and it dries to make curls.

Ok so I love all of these and they all gave me waves. But I have to say…the one that worked best for my hair was Technique #2. I left the buns in for most of the day, and by nightfall, my hair looked awesomely wavy. No heat, no effort, no fuss…just magic!

What say you? How do you get wavy hair? What techniques do you use? Know anyone who has amazing waves? Comment below and let me know!