Last week, around this time, I was ready to come home from my road trip. It was feeling hard. I didn’t know where I should go next. Things weren’t going the way I wanted them to. And I was still close enough to home that it would have only taken a day or two to get there. Some tears and a phone call with my mom later, and I decided to just change my mode of operating. Plan my trip differently. Around an anchor of things I love. Which turned into an awesome week of seeing amazing people and cities, going country swing dancing, and eating amazing food. I let the people who offered, show me around. I planned for things that are fun for me. And it has made ALL the difference.

Right now I’m in the van, facing the ocean on the property of “Captain Ron,” who lives on an Indian Reservation in Tulalip, WA. An Indiana Jones type guy. Explorer and adventure who has enough mind blowing stories that could keep me entertained for a year. A friend of a friend. Where I’ve been for the past two days. I’m so aware of how grateful I am to be here. To have happened upon such interesting people. Proud to not have gone home. I’m so grateful today, which is great, because it’s Gratitude Friday.

Here’s my gratitude list for the day:

My mom and all her continued, amazing advice, love and support and cheerleading. Mr. Blum, for basically the same exact thing. Natalie and Lily, my anchors. Laurie for all the Seattle fun. Captain Ron and his hospitality and stories. Good dance partners. Plans that come together. Off leash property for my dog to run around on. Water. Being able to connect from far away. My health. The opportunity to do this. My clients. Hot showers. Hot water for tea. A clean van.

I’m heading up to Vancouver today to meet up with three other coaches that went to my school, but I’ve never met. I hope your Friday is great so far. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me YOUR gratitude list for the day.

And here are some pics from my last week.

Hike Bound. Portland.

Pile O' Puppies. Beach Bound. Portland.

Ladies Night.

Laurie. Country Dancing. Little Red Hen. Seattle.


My Spot For The Night. Indian Reservation, Tulalip, WA

My Office For The Day. Tulalip, WA