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Indiana Jones. Swing Dancing. And Gratitude.

Last week, around this time, I was ready to come home from my road trip. It was feeling hard. I didn’t know where I should go next. Things weren’t going the way I wanted them to. And I was still close enough to home that it would have only taken a day or two to get there. Some tears and a phone call with my mom later, and I decided to just change my mode of operating. Plan my trip differently. Around an anchor of things I love. Which turned into an awesome week of seeing amazing people and cities, going country swing dancing, and eating amazing food. I let the people who offered, show me around. I planned for things that are fun for me. And it has made ALL the difference.

Right now I’m in the van, facing the ocean on the property of “Captain Ron,” who lives on an Indian Reservation in Tulalip, WA. An Indiana Jones type guy. Explorer and adventure who has enough mind blowing stories that could keep me entertained for a year. A friend of a friend. Where I’ve been for the past two days. I’m so aware of how grateful I am to be here. To have happened upon such interesting people. Proud to not have gone home. I’m so grateful today, which is great, because it’s Gratitude Friday.

Here’s my gratitude list for the day:

My mom and all her continued, amazing advice, love and support and cheerleading. Mr. Blum, for basically the same exact thing. Natalie and Lily, my anchors. Laurie for all the Seattle fun. Captain Ron and his hospitality and stories. Good dance partners. Plans that come together. Off leash property for my dog to run around on. Water. Being able to connect from far away. My health. The opportunity to do this. My clients. Hot showers. Hot water for tea. A clean van.

I’m heading up to Vancouver today to meet up with three other coaches that went to my school, but I’ve never met. I hope your Friday is great so far. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me YOUR gratitude list for the day.

And here are some pics from my last week.

Hike Bound. Portland.

Pile O' Puppies. Beach Bound. Portland.

Ladies Night.

Laurie. Country Dancing. Little Red Hen. Seattle.


My Spot For The Night. Indian Reservation, Tulalip, WA

My Office For The Day. Tulalip, WA

20 Responses to Indiana Jones. Swing Dancing. And Gratitude.

  1. shelly says:

    Greetings, Sally. A new fan here. :) I am so glad I found your inspiring site. First off, I am grateful for that. I am also grateful for my little wildchild (7 year-old daughter)- I love her spirit and beauty. Finally, am grateful for my BFF and best dog pal “Princess-Sparkles.”

    • Sallyhope says:

      Welcome Shelly! Thank you so much for joining us. :) I’m grateful for YOU. Your listen is so sweet. Your daughter and your dog pal and your friend sound so cute. Make sure you keep in good touch and let me know if I can ever help with anything. Much love. Happy Friday!

  2. Paulette says:

    I get excited just reading what you are doing!!!! Hurray for you!

  3. MissusT says:

    Sally – Longtime fan, first time commenter :)
    I was thinking of you and your journey when I heard another wise life coach explain that achieving happiness and your goals is like being a pro tennis player. You have to play constantly to be great. You have to play in all conditions to be adaptable. and… you enjoy playing, mostly.
    You are a huge inspiration to me, in that you share yourself so freely. It is a pleasure reading your posts and I am rooting for you at every turn.
    TGIF: Emotions. My Tribe. Employment. Loving and being loved. My cat. My parrot. Sisters! Technology. Creative whims. Long weekends ;) <3

    • Sallyhope says:

      Wow…thank you SO much for commenting and reading and sharing that. I LOVE that analogy and find it to be so true. Living fully is a constant. Not like you do it once and then you got it. Just like what you said, you have to keep playing. Thank you so much for sharing! And I’m so glad you wrote it. Now you better not be a stranger!!


  4. Cheryl says:

    Love reading your blogs! Glad to see you continue to conquer your fears and I look so forward to reading about your next adventure. I am grateful for Fridays – been a very loooong week for me.

    • Sallyhope says:

      Miss Cheryl…it really means so much to me that you do. Thank you for reading and for your support. And cheers for Friday! Have a beautiful weekend my dear.

  5. Michael says:

    Ok, here I go again, almost always th elone guy, but hey, I love hearing from you Sally. I love the warmth, the honesty and the vision. Ok, fun is a great strategy, I suggest to everyone who reads Sally to follow that strategy for next week.

    I am thinkful for new friends, for special hugs, for a laugh at work with a great work companion, for the chance and the blessing to BE thankful, not just give thanks.

    • Sallyhope says:

      Hahhaha you and Greg are my men warriors! Love you guys. I love hearing from you too. Mutual for sure. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. I love when ladies are free. That’s when I go and dig out the wig, purse and dress, get some balloons, and everything is free!

    Why is it that only the girls get the special treatment?? Do you know how much time it takes to shave my legs just to not spend money??

    • Sallyhope says:

      Um yes, Greg, I DO know how long it takes to shave. I mean getting in free is the LEAST they could do for all that shaving us ladies have to do. :)

  7. Sally… I just love your journeys, Sally!! and the life you infuse into them, they infuse into you. The deeeeeeep learnings you go through which bring you to that edge and your courage to continue on, even in the face of the unknown. Most especially, I love your heart. And your openness to share it with so many. I see you as a Faerie Queen of LOVE touching and awakening the world through your heart.

    • Sallyhope says:

      Kathleen…my darling. Thank you. Again and again for your vision. And for sharing. And supporting. And loving. I love you.

  8. wow… and I WILL tell you my gratitude list…. my body, my true home with its level of health and capacity to flourish in the ways I desire, my sons and their deep-hearted brilliance in the world, my lover… a lover like no other, my growing community particularly the courageous women in this round of my program who are entering into their darkness with honesty and tender hearted ferocity. my women friends who have the capacity to hold and witness my depths as well as my heights. Grateful for life. Grateful for my creativity. Yes, and the list goes onnnnnnnnnnn…. Thanks for this opportunity, Sally!

  9. Lisa C. says:

    Your words, “Plan my trip differently. Around an anchor of things I love.” reminds me of a few columns ago about being true to yourself…being honest…no? :)

    Always a day late, but my Saturday Graturday includes being a home town girl and appreciating it more that ever. Good friends who are also homegirls. Recognizing love on all levels. Boundaries. New country music. Enjoying the HELL out of my favorite hobby, alone, on a Saturday night!

    Sounds like Coach left you a little more room in the bed this week? :D


    • Sallyhope says:

      Lady…I love you. :) And yes, thanks for calling my ass out, again and again. And yes Coach left me some room because I asked for it, just like said.

      Love your list, per usual. Thank you for sharing YOU on my blog.


  10. Sally, love this post, your reflections and your mom’s advice to plan your trip and anchor it around things you love. What a great life lesson too! You’re such a bright light and adventuresome spirit.

    On Saturday I learned that a mentor and teacher of mine died. It was a reminder of how quickly time passes and every moment counts. I spent a lot of time Saturday reflecting on him, on what I learned from him, and on legacy. What came pouring through was gratitude: for the work he did , for the Institute he built, for the opportunity to study with him, for the work I get to do because he shared HIS gifts with the world. He loved nature and today, it so happens, I got to be in nature out in the country with my dogs. So, I am grateful for the sunshine, the trees, the bright blue glacial water, my dogs, my health.

    And on a lighter but no less authentic note, I am grateful for you. :) Loved visiting with you. I am grateful for going country dancing with you in Seattle. Come back anytime. xoxo

  11. Arantxa says:

    Hey Sally! I had no idea you were up to such amazing things! Probably because it’s been ages since we’ve connected. You are beautiful and inspiring as always. I’m so happy to see you doing so well.

    I’m grateful that my operation went well and I’m on the road to recovery. I’m grateful for my amazing husband, loving family and friends, wonderful job and to have stumbled across your page. Yay Facebook, right?


    • Sallyhope says:

      I am so grateful your operation went well too! And that you have so much love around you. Thank you so much for writing in and checking in. Even though we haven’t seen each other in awhile, it still feels like yesterday when I met you in the dorms. :) Rock on, Miss Arriada.

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