It’s so easy to be in our heads and think about how much things ARE NOT going the way we want, or focusing on things we DON’T have. So…I’ve decided, that at least once a week, on Fridays, I’m going to put together a list of things that I love. Things that inspire me. That I’m grateful for. Or happy about. And I encourage you to do the same! Here goes…

I’m grateful for sunshine. And where I grew up. My silly, funny, sassy grandma. Friends and family. Tenderness and vulnerability. The gun range and how going there stretches my boundaries and how I learned that I’m pretty good at shooting! For natural beauty…the nature kind. My clients. Bernardo Mendez. Good quality tea. Love. Learning. GGM. Helen House. A soft fuzzy blanket. A slight breeze. Laughter. And all of these things:

I love my new haircut. Ann, at 19 Blue has been rocking my hair since 2002.

Favorite new Wednesday night activity. Ladies Night at Shooters Paradise. Free lane fees.

I learned my sassy pants skills and my Crazy 8's skills from this woman, Grandma Pat

Beautiful tree right outside my house.

My favorite tea, PG Tips. Out of my favorite mug. Yummmmm.

Now you go! Leave a comment below with all the things you are grateful for today.
Much LOVE. X’s. O’s.