I remember it like it was yesterday. The day that my friend Natalie and I left for our RV road trip. It was a warm and sunny July morning and anticipation was high.

Anticipation. Exhilaration. Terror. Fear.

But mostly excitement. We were about to embark on a trip with an unknown destination, in a 34-foot beast of a vehicle that neither of us knew how to drive.

I knew this trip was marking a new chapter of my life. A chapter of exploration and freedom. Adventure and love.

And as with any new marking of a new chapter, I knew this one needed a good outfit. 

It was about 85 degrees out, so I opted for my Wrangler cut offs, my striped Diesel tank, a vintage brown leather belt and most importantly…LIPSTICK!


I don’t know about you, but anytime I’m feeling sassy. Or feeling powerful. Or fun. Or excited. I opt for this particular lipstick. I consider it the “best road trip lipstick ever” as I find myself always putting it on for long drives. And the best part? It’s super affordable. Only $12 at Sephora for this awesome hot pink lipstick (called Mr. Lover). SCORE!

I swear it makes me drive better. :)

I even take it on hikes in Eugene, OR…


And backseat drive in it on the way to a roller derby bout in Billings, MT…


And apparently I’m not the only one! There’s been a super fun discussion going about the best driving lipstick over on my Facebook page. Go on over there to join in on the fun!

If you have a great lipstick/driving picture Instagram it and tag me at @sallyhope! Don’t forget to hashtag #livewildheart

Til next time…

Hugs and lipstick kisses.


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