Welcome Wldheart! Thanks for signing up for my list where you’ll get magic sent to you weekly. And as promised…here’s my guide for living a #wildheart life. It’s a playbook. If you consistently practice these guidelines, you are already, by default, a #wildheart. Welcome to the club.

10 Commandments of Wildhearting

1) Thou shalt take responsibility for your own happiness

2) Thou shalt find your edge and live on it

3) Thou shalt not gossip

4) Thou shalt go on adventures

5) Thou shalt love yourself and others

6) Thou shalt allow yourself to feel your feelings

7) Thou shalt practice honesty and vulnerability

8) Thou shalt be exactly who you are

9) Thou shalt try new things

10) Thou shalt be badass

Welcome, Wildheart!